My body was shaking so violently that I had to step away from the window for fear of being seen. I closed my eyes and the image framed in the window was still there. I clutched my arms across my chest trying to control the adrenaline ripping through me, trying to understand what I had just seen, trying to make sense of what I was feeling. It should have been rage, I knew, but it was something else; and a lust I had never felt before drove me out of the shadows and back to the window where the light from the kitchen glowed softly, illuminating the scene before me.
Our livingroom. The "our" is me, my wife and my two daughters. Emma and I had a wedding to go to that night. Normally Samantha, my oldest daughter, would have looked after her little sister, but it was her best friend’s birthday and they were having a slumber party at her place. So we hired a sitter to watch Jessie while we were out.
Sara was the daughter of Emma’s cousin. Sam and Jessie idolized her because she was cool and popular and gorgeous. Emma trusted her because she was smart and very mature for her age. I distrusted her because I sensed her maturity came from experience that most fourteen year old girls did not have. It was the way she made me feel when she looked at me. There was too much confidence in her stare and more in her eyes than intelligence and maturity.
So against Emma’s advice, I pulled up to the house without calling first to let Sara now I was coming home to grab my wife’s migraine pills.

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   Our house sits next to a park. When I saw the red Jeep parked just beyond our fence in front of the park I was sure my suspicions were confirmed. A boyfriend wouldn’t park in the driveway, and it was far enough away but close enough if he had to make a run for it. It wasn’t too long ago I was that age. I pulled up behind the Jeep and walked to the house.
It was almost eleven, so Jessie should have been in bed by now. The front of the house was dark, but I could see lights on in the back. I had expected to catch Sara making out with some boy on the sofa when I arrived, but the deep hum from the backyard told me the jacuzzi jets were running. My mind shifted gears at the thought that she had a boy in the hot tub with her. If she was bold enough for that, I wondered exactly what I would see as I slipped through the gate on the side of the house. My fears of her lack of innocence were turning to something else and I adjusted the crotch of my slacks.
We have two hot tubs, one outside in the yard for summertime, and one enclosed on the porch for winter. The hum came from the enclosed porch and a light from the kitchen cast a soft glow over the tub. Sara was standing in the jacuzzi with her back to me. The water bubbled at about mid thigh on her and she was bent at the waist, her elbows resting on the edge of the tub.

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The boy I expected to catch her with was not there. Instead, standing behind her in the writhing water was a man. A man who looked to be my age, even older. His hips bucked hard and fast against Sara’s naked ass and she let out a low, lust-filled grunt of pleasure with each thrust of his cock. Her tits swayed back and forth with the rhythm of his fucking and he squeezed the firm cheek of her ass with one hand, pulling her head back by the ponytail with the other. Her back arched and her muffled voice penetrated the glass that separated us begging him for more.
I slipped back into the shadows with my head reeling and my heart beating like a fucked clock. I should have been thinking of my daughter. Where was she? I should have kicked in the door and raised hell. But I must admit nothing like that even crossed my mind. I was remembering all those looks Sara had given me and what I had seen in her eyes.
I was back at the window. This man was close to forty, by the streaks of grey through his dark hair. His body was hard and lean, not young but still muscular and sexy. He slapped his open palm down across Sara’s butt and her moan jumped in pitch.

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   I stared at them, intoxicated by their actions. In the back of my mind I was trying to comprehend how this man could be here in my home, fucking this gorgeous young girl not even half his age, when movement out of the corner of my eye pulled me back a step into the shadows.
From the kitchen stepped a girl, her naked body no older than Sara’s. My hand reached for the window ledge to steady myself. She carried two classes of wine, one of which she handed to the man. His hips came to rest against Sara’s ass as he accepted the drink and she took the opportunity to pull herself free from his cock and turned, sitting her bottom on the edge of the tub. As she lay back onto a towel the young girl placed a foot on either side of Sara’s head and lowered herself down until Sara’s tongue penetrated her open cunt.
He took a deep gulp from his glass then handed it to the young girl who sipped at hers, her red lips teasing the fragile rim. He pulled Sara’s spread legs around him and I watched as his long, thick cock disappeared into her cunt. The girl held the glasses down at her side steadying herself as she ground her hips down onto Sara’s hungry mouth and leaned forward kissing the man. He took slow steady strokes with his cock nestled between Sara’s thighs while his hands explored the young girl’s body.
Where Sara was tall with a curvy, voluptuous frame, this girl was petite with a slender, lithe body. Her dark hair looked almost black in the dim light of the room and stood in stark contrast to Sara’s golden mane. The mound that rose from her dripping gash where Sara’s tongue danced and darted, was hairless and glistened with a combination of her own juices and Sara kisses.
She set the glasses off to the side after draining the last of her wine in one lusty gulp, and carefully repositioned herself over Sara’s face so that she was on all fours with her ass facing the man.

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   He took this as his cue and reached forward massaging her round cheeks as Sara’s lips sucked at her juicy slit. His cock pumped in and out of Sara’s pussy and he pressed his thumb to the small hole of the young girl’s ass making her gasp as it opened to accept his penetration.
As I pulled my cock from my pants, my throat was dry and I looked around me remembering where I was. The neighbors house was dark and I was hidden safely in the shadows. My hard-on responded to my touch like a drowning man breaking through the surface and taking in a breath of air. My fist moved furiously over the nerves in my prick and I turned my attention back to the window.
His thumb was buried to the base in her small ass and she writhed and bucked over Sara’s face. Then he slipped free of her tight hole and pulled her hips back toward him, bringing her even with Sara’s body. The two girls kissed passionately, the young girl licking her juices from Sara’s lips and chin. Her small, firm breasts rubbed against Sara’s large, full tits and their hands roamed each other’s bodies caressing, pinching and scratching. Sara’s hands moved down and squeezed and separated the young girl’s round cheeks and I saw him pull his cock from Sara and slip it into her swollen pussy.
For several minutes he fucked both girls, moving from one hole to the other until his cock was dripping with both their cum. Then he pressed the swollen head of his cock to the tiny diamond between the young girl’s firm globes. My eyes widened as the hole grew and surrounded first the purple head then the long, thick pole of flesh. The young girl bore down into Sara’s inviting arms and her cries were swallowed up in Sara’s open mouth.

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   A bead of saliva fell from his lips to were his flesh joined her body and he slowly fucked his cock in and out of her ass.
Cum burst from my cock and spilled over my fist as I watched the three bodies grinding together. His pace was faster and his strokes were deeper. Her voice cracked as he pulled her body back against him and he sat back on the rim of the tub. Sara climbed up between their spread thighs locking her mouth to the young girl’s empty cunt as his cock pistoned in and out of her ass from beneath. The girl collapsed back against him as the air ripped through his lungs and his cock sprang free from her tight grip spraying cum across Sara’s open lips and tongue.
I crawled back into my car, my legs like rubber. Over an hour had passed and I rushed back to the wedding trying to think of an excuse to tell my wife, but my head was a mess and filled with scenes I could only imagine were still taking place in our house. Luckily, a few drinks had not only cured Emma of her migraine but had played with her sense of time and my excuses were unnecessary. I trudged through the rest of the evening anxious to return home and see what I would find when I looked into Sara’s eyes.



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