Room Service


Topic: Room Service I woke up to the buzzing sounds of the hotel alarm.  I had the biggest hardon through my boxer briefs.   ‘It so constricting’ as I adjust my cock away from my leg and moved it upwards toward my belly above my boxers.   I felt to comforter graze against the tip; I waited until my hardon subsided.   It was too early for me to usually get up at 6:45am.   I hit the alarm and sat up in the bed.   It was still dark outside, and the comforts of a plush king size bed still with warmth yearned for me.   I resisted and turn on the tube.   ‘The local news,’ I thought, ‘it’s the same here as back home with a more rural country feel. The anchor women looks hotter here than back home. ’  I had been send by my company to visit a potential client in Nebraska.   Away from the comforts of city life to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, but I do say the hotel was spectacular than one would think of a small country town.  
I scanned my tired eyes across the hotel room to adjust my vision I saw the phone on the nightstand, the coffee machine on the table by the door, the television sitting on top of the drawer, and the desk with the room service menu.   I finally found the motivation to get me off the bed before I accidentally retire once again was my hunger.   I got up off the bed and headed towards the menu.   I rummaged around the menu to find what I wanted to eat.

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    Bagel, bacon and orange juice.   That will do.   I moved backed to the bed and pick up the phone, and dialed room service.   “This is room service, how can I help?” as the soft sensual voice spoke.   I thought, ‘she sounds way too sexy to be this early. ’  “Can I get some bagel with cream cheese, side of bacon, and a large orange juice?” from the cracked voice that seemed to not spoken for a week.   “Certainly sir, room 614?”  “That is correct…” “It will take 20 – 25 minutes. ” “Okay. Thank you. ” “Thank you sir, have a good day. ”  Click.   ‘25 minutes? Guess it’s time to take a shower. ’ 
Walking to the bathroom, I saw the complimentary bathrobe by the open closet.   ‘Hmm… that feels nice’ as I rubbed my hand along the soft cotton collar.   I moved into the bathroom and stripped down and stared into the bathroom mirror.

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    ‘That is one hot body. ’  I am 6’ tall, tone build, and a modest 6 inches below with some girth.   Not to mention completely shaved from my asshole to the mount of where my pubs should be.   My ex girlfriend got me into this because if she had to shave, I’d have to shave.   It is so comfortable and once I did, I never went back.   Not to mention it made my Johnson look that much bigger.
I jumped into the shower without any hesitation.   I turned on the shower.   It was cold at first, and then finally warmed right up.   I rubbed the soap at the base of cock and started to wash away.   Lathered some soap and tugged at my penis with vigor.   I started to masturbate with one hand, while the other started to clean other parts of my body.   My cock was in full force.   I rubbed hard and hard while my cock was pulsing red and the veins popping up like no other.   I had to have been at it for a good 18 minutes, then and loud knock came from the door.

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    It scared me silly, my cock became flaccid on the spot.   ‘Room service?  They came early’ I thought.   I rinsed the soap off me while another knock came at the door.   I rushed around to find a towel, but one was not to be found.   ‘The bathrobe in the closet by the door!’  as I ran over to quickly cover myself with the robe and tied my naked wet self.   I opened the door.
She looked up to greet me, “Room service!” then gazed down to see that I had just apparently gotten out of the shower in a rush.   She was around 5’ 6”, medium blonde streak hair with the back spiked up with product, and a face cute as a button.   She was dressed in a uniform that looked too big on her.   She looked like she had just recently graduated from high school no more than a year. “Yes, yes. Come in” as I ushered her into my room.   She stepped forward with the tray of food in front of me. “Where can I put this?” she asked.   “Anywhere… um… put it on top of the drawer with the television.

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  ”  As she was placing the items, I realized I had to search for my wallet.   She put the tray down and looked at me to give me the bill.   I clambered around her in search of my wallet, “Sir, here’s your bill. ”  “One second, I seem to have misplaced my wallet. Just one second. ” 
Still in the robe I got on my knees looking for my wallet that might have been on the floor.   No luck.   I stood up with the robe starting to untangle without my awareness.  I was facing away from her when I got up and started to pan the room, likewise she did the same.   I finally spotted it by… “Sir, it looks like it coffee machine. ”  “Your right, thanks. ”  Still facing away from her I grabbed the wallet and turn to face her.   I reached and looked into my wallet to find some bills and started to ask while moving my head to look at her face, “How much…”  Her eyes facing downward were wide open; her cheeks began to blush.   In that instance I realized the cold breeze between my thighs.   My robe opened far enough for my cock and the base of my penis to be seen.

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    I quickly closed my robe and fasten the ties.   “I’m sorry… I was in a rush when you knocked on the door. ”  Not a word from her, she still was in shock and still continued to stare where my penis was exposed.   “Um… here’s a twenty to take care of the food and your troubles… what am I talking about… here’s thirty. ”  As I shove thirty dollars into her hands.   She finally comes to grip and says…
“I’ve never seen one with no hair”, as she looked at me with a smile.   The cutest devilish smile I’d have every seen.   “Never”, she continued.   “Never?” as I said jousting her on.   The nerviness subsided in me, “Would you like to see, to confirm?”  “Sure”, she replied.   Without a hesitation, I quickly unrobed and showed her my full glory.  “Wow. It looks like a babies, but in a hot way. ”  I walked towards her and placed her hand underneath my penis.   She did not shy away, but took cue and got on her knees.

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    She admired it in eye view.   She lifted my penis toward my belly and said, “Even your balls are hairless. ”  I quickly got a semi.   She placed my half erected penis down and moved her open mouth at the head of my cock.   She wrapped her inviting lips around my cock then engulfed my entire cock.   Sucking and wrapping her tongue around my growing cock.   She thrusted back and forth until it became too big to deep throat any longer.   She started to gag and quickly got up.   She apparently got out of her trance. “I’m not suppose to do this.   I’m suppose to be here,” as she said with confusing.   “But, you are. ”  I leaned over to give her a kiss.   She pulled back, but could not resist any longer.
Soon enough she started to take her clothes off with my assistance.

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     ‘The clothes were too big, but it hid a hidden treasure. ’  She was petite with b-cup breast; her skin was smooth and soft.   Her ass was bigger than her chest.   Probably a 32-28-34 proportion.   Once I got her down to her underwear.   I threw her on top of the bed.   She laid flat on her back with her leg split open.   I got in front and started to slide her panties down.   She was already wet from excitement.   Once she was finally nude, I moved towards her face, gave her a long kiss.   Moved my kisses towards her neck, in between her breast, moved towards her belly as I cupped her breast what I could.   Her nipples started to get hard and give a pinch here and there.  
I made my way down to her clit.   I caressed her inner thigh with more kisses; moved to the other thigh and she began to twitch.   She was yearning for my lips to touch her lips.

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    I began to lick the bottom of her pussy toward the clit.   Her pussy tasted like fresh meat.   I started to suck on her clit and flicked my tongue on it as well.   She twitched again and moaned in excitement.   I took my fingers and proceeded to enter her.   My fingers entered with ease, but with a lot of tightness.   My cock which was neglected rose at the thought of how tight she was.   I caressed her g-spot with my middle and fore finger as I placed my other hand at the mound of her pubs and started to push down.   She started to moan once again, but this time she was biting her bottom lip due to the excitement.   I moved my fingers faster against the g-stop.   Within seconds she came.   Her body convulsed without control.   I let her body run its course as I got ready to mound her myself.
I began to rub my thick cock between her legs and between her pussy lips.   I was enjoying the feeling of how tight she was.

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    I continued to rub until I could not resist no longer.   I put the head of my cock inside her pussy at first, and then in such passion I rammed my fat cock all inside her.   She screamed in pain and pleasure.   Her pussy gripped tight as I stayed still inside her.   I pulled back until I saw the base of my head and proceed to ram once again.   We both gave moans.   She tighten even tighter.   I continued to fuck her and she gripped my cock with a vice grip.   She came once again.   I pounded away with no relent.   Her pussy walls were starting to give and loosen up.   I fucked her even harder until she came too.   She tightened once again.   I was in such ecstasy.   Before I knew it my balls were swelling up for the biggest load I had ever felt.

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    I came right inside of her.   The rush of semen shot into the back of her pussy; I collapse on top of her.   She was exhausted as well.  
The fun continues…