Roadtrip to Albany


Mark Twain said it best when he said: “if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait. ” these words come to mind as I stand in a hotel lobby in Albany, NY and watch the snow fall. it’s late November and I was doing an instillation of a new store for a large bookstore chain (who will remain nameless). My job was to come in for a day, help out, and get the fuck out of dodge. The only problem with that is it started to snow and the turnpike is snowed out and should be morning by the time it clears, or so the news reports have told me. So here I am, stuck in fucking Albany because of snow, the only good thing is that I’m not alone. Amy, a girl who I work with and have become pretty good friends with over the yeas, had made the trip up from Connecticut with me to help out. Amy and I get along great and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a wet dream come to life. Amy is 5’5, brown hair, Double D’s, great ass, who loves punk music, frat jokes, and drinking way too much. When we found out about the weather, I called the store and they told us to get a hotel room if we could (scratch that- hotel rooms), stick it out, and we would be reimbursed. So after making a few more calls, we found a fairly inexpensive Hilton down the road and checked in. I got us two rooms as Amy called her boyfriend Tom. “no, we’re fine. Will and I are going to check in to a hotel and wait it out. ” Tom and I have hung out a few times and knew that I could watch out for Amy for him. So, it wasn’t like he was worried about us being alone (for now).

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   I too called home because I knew that Sarah, my girlfriend, would be worried. I got the machine and left a message.   I hung up the phone to find Amy behind me. “so, what’s the plan, Stan?” she asked. I looked pasted her to a beautiful sign with the best word on it I could think of: BAR. “we’ve got some time to kill. ” I said with a raised eye brow. In truth it was only about 6:30, so the night was still young. “now you’re speaking my language. I just want to run up to my room an freshen up, I smell like crap after moving those boxes all day. ” I agreed as I was sure I was pretty ripe. We went up to our rooms, which were across the hall from each other. I hoped in the shower quickly. As the water hit me, I thought it was time to take care of a little business: namely my perpetual hard on I’ve had all day around Amy. As the steam filled the shower, I started stroking think about her huge tits wrapped around my dick.

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   I’d been pretty worked up all day so it didn’t take me long to fire off a load on to the tile wall. “Fuck me. ” I sighed as I turned off the water. I tossed back on my tee shirt and jeans and headed down to the bar. Due to the weather and the fact that it was the middle of the week, the bar was empty. I took a seat and ordered a beer. I was down there for about five minutes when I felt a small slap on my back. I turned to find Amy slipping in to the seat next to me. She had pulled her hair back in to a tight ponytail and seemed to apply some new makeup. “better?” I asked. “ will be when I get one of those. ” she answered indicating to the beer. “alright then. ”I can’t be sure the exact number of drinks we had but beers became hard, hard became shots, shots went back to hard. To be honest, we got pretty fucked up.

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   In the coarse of the evening, we talked. I told her about Sarah, my girlfriend and the little fights we’ve been having  and she told me about Pete, her boyfriend and his little shit. As the night wore on, she started to drop little hints that he was sexually fulfilling her, which I had to admit made me chuckle. Here is this bombshell of a woman and he can’t take care of her. Fucking putz. “you’re too god for that guy. ” I said“awe, that’s sweet. ” said Amy, placing a hand on my leg, a little farther up than I think she meant to. She rubbed my thigh for a few strokes while giving me a seductive look. “so,” I said, snapping out of my daze and hoping that she wouldn’t notice my rapidly growing erection now tenting in my pants. “another drink?”“ are you trying to get me drunk?” “of course not. I’m a gentleman after all. ”“oh yeah ,” she said sarcastically, “you are always a perfect gentleman. ”“ hey, holly doesn’t count. ” A few years ago, we had a girl working at the store named Holly, who I ma have made cry but to be fair she was a bit of a crier to begin with.

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   Either way, I kind of earned a reputation as being a little mean, a reputation I wear proudly. Amy and I had decided that we had done enough damage here at the bar and decided that it would be best if we retired to our rooms. The trip to the elevator was interesting as we both we were drunker than we thought. We swayed and crashed around in the hall, at one point I lost my footing and went in to Amy, pressing her up against a wall for a moment, my hand placed interestingly enough, to the side of one of  her huge tits. I swore I saw her smile as my hand slightly grazed the breast. At long last, we made it back to the rooms, where it took a second for me to get my key in to the lock and turn the handle. I walked in, only to have Amy follow me in and close the door.   I walked in to the bathroom and took a very long, very nice drunk piss. When I walked out of the bathroom, I found Amy lying on the bed watching TV. She was quite a sight as the already tight tee shirt she was wearing was stretched even tighter. I walked over and took a seat on the bed and noticed that she had stopped on some chick flick. I sighed loudly. “hey, I love this movie. ” she said defensively. “this movie sucks.

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  ”“you suck. ” she said with a giggle. I turned to her. “you suck. ” He cocked an eyebrow and before I knew it she tried to tackle me. We wrestled for a moment, laughing the whole time as we were sobering up but were still pretty drunk. There was no chance that she could match my power but I had to give her credit, she was quick. We wrestled for a few minuets on the bed until we slipped off and crashed had on to the carpet. Amy landed on top of me but suddenly I flipped her over and pinned down her hands. We were both out of breath and I watched slightly as he breasts rose and fell. “I guess I win. ” I smirked. “I guess you do. ” with that, Amy lifted up her head and her lips connected with mine. Our mouths opened and tongues came in to play.

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   We were kissing fiercely, I removed my hands from her wrists and cupped her face. Her hands shot up and pushed at the back of my head, pulling my closer in to the kiss. Finally we broke the kiss, now even more out of breath. “wow,” was all I could say. “about time. I’ve wanted to do that for a year. ”“well then, why stop here. ” her smile returned and pulled me in to another kiss. Her left hand held my head as her right traveled south and gripped my cock through my pants. She moaned as her hand felt around and started to unzip. I moved from her lips down to her neck and placed a hand on her tit. I squeezed her bra encased breast  invoking some very audible moans. Her hand slipped in to my pants and passed my boxers to my cock, which was just waiting for some attention. She started stroking me. “fuck, these pants are getting in the way.

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  ” she said. “I was going to say the same thing about this shirt. ” We started stripping each other, stopping to kiss, touch, or lick whatever was recently shown. I pulled her shirt over her head as she released the pony tail, letting her long dark hair flow free. I unclasped her bra and freed the breasts I had so many stolen glances of in the past. They sat in front of me, big but with very little sag. I leaned down and took one in my mouth. , Sucking and licking gently. Amy cooed and moaned, running her fingers through my hair. “ be rough with me. ” she gasped.   “ I love it hard. ” That was all I needed. I took one of the nipples between my teeth and bit slightly causing Amy to breathe sharply.   I grabbed the other one and squeezed hard.

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  “umm, you don’t need to be told twice. ” Amy unbuttoned my pants and started to slide them down. As she did this, I started to stand. Amy took both my pants and my boxers, causing my cock to spring up. Amy’s eyes lit up and she left my pants pooled at my ankles. She gripped my cock and started to lick it, just before she took it in to her mouth. Her mouth felt like velvet as her tongue swirled around my dick. I placed my hand on her head, forcing her to take more of me in. she moaned around my dick and reached up to fondle my balls. “oh, that’s good. ”Amy started to bob her head back and forth, taking more and more of me until she was deepthroathing me. This lasted for a second then her gag reflex kicked in and she had to pull me out. My cock was covered in saliva and shined off the lights in the room. After she finished coughing, I leaned down and kissed her. “this foreplay is nice but I’ve got to fuck you.

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  ” I said with a smile. These were the words that Amy was waiting to her. She scooted up on to the bed and slipped off her pants to show a black lace thong. I raised an eyebrow and Amy chuckled. “what?”“nothing, almost like you knew this would happen. ”“a girl can dream right?” Amy slipped off the panties and my jaw hit the floor. She was completely clean shaven. “like what you see?” she asked spreading wider on the bed. “damn. ” was all I could muster. “what did you think took me so long in the shower?”I didn’t respond, I just dove head first in to that bald snatch. The second my mouth connected, I was on her clit, sucking and licking. Amy started to shake and writhe. A string of obscenities started to flow out of her mouth as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She arched her back, jutting out her massive mamories as she pinched and pulled on the nipples.

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   While eating her out, I was stroking my cock, just waiting for my opportunity to fuck her. She ran one hand through her own hair and the other was through mine and she continued to moan and squirm. I sucked and licked her clit until she shouted: “fuck me, please!” I stood up and wiped my chin. With one push, I entered her. She was tighter than I could have imagined. I started to pump in and out. slow at first but then quickly found a rhythm. I placed my hands on her hips and started to slam in to her with enough force to cause the bed to start rocking in time. “oh god! Fuck me, don’t stop!” I leaned down, trying to keep my pace, and began to lick her tits. I moved up briefly and our tongues intertwined. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me closer. My hands drifted to her sides and I continued to fuck her. “I want to be on top. ” she moaned. we switched positions quickly and she mounted me again with a gasp.


  “what’s the matter? Tom not fuck you lately?”“not with a dick this big. ”She started to rock back and forth. She started to roughly squeeze one of her breasts with one hand and placed the other on my chest. Her hair was now draping seductively over her face. She was a vision of sexual energy. I had my hands on her hips, assisting her rocking motion which felt really good. My hands started to drift back to her ass as I started to kneed the cheeks. With out warning, my had slightly slipped and grazed her asshole. Amy’s eyes shot open as she let out a loud moan. “naughty boy. ” she smiled and I knew what she wanted. I traced a hand up her chest  and neck. She took my fingers in to her mouth and started to lick them. This continued for a moment, then I with drew them. My now moistened hand traveled back to her ass.

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   Our eyes met and I grinned, knowing what was coming next. my right index finder probed the outside of her anus and slipped in, thanks to Amy’s own saliva. “oh Fuck!” cried Amy, as she collapsed on my chest. This did not stop me. I continued to fuck her pussy and finger fuck her tight ass at the same time. I felt her pussy walls contract against my cock as she came. Her body shook as I held her close, but didn’t stop fucking her. Amy picked up her head, leaning her jaw on my chest and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. “Fuck my ass, Will. Please fuck me up the ass like the slut I am. ” now how do you say no to that?I popped my finger out of her ass and felt I small climax as I did. I pulled out of her pussy and dropped her chest first on to the bed. I stood up, got behind her, and lined up. “shove that big fucking cock up my ass. ” I pushed in and heard her yell in to the mattress she had her face buried in a the moment.

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   It was so tight I couldn’t move for fear I could cum right there. I quickly became accustom to the feeling and started to move back and forth in her ass. My hands gripped her sides as I started to pump harder and harder. “that’s it baby, fuck my ass. Oh god that feels great. Come on, fuck me harder. ” she begged and I was happy to oblige. The tightness of her ass was getting to be too much and I knew I was going to come soon. Amy could feel it to. Much to her own dismay, I could tell, she pulled my dick out and turned around. She started to stroke me faster and faster. The sensation grew and I fired off my load. The first shot went a little wide hitting her forehead and hair. The second was on her chin and the third and last was dead on the money, right into her open mouth. She continued to jack me off as the last trails of cum left my cock.

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   She used her fingers to scoop up the rouge cumshots as I collapsed on to the bed. Amy laid down next to me and we were silent for a moment. “well,” she said, breaking the silence. “that was amazing. ”“you weren’t so bad yourself. ” I said turning to her. “but I think I need another shower?”“you want some company?”We fucked again in the shower, as the jets hit us. I bent her over and fucked her from behind, cupping her tits in my hands. To finish me off, she kneeled down and tit fucked me until I fired another load on to her face. We dried off, got in to bed and were asleep in no time. Morning came around eight, when the front desk called to tell me the roads had been cleared off. I thanked them and they asked if I wanted them to call the other room. I looked over to find Amy still asleep next to me and I told them that I would take care of it. We got up, got dressed and decided it was time to head home. As we were on the road, the conversation started.

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  “so, last night was…?”“I’d say the pay off for two years of intense sexual tension. Besides, I liked it,” she said, “ and you seemed to like it, so I don’t see the problem. We’re both going back to our significant others and who knows, might just happen again. ” Amy leaned over in her seat and started to stroke my cock through my jeans. “would you like that?”“hell yes. ”Amy proceeded to give me blow job as I got on to the mass pike, stopping only when I has to pay the toil. All in all, it was a damn good.



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