Reena, My Business Partner - I


"Remember, I am not a slut. . . But I am a woman who also has some needs. . and I have chosen you to be my partner, in business and in bed as well. . . "" Ohhhhhhhhhh! she queezed my cock. I was so much excited that I removed her red blouse. Her lovely boobs looked gorgeous in white brassieres. I felt the texture of her bra. I kissed her right breast over the bra cup. . . the swee odour of her sweat turned me hornier.

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   She stood up. Helped me remove my shirt and pant. Fondled my dick over the under wear. I was very much turned on. She pulled out my lund (cock) and fondled it when I caressed her head. She put my hard dick into her mouth. I could see her long hair, bra straps and the ghagara. The whole thing was driving me crazy. She was just fantastic at sucking. Ummmmmmmmmm ! Ohhhhhhhh!I could not stop my self from grabbing her and pulled her up. Soon we were in bed. . . . ( excuse me I am already masturbating just now as I recollect this thing oooooohhhh.

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  . !)Soon I lifted her ghagara and pulled down her panties. Wow, she has a lovely cunt. . . "chut" as we call it. My lund (cock) was throbbing fast as it saw the chut (cunt). I rammed my dick inside her pussy. . . . . . . "OOHHHHHH!" Reena cried with excitement.

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       I started fucking her. She got wild. I removed her white bra from the boobs and crushed them in my palms mercilessly. . "do it darling. . . do it!" cried Reena. My horny partner. The whole room was filled with our cries and scent of our sex juices. That was the begining of a new chapter in my life and business. Soon I will bring you a new sex.