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I was sitting at home on a saturday night watching a ball game, when Ray called and asked if I wanted to come over and play some cards or somethin'. Of course I agreed, cleaned up and headed over to their place. I was greeted by Ray with my favorite in hand, a joint in one hand and a drink in the other.   We went in to the kitchen where Jen was making more Hurricanes.   We sat and talked about my not to recent break-up. After getting that out of the way we went to the den to finish watchin' the ball game. When it ended Jen suggested we play some strip poker like back when I was married. My ex was pretty cool and we used to do this on occasion, with it usually ending with us all having sex in the same room but always with our own partner. Having had a few of everything, Ray and I figured why not. Little did I know, till later, this was all a setup they had talked about doing ever since my divorice. It didn't take to long and I was naked, I think they cheated somehow, so when I lost the next hand Jen said I had to touch her tits, she was topless but still had her panties. After Ray convinced me it was really ok, I reached out and touched her small, cute tits. I instantly got hard and embarrassed, but they told me to relax and enjoy. It was then that they told me that they wanted to fuck me. I was surprised, and told them I wasn't to sure about it but after we talked about it they assured me we would still be friendsno matter what. I was high enough I said OK.

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   Still not knowing exactly what they had in mind. Jen suggested we all get in the shower so everyone was comfortable with everyone's cleanlyness. They had a huge shower in the masterbath. We all got and Jen started to kiss and touch me all over and before I knew it she had her tongue down my throat. It was then I realized she had her arms around me but my dick was being stroked, by RAY, I couldn't believe it and Jen must have known I wasn't sure, because she told me to "relax and enjoy it, we planned this along time ago, you don't stand a chance. "After we got washed we went straight to the bed I was laid on my back and Jen got on me and started kissing me, once we were busy Ray started stroking my dick and balls. Then all at once Jen got on her knees and told Ray to get "69" with him. Before I knew it Ray was sucking my dick, while his hung over my face. Jen laid next to us and told me she had shaved Ray 'cause she liked it that way and thought it might be easier to get me into it. I hadn't even noticed he was shaved. Jen was shaved clean too.   She played with Ray's cock and told me to try licking his balls. They were very smooth. At first I was a little shy, but Ray was sucking on my dickand it felt great. Then she put the head of his dick to my lips, he had precum leaking already but I tasted my own cum so it was no surprise that I liked it.

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   I licked the head for awhile then Jen asked me to suck it, I did and Ray went nuts. He pumped his cock in my mouth till I almost gagged. I was now getting close to cumming and told Jen that maybe we should stop, but Ray sucked even harder now and that was all I could take, I yelled something, and started to shoot streams of my cum into Ray's eager mouth, it was then that he began to cum and fill my mouth with his cum, I couldn't believe it, my friend was cumming in my mouth and I liked it. After a very short breather, they switched and Jen sucked me while I ate her pussy and Ray licked her asshole. Jen came all over me. It didn't take long for her to start telling Ray to get on his hands and knees and for me to pull his cock and lick his asshole,"he loves it". I wasn't sure but what the hell, his asshole was even shaved, I leaned over and started to take long licks from his ball to the top of his crack. His cock was hard as a rock, and I really got into it. Jen all the while was playing with my dick and her own pussy. Then Jen went to the closet and got out a small case, when she opened it I saw at least 5 or 6 devices. She pulled out a small butt plug and told me to stick it up Ray's ass. I did as asked, then she asked me to get on my knees and had Ray get up and lick my ass as I had done to him, only I wasn't gettin' a butt plug, Jen told Ray to fuck me in the ass, and before I could object Ray was rubbing his cock on my asshole, and finally got it in. It hurt a little, but Ray is not that big, and I have play with dildo's before myself. Once in Jen turned on the butt plug in Ray's ass and he went wild fucking my ass.   Jen got under me in a 69 and I was going nuts.

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   Jen asked me not to cum in Ray's ass because she had another idea. We sucked and fucked till I thought I would go nuts. I warned Jen that I was about to cum, she had Ray stop fucking me and lay by Jen, she then asked me to jackoff on their face's while they kissed, it was so hot that I exploded all over them and they kissed and lick every drop of cum from each other's face. When the finished Ray and I exchanged place's and he came what seemed like a gallon of cum on Jen and I, I even stopped kissin' her once and let him put some right in my mouth.   It was great that night, we played for hours before we all fell asleep in a naked heap, I got up around 4am went home, without waking my host's, took a shower a jerked off like never before. We talked the next day and decided we would give another try some day, SOON. I never knew till that night that my friend Ray wanted to fuck and suck my dick, but wow what a night it was. .



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