Rainy Night In Virginia


She was a tiny, but well built little lady, he guessed her age to be close to his own. Looking down at her left hand he knew immediately that she was married. It didn’t matter, she was tiny helpless and in a bad situation. “Hey there, Ma’am. ” He spoke out in his thick Georgia drawl. “Looks like you got yourself in a mess here. ” She grinned, broadly at him, her brown almond shaped eyes showing relief, his voice had a soothing tone and she knew almost at the first instance that this man was no threat. “Yes it does, I don’t know how I managed to slip in the ditch this way. ” She spoke in a honey-toned voice. “I was on my way back home, and somehow took a wrong turn. The next thing I knew I was on this pig trail. Then here I was. ” Steve got down and looked under the car and came up telling her that it was probably worse than she thought. “You have oil running out like a sieve, I think your oil pan is busted. ” He looked over towards her and quickly had to look away, the rain had soaked her blouse and he could see her nipples protruding behind the fabric of her blouse, and thin bra. The sight of her pert little breasts and the clinging blouse was burned immediately into his brain.

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   “My God,” he thought to himself, “This woman is beautiful. ” Taking just a moment to recoup his thoughts Steve turned to the woman. “Well, have you called for help, yet?” he asked. She looked at him for a moment, her eyes taking everything they could about this friendly stranger. He had broad shoulders and powerful arms, a little thick around the middle but not too much. His gray hair was wet and tasseled, his shirt was soaked, and she could see a mat of hair over his chest, through the fabric. “No,” she responded, “I can’t get my damned cell phone to work up here. ” He laughed, knowing it was the truth, and in this part of the country they didn’t do well at all. “I was almost sure, that was the case Ma’am, bad area up here. Why don’t you let me give a ride back into town?” As it seemed the applicable solution, she graciously accepted. They got her belongings out of the vehicle, and loaded them into his van. When they finally got in out of the rain, he reached behind the seat and produced a roll of paper towels. He tore off a couple and handed her the roll. “I’ll see if we can get you a wrecker out here. ” He grabbed up the microphone on his two-way radio and yelled for John on it.

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   John answered, and Steve relayed the information to him. A few minutes later John called back and explained to them that the only Wrecker Company that would come out into that area couldn’t come until tomorrow. “Well if you wanna ride along I have one quick stop to make, and while I take care my stuff, you can use the telephone up there to find yourself a room for the night. ” Steve said, looking over his glasses. “Oh and by the way, I’m Steve Ma’am” holding out his big hand. “Ok Steve, thanks for everything you’ve done, I don’t guess I have much of a choice in riding along. I’m Rhonda” “This wont take but a few minutes,” he said, “Oh by the way, mind if I smoke” “No as a matter of fact,” she replied, “mine got soaked back there, can I have one?” It turned out that they smoked the same brand and this way they talked, and chatted to one another until they got to the site that he maintained. True to his word, he didn’t take long, however the only complication came when Rhonda tried to find a hotel room. Every hotel for 60 miles was booked solid, because of a convention in town. “Sounds like a bad situation there, Rhonda. ” Steve said, feeling sorry for this newly found friend. “Yes, and my Husband is out of town, back home, so I really don’t know what to do. ” Was her reply. “Well it ain’t much, but I’ve got a couch. ” Steve offered.

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   “At least it’s dry and warm, and you can have hot shower. It would be an honor if you took me up on it” His sincerity touched her and she realized that she could have done worse, besides he was nice looking, and he made good conversation. “What the Hell, it can’t hurt anything. ” She answered. “Great, I’ll stop pick us up something to eat we’ll go there and I’ll get you to the Wrecker Company in the morning. ” “Sounds like a plan to me. ” Rhonda replied. Steve stopped, and bought a pizza, and they headed for his place. It wasn’t the most lavish place, but it was livable, They ate and chatted, all the while Steve couldn’t get over her beauty, or her way of seeming so natural and honest to talk to. He caught himself sometimes looking a bit too long at her tiny pert little breasts. His cock throbbed when he saw how cute her ass was in the kitchen, getting Diet Pepsi from the refrigerator. He adjusted his trousers quite a few times when she wasn’t looking. Rhonda on the hand, had found herself looking at his trousers quite often, and noticed from time to time that his bulge was more noticeable that at others. She knew that she had caused it, and this set her tingling, a small tingle at first, but the more she was around this man, the more she felt a need building inside her. She felt something she’d not felt in a longtime, a need, and the desire to feel another man’s body, other than her husband’s.

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   She tried to put these thoughts out of her head. At the same time Steve was telling himself this woman was married, and he had no business thinking the thought’s he’d had. It made for a few clumsy moments, and finally wen the evening was drawing to a close they had some wine, sat and talked about everything they could, each making sure that the subject of sex didn’t come up. Somewhere about ten, Steve showed her where the towels were because she decided to take a shower. The hot water rolled over her body and in her mind she saw Steve’s eyes, looking at her breasts in the rain that afternoon. She remembered seeing him looking at her tight ass in the kitchen that night in a reflection on the window and how it had jolted a response from her she tried to ignore. She stood there letting the water wash her clean, and felt it on her pussy, so hot, like fire, making her yearn for satisfaction. She finally decided that it would be best to wait until she got home so she could play with her toys. She put on her terry cloth robe, she’d packed and went back into the living room. Steve had been busy cleaning up the kitchen and caught her out of the corner of his eye when she came back in. He turned to face her, and his mouth nearly fell open. Here before him in his own apartment was this beautiful woman, standing in her robe looking so seductive in her wet condition. His cock jerked madly for an instant, and he quickly composed himself. “Well, do you feel better now?” he asked. She stood there a moment, her eyes gazing at the outline of his cock in his trousers, She thought to herself that it must be pretty substantial, for it to produce an outline like that.

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   “Yes, much better. ” She said, as her eyes cut away from the distended cock she’d been gazing at unconsciously. A pang shot through her lower belly and her stomach tightened at the thought of his cock inside her. She felt a charge of heat, produce a wet rush of fluid that oozed from her already hot pussy. “Thanks so much for letting me go first. ” “Hey, you’re the guest here,” he stammered, “I guess I’d better take one now myself. Before it gets too late. ” Steve went in the bathroom, and undressed, his cock literally dripping precum, he was surprised she hadn’t seen the half dollar sized stain seeping through his pants. He turned on the water and the hot water poured over him. He lathered himself and washed his body like he always did, but when his hand touched his cock he knew he was in a desperate situation. He gripped the thick tool and slowly stroked it a few times. How long had it been since he’d cum, he wondered to himself. He stretched it back, and held it tight wanting to cum then, He opted not to knowing it will be much better as soon as he can take more time. He cut off the water, and managed to ring his cock to a half flaccid state. Then he wrapped a large towel around himself and figured that since he had a visitor he might want to wear something to bed tonight other than the birthday suit he always slept in alone.


   He was walking out of the bathroom when Rhonda came down the hall, they suddenly waked into each other and were each bumped backwards a bit. “Oh” he said loudly “I’m sorry are you OK?” He suddenly realized that her bathrobe had come open and she stood there before him, both breasts exposed, and a thin line of neatly trimmed bush showing over the most delicious looking mound he’d ever seen. God he thought I love small-breasted women; she must have been about a 34 B, just right to suck and lick all night. As his eyes looked to hers, he was shocked to see her looking down at his crotch. Looking down to see what she was looking at he discovered the towel he’d worn, lying on the floor, his cock was exposed. She stood there looking at the thick cock, distended before her and looking so deliciously tempting. She wanted to touch it; a lifetime had passed since she had seen another man’s cock other than her husbands. Without thinking, her tiny hand reached out to grip it. Before her hand got to the thick hard dick that looked so inviting his hand caught her wrist. She looked up and in his eyes she saw something fiery and forbidden. He pulled her to him, and his lips came down to hers, suddenly she felt herself caught up in a kiss that sent her fluids raging, her heart pounded and her desire at this point far outweighed any thought’s of control. She needed this, she wanted it so badly. She was consumed with the desire to give in and let her yearnings be satiated by the touch of this stranger. Steve broke the kiss, his heart pounded and his tongue slowly licked up her nose to her forehead, and he kissed it gently. His thick hard arms pulled her up and looking into her eyes said, “Want the couch or the bed?” “The Bed.

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  ” Was all she could utter, her arms wrapped around his neck. She pulled his face to hers kissing him and letting her tongue dance about inside his mouth, only to have it dash back into hers with a fevered passion that wracked her tiny body with spasms of heated passion. Steve turned with her in his arms and carried the tiny fawn to his bed. He laid her there and his mouth locked on hers again, and as his passion got the better of him he unleashed all his feeling in one long hot wet kiss. Her body shook, she’d never felt anything as sensual, and hot as the kiss that this man gave her. Her body gave in at this point, and her passions took possession of her actions. Without thought, her fluids began flowing, she felt them hot and wet, seeping across the tender bud of her clit. Her passion so deep and hot for this man she gave back to him the most heated kiss she had ever given, In this moment, she realized that her body needed the thick hot cock that throbbed so sensuously against her thigh. She was delirious when he broke the kiss to find her nipple, hot and hard, waiting for his hot mouth. He sucked it slowly, deliberately taking his time to taste the flesh of the hot vixen he’d only just met. Suddenly all thoughts of her life disappeared, and she realized that this is what she was needing, missing from her life. As his tongue licked its way down her tight belly, she was enraptured with the need to feel it, touch her in her most wanton waiting cunt. She knew that there wasn’t any way she’d leave this place without knowing the feeling of his hard cock inside her wet, soaking belly. She gave herself to this stranger. This man, she’d only know for hours but realized she’d waited for all her life.

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   Her body jerked, and she felt a small, but needed orgasm Shoot through her loins. Her passion had become almost obsessive, as the small quiver gave way to something more potent. When his mouth reached the hot, torrid chute of her wet cunt, Steve was so enthralled with this hot fiery woman, he let himself go and he started to tease the creamy wetness of this woman’s, now soaked pussy. He took his time savoring ever-delicious inch of the wet slit. He found her waiting clit and sucked it greedily, his thumb pressed her tight asshole and he let his tongue taste the thick syrupy fluid that flowed so overwhelmingly thick and rich from her pulsating pussy the sweet and yet salty, rush of her body bathed his tongue. Another spasm jerked her body, and realizing that she was experiencing a small orgasm, Steve shoved his thumb into her tiny never before invaded asshole. She shook and gyrated, her eyes glazed over and she knew that she needed his thick shaft inside her, this very instant. Looking down seeing the man, eat her, she heard herself say out loud, “Fuck me, fuck me now. ” He waited no longer, his body rose above her and he took his head and rubbed it over the wet pouting lips of her cunt. He slid easily into her, she was wet and slick with secretion’s she’d produced in her first small orgasms. As he worked the thick hard shaft ever so slowly into her belly, she felt another wave rush through her loins, painting his cock with more mucous from her quaking loins. He moved slowly, she was so tight, so hot, so wet and wanted so badly to feel him deep inside her aching cunt. He was so hot now, but her pussy was so tight and he feared hurting her. He could only manage to get half his cock in her willing cunt. She realized that his cock was swollen to a point she’d never thought possible, and pulled away from him.

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   She shoved at him till he lay on his back, and in this fashion she slowly lowered her oozing pussy onto the thick veined shaft of his throbbing cock. Slowly at first, backing off of him, and taking a little more, she slowly managed to work his cock deep in her burning cunt. Imbedded as deep inside her body as she could stand, she leaned over him and her lips sought his. She kissed him with a more passionate kiss than she’d ever thought possible. He straining pussy, stretched to its very limit took the massive tool inside it, and she imbedded every single centimeter of it in her loins. His kiss was hot, fiery, and deliciously obscene, she stayed like that her knees planted by his side, and slowly undulated her groin on his, fucking him like a heated bitch wanting too feel his hot seed inside her. She sucked his tongue, and writhed madly on the hard throbbing meat that stretched, her pussy so tightly. She was wanton and fast with her body, trying so desperately, to make him fill her with the hot sperm she realized would soothe the burning she felt. She couldn’t hold back, and as the wave of heated lust, ripped through her loins, his hands reached up, and gripped her ass, pulling her cheeks open trying to get every part of himself inside the burning hot cunt, that sucked at him so desperately. She let loose and screamed in her passion, as his cock convulsed and she felt him jerking beneath her. The first heated jet of his fluid, rushed through his cock, and exploded inside the sucking wetness of her now undulating cunt. She felt the thick nasty heated wad of his sperm, splatter against her uterus, and quaked madly as her body convulsed to the same rhythm of his. Her pussy gripped him tightly, her lips locked to his and she ground down on the cock, which was spilling so copiously into her wet, fiery cunt. She held him, nursing his cock inside her. Their lips locked together and his seed finally seeped into her sucking depths.


   She shook again and as she slid off of his throbbing member, several drops of his fluid, chowder textured, fell from her quivering cunt to make half dollar sized dollops of white love juice on his hairy belly. She lay next to him, and they kissed madly, each knew that tomorrow they might never know this feeling again. That night they made love and satisfied each other’s most lustful desires. They awoke the next morning and followed up with more things either could ever know. But each in itself is a different story, and each remain yet untold. .