Rain Dreams


Rain Dreams
The clock screeches with it's constant pounding of Do Re Do notes. I sleepily waved my arm to and fro my right side trying to smack the sleep button in the process. After a few minutes of struggling with the infernal machine I simply get up and grab the clock. With a strong yank the clock (which was now flashing 5:10 by the way) shut off and the cord snapped unsuspectibly.
"Damn cheap merchandise. I'm going to kill that flea market dealer by shoving this soldered plastic board with all of my might and make him eat the diodes one by one. "
I grumble on and on as I reach for my glasses and put them on while I start for the bathroom. As I walk down the carpeted hallway the pictures of my father and mother frown upon me while I usually look downward, my glasses shining enough light to hide my eyes but not totally ruin the picture. I look at one picture which was slightly lopsided and I straightened it. I find it quite shocking as I look at the picture for it was the only one without my parents and I actually had a slight trace of a smile forming. I remember the photographer who took the picture and it was Kristine. Her black hair held like a pony tail swished from the back and landed over her shoulder it's tip landing upon her small breast.
I stop reminiscing about her figure and move to the bathroom. I open the white door and look onto the mirror. I see a miserable chinese teen whose quite big for his race and with black hair with more than his fair share of white hairs. The only problem with the picture is that he is slightly overweight.

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   I wanted to destroy myself for admitting that but it's true. I finish my business in there and spiffy up after a shower. I stupidly put my glasses inside the restroom while I was taking a shower and try to defog them with tissue paper only causing them to be dirty.
"Why couldn't mom give me contact lenses instead of these things!"
It was the first few days with glasses. They said it was probably because I was typing too many fanfics in my computer and reading all those books too much. I just smirked with contempt at the reasons they gave me. I put my pocket protector on my white polo shirt and put on those black pants. I had some slight trouble with my socks and shoes for my glasses kept slipping off my nose. I looked once again into the mirror and all I see is a nerd. A fat nerd. Perfect.
I take a look at the newspaper that was left on the kitchen table while trying to step around the wooden chairs not making a sound so as not to wake up the folks.
"Huh, seems as though we've got some heavy rain today. Guess I'll just bring an umbrella"
I checked around the small umbrella stall and found a large black one and grab my overly large back while I was leaving through the front door. As I walk towards school I keep thinking of Kristine and how her smiles seem to make everything quite ok.

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   I walk through and through and soon I notice several other kids with the uniform of white polo shirts and black pants and other cute girls with white polo shirts and long blue skirts.
"Time for my daily punishment. "
As I soon walk slowly nearer and nearer the "laughing" kids they soon stopped and looked at me with slight contempt as I cover my face slightly and move quicker to the school which right now seems extremely far away. I start to slightly trot like a donkey moving from walk to run mode all the while holding my backpack tighter with my left hand while my right hand loosens my collar for I began to sweat slightly profusely. Slightly due to the fear but mostly due to the physical activity I am now engaged in. Which is supposedly running for my life.
I hear slight mumbles and one japanese kid caught up to me. The kid was slightly bigger than me and had long black hair while he held my backpack and moved me backward. While slightly grinning at me I knew he had bad intentions ever since I saw his face. It was a mix of a mad scientist and insane hobo.
"Hello there Yang. What are you doing so early in the morning? No wait don't tell me. Your avoiding your bestest pal in the world right? and who would your best pal be?"
"You Hojo. *under breath* jackass"
"What was that you damn cretin?"
Ah. .

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  . he finally heard me. Hojo or otherwise known as "Mr. Perfect". I hate to admit it but he is the best in nearly everything but I believe his main purpose was to make my life a living hell. Together with his "Perfect" team. Which by the way consisted of a female student, a hulkish brute, and a "fashionable" neat freak (frankly I think he's gay and the big guy is humping him one way or the other). The female looks at me with snottish contempt as she fixed her long skirt.
"Nothing Hojo. I'm a cretin, I'm a fag, I'm nothing more than a worthless bead in the everlasting rain of life while you are the cloud which flies over the heavens, You are an eagle while I am a lowly despicable weasle, I do not deserve to bask in your presence which covers all around the world. "
It made me sick to my stomach that I couldn't fight back at such an early time in the morning. Furthermore, I believe that he was actually better than me. He aces all the classes, he has good physical form (damn nature), his looks are that with enough charm that he would make any girl happy for years to come (Even after 40). And I feel so low. .

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Everyday he holds this up to me right before classes, then right after classes but I keep hanging in there for only one reason. I get a small 3 minute look at Kristine with her smile, and her-
"Hey Yang! Dumbass! Are you going to fork over that math homework or am I supposed to finish it during the last five minutes of advanced english and still get an A. "
At that moment he took my back pack away from me and started to shake the remnants and grabbed my plain brown math notebook and started flipping through the pages from the last page backward. And his eyes opened ever so slightly while browsing upon a few pages.
"Oh crap no!"
And the stupid idiot that I am I put my love poems of Kristine in that simple brown math notebook. I knew I should have transferred the poems to something more secure.
"Well it seems as though you have a slight crush for this 'Kristine' of yours. Why did you not introduce me to her? She sounds pretty nice. "
". . . . "
The female of the group then walks near me and starts reading the notebook over Hojo's shoulder and she smiles a slight devious smile as she moves her hair slightly backward.
"I think I know her.

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   Pale girl, small breasts, Hair pulled back in a ponytail?"
She looks at me looking for an answer and she found it. I gave off a small twitch and my eyes were slightly larger due to the shock I recieved that one of the Perfects were in the same class as Kristine.
"Small breasts? Geez, your standards must be really low Yang! Don't ya want large bouncing hooters?"
Hojo looked at me with a smug look on his face and was making motions with his hand indicating that he was a lecherous pervert. Hooters. Indeed.
"Whatever, Pamela get me a small meeting with this precious Kristine of Yang's. Tell her to meet me at the small patch of the woods behind my house. If you catch my drift. "
I can't believe it. Of all the girls Hojo has why does he want to be with Kristine. Why? And with a quick snap he grabs the handful of poems I wrote and put them in his pocket. Pamela looked at him with slight irritation. I could swear that she said that she was going to get back at him one day. Although Hojo seemed not to notice.
"Poor Yang you seem a little heartbroken there buddy.

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   Don't worry I'll give her a good time and cheer up I'll give her your precious poems. A Never Ending Crush by Hojo. Kinda like it. "
And with that they left me once again sightly battered emotionally with the trauma of another bully related incident. But now they are after the very one I care about. The only one I care about anymore.
As the time goes by I silently work on all the assignments without hindrance I believe I even finished my work in one week's ahead of Math homework just so that I can leave class just a little bit early. I began to run outside and grab my bag quickly
but as soon as I opened the door a drop of rain hit my head. I didn't care. I started off down the steps and tried to run more but the rain falls even stronger trying to stop me. My polo shirt was soaked through and my pants felt like lead. I came to the usual intersection and looked for Kristine or for a sign that she wasn't. . . that she didn't accept his proposal.

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   I mean she can't be with Hojo. Hojo probably never got a chance because of the rain. He's not that much of a jackass. I hope. Which would be a pretty low chance. And out of the raging torrent I heard noises from the left street which was covered with slight vegetation but enough so that it is concealed. Near Hojo's place. I slowly lower myself to the slight vegetation till I come to a small open clearing. And there I saw what I shall forever remember.
_____________________H don't stop. . . don't. . .

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  uuugghhh. . "
There upon the middle was Kristine with her blue skirt hiked up and wrinkled as a hand lay over her pink cotton panties rubbing to and fro and with steady circular motion. Hojo's face was buried upon her chest which was moving up and down while her eyes show explicit pleasure with every sucking motion of Hojo's lips upon her erect nipples. The rain playing with her face and dripping upon her clinging shirt, and skirt. The rain dropped from her small breasts and the rain soaked her panties through and through showing much of the small pubic hair and her small pubus and the lips of her vagina which were being opened and closed by two provoking fingers. All the while moan after moan came from Kristine's sweet and small mouth. It caught a few raindrops as it seemed to trickle down her lips.
I looked upon them with a mixture of anger, disappointment and sexual pleasure. So I stand up and try to walk away from the spot but is held fast by a set of firm but feminine hands together with a few more.
"He specifically told us to let you enjoy the show. "
I was trying to move away but the brute came by and grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down and forced me to face the ongoing erotica.
"Behave a little more and I might help you with your little problem there. "
As Pamela pointed at my now ever growing bulge upon my black pants. I became slightly embarassed and my cheeks grew red.

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   I still tried to resist but weaker this time with the thought of Pamela actually sticking to the compromise she said. The bulge grew even more and I felt precum stick to my underwear a bit. I let out a small groan.
Pamela just smiled, an even more beautiful smile.
"Hey you guys you can go now. I can handle this sissy. "
The Brute looked at the "Fashionable" guy and walked away talking about how Hojo has got it "going on" and walked away with a black umbrella (mine). I probably have not heard much of what has happened for the scene in front of me was getting to my attention and sadly (for the sake of being a guy) I cried ever so softly.
Kristine's panties were moved to her right leg and was dripping with the rain and beads of it seemed to fall again and again upon her long pale legs. Her skirt was still not removed and her polo shirt was upon the dirty and now muddy floor. I see that Kristine's legs were wrapped around Hojo's waist and his cock was slowly being inserted upon her small vagina. It's lips parted and Kristine moaned while her finger was stuck upon her mouth. I could see that the expression of her face was that of pain and pleasure mixed together while Hojo placed both of his hands upon her cute buttocks which was now dripping with water from the rain. I could see that he was lowering her downward even more and I could see with much clarity that he was actually looking at me for a split second and insert his penis to what seems to be a tight virgin pussy with much force.
Blood, Love juice, Rain Water flowed down her legs while she moved quickly up and down his penis.

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   Her ponytailed hair plastered upon her back and her breasts though small began to jiggle upwards and downwards as she held onto Hojo.
Hojo slowed down slightly to a stop and looked at Kristine smugly while slowly inserting one of his fingers down her pussy and one in her asshole. He jiggled the one in her pussy once again and Kristine let out a cry of pleasure and a small flow of white liquid came slowly around and outside of her pussy. She let go of his waist and slid to the muddy ground where mud seemed to only pat her bottom slightly. I could see that she was extrememly exhausted and probably would never get up as the rain fell on her again with more water tapping her body with an endless stream.
I did not notice at first and my pants were actually unzipped while I was standing and hiding from them and felt a small tongue lick upon the tip of my cock.
"You look about ready to burst. Let me help you with that burden. "
Pamela noticed how swollen my cock was and started to give it a small handjob accompanied with small licks and I could see that my precum still lingered and it stringed from her tongue to my cock. She started to move forward a little bit bolder and started to take off her underwear from underneath her skirt.
"These things are such a drag for quick sex. "
It was like some casual thing and I tried to resist her and move away but she pushed me down and tripped me. With that she stood ontop of me and lowered herself down near my penis and I felt a squish like gripping that sucked my penis forward. I never felt such an entrancement and I feel like passing out as she suddenly quickened the pace by bouncing up and down. Her breasts heaved again and again as she soon started to moan out herself but to keep her silent she put one of her fingers in her mouth and bit slightly on it and continued to do so and I could actually feel and hear the fapping sounds of her bottom touching my thighs with each insertion.


   I came with much intensity that I felt like I was high upon the clouds. Away from the rain and away from the sight which I beheld after Pamela got off me with cum going through her thighs mine and hers.
Hojo started jerking off with his still hard cock and aimed it at her face and opened her mouth forcefully and started to put it in her mouth. He seemed a little bit disappointed for the lack of response but it seemed he just fucked her head and I could see that she was gagging slightly and with a grunt and a pull back of Kristine's ponytail Hojo's member splurted out white mucus all over her face and breasts as he also rubbed it all over her small tits and I could see it string from his member to her lips and still erect nipples while they both lay exhausted and the rain splattered down cleaning the blood and mucus that was once present upon her thighs and cleaned the cum upon her breast sticking and spread so thickly.
______________H rain drived away all the cum and white mucus around Kristine and once again I see that innocent and beautiful peace. I lay there on the mud a while more. Hoping that Hojo and I had switched. Kristine was beautiful and her ponytail covered her left nipple while her hand covered her stomach and her arms took refuge just under her breasts. But all the rain in the world could not wash away all I have seen. And so I cried. Cried myself to sleep. To Dream once more.



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