I met Rail at a CB equipment swap-meet. We were both looking at the same piece of gear. It was the last item of its kind there, and I bowed out to let her buy it.
Now Rail was certainly no beauty queen, but she had a great sense of humor. She told me why she picked Rail as a handle. She knew she was skinny as a rail and ugly as a mud fence. She was indeed skinny as a rail. Though she wasn’t quite that ugly, she sure wouldn’t win any beauty contests.
However, when I told her she was wrong about the ugly part, a broad smile spread across her face, and her eyes seemed to sparkle. I told her she should pick another handle.
Rail soon became my go-to gal. That’s all she said she wanted to be. She said she knew her body and looks wouldn’t win her any prizes, but she loved to screw.

So, once, or twice, a week, if it was getting late, and I found myself without a girl, I could call on Rail.
Rail lived only fifteen minutes from my place. In the time it took me to drive to her apartment, she would take a quick shower, make us drinks, dim the lights, and put on some soft music.

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   When I arrived, I would frequently find her stretched out her bed wearing nothing but her panties.
Rail never wore a bra. As skinny as she was, she didn’t need one. She had practically no tits, but she did have an impressive pair of nipples. When her nipples were erect, they were over a half inch long and about as thick as AAA batteries.
As I entered her apartment, I’d shed my clothes and join her in bed. By the time I took the first sip of my drink, Rail would be nude and curled up next to me. We would hold each other close and cuddle while we talked a bit. Then, when I finished my drink, we would get down to some serious fucking.
What Rail lacked in appearance, she more than made up for in enthusiasm.
    As I finished my drink, Rail would stroke my cock to a full erection. Sometimes, due to having too much to drink that night, I would have difficulty getting it up. Rail knew just what to do. She would drop down and suck my cock. She’d only quit when she had me hard enough to please her hungry pussy.

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    Rail liked it hard and fast. If I was tired, or humping too slow for her, she was not a bit bashful about taking control. She’d roll me onto my back, squat on my cock, and ride me hard until she came. Sometime during the process, I usually dumped a load of cum in her pussy. If not, she’d finish me off with a hard-sucking blow job.
    A short time after we had both cum at least once, I’d give her a pat on the ass, a quick kiss, and be on my way home. Every guy needs a go-to girl.



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