Private Hospital


That day I was emitted and placed in my room in my wheelchair, I was so glad they hadnt discovered that I had been faking the coma but then again I do consider myself I great actor, as I was thinking to myself I heard the door handle turn and I returned to my fake coma, I listened as I hard as I could to hear what was happening around me and from what I could make out it appeared that the person was walking towards me and checking my chart. “ Well then um Tim, It appears that your in a coma well ill see if I can wake you out of that my own special way right after I have made your bed” said the young women’s voice, and with that she moved passed me and I decided this would be my chance to check out what I had in store for me so I made a quick glance whilst the nurse was busy to discover that it was the from before, boy I couldn’t believe my luck but there was no way I was going to get lucky with this epitome of perfection without looking at her the whole time so I adjusted my eyelids to a level that id be able to see her and she wouldn’t be able to tell. “Well then now that’s out of the way I can move on to curing you” As she said that she moved towards me and took the arms off my wheelchair and placed her foot on my chest, I could see all the way along her leg and straight up her dress from this compromising position, I could make out every detail of her perfectly sculptured mound, the length of it was extremely tight with only the very tips of her lips parted and there was a strong glimmer of wetness from her pearl at the roof of her sex right down to bottom where it disappeared into the darkness between her two perfectly rounded ass checks. She took my lifeless arm as I continued to stare into the depths of her dress trying to force her lips apart with all of my willpower but at that second my attention was parted from the thoughts of her perfect pink hole by the moist feeling on my finger as I noticed she was teasing my long thin finger inside her mouth. She began by moving the end of my finger towards my mouth and delicately running the end of her tongue along my fingertip and slowly and softly easing it out with the pressure of her soft small lips, she continued this motion which was more than enough for more me to get excited as I could feel the blood starting to flow into my member, I was worried that she’d catch on to the fact that I was conscious as she hadn’t touch me in a way that my body without the aid of vision and thought would have reacted to but I continued to play it cool and not let the cat out of the bag so I returned my attention to the blow job my finger was getting and realised that she had changed the motion in which she was giving it, She had moved into a more rugged approach taking my finger into the full depth of her mouth locking her teeth and her lips tightly behind the main joint of my finger and arching her tongue in order to sandwich my finger between her tongue and the roof of her mouth this time she was using a large amount of suction as she tried to force my finger out of her mouth with her tongue this aroused me even more as I like women to be a little rough with me, she made a few more variations throughout the time she was sucking my finger first to just running it and out of her mouth with her teeth just running gently along its surface and finally just teasing the tip of my finger with the end of her tongue in a circular motion moving around my finger. I had become so drawn within this motion I hadn’t noticed her heavy panting but eventually it struck me and I realised how much she was getting off doing this to a person that she believed to be unaware of her actions. She slowly began to descend her leg from my chest all the way down until it met right in between my legs and then she started to rub to cock through my trousers in a gentle up and down motion into my meat until I grew as hard as I possibly could, then she slipped her foot under my balls and began to message them with her foot whilst she rubbed my asshole with her big toe. This motion continued for a while until she took my hand again but this time she used one of my fingers to run along the length of her pussy, she was so wet and warm I couldn’t believe the whole sensation of the touch sent an intoxicating feeling down my spine and I was led to believe that it had given her an equal feeling too because as my finger rose along her damp slit towards the her clit she let out a giant gasp and sunk onto my hand forcing my fingers deep into her moist velvet tunnel, beginning to masturbate with my hand.

This was something she was really enjoying as I could tell with her dainty breath panting in my ear, though the feeling of her warm breath in my ear and the symphony like panting didn’t compare to the feeling inside her as my fingers continued the brush and caress the heavily juiced up walls of her deep tightening hole. All of a sudden she collapsed on me letting out a mild groan and whilst she lay rested on my chest she undid the zip of my trousers and withdrew my fully grown cock from within the darkness and began whacking me off with a slow motion, with my prick getting harder and harder with each stroke, I was almost in pain with how hard I was because of all the teasing and just the whole situation. After a minute or two she collected herself together and stood up directly in front me and began to disrobe, after she had flicked a few buttons her nurse’s uniform dropped to the floor and situated around her ankles from which she delicately stepped out of leaving her naked bar her white stockings and revealing the full magnificence of her tiny goddess like body, this was the first time id had a good look at her body and was surprised to see that it was greater than I had ever imagined, her breasts were perfectly pert and not too big maybe a b or c cup id say, her waist was so small I probably could have got my hand around at least half of it and her pubic region had a very small amount of fine hair around the top of her pussy acting as a frame for the dream of all men, it almost reminded me of a rose decorated walkway, but no matter what body parts I looked at I couldn’t get out of my mind how petite and frail she looked I felt as if I reached out to touch her she would just crumble into a fine powder. “Well big boy I think we have played around enough I think its time I had a little ride on that giant rod you have had waiting there for me” and with that she began to step towards me and once my head was level with her ample breasts she declined slowly easing my cocks way up into the depths of her tight hot moist cunt until she had completely straddled my manhood, as my dick reached its maximum level of entrance and her ass made contact with my lap she let out a joyful moan and started to slowly ride herself away into ecstasy. The pumping of her body onto mine became more frantic and as did our breath rate as the feeling was beyond that of nirvana because she was so amazingly tight and there would have been no chance of me being able to force myself inside if she hadn’t been so wet from all the foreplay she had given herself. She forced herself down upon me pushing harder with each turn her pants growing ever louder, I felt as if my meat was being forced through a heavily lubricated pinhole and my bare dick had grown so large and sensitive inside her that I could feel every single contour of her internally at one point I even felt like I could even feel her heartbeat through my dick which I must tell you is the most amazingly erotic turn on you could ever imagine. As she pumped me more wildly and rapidly her pants and gasps turned into moans and full on screams of pleasure, I could tell that she was cumming, her voice grew louder and louder, her juices began to flow even more heavily as they began to run down my balls and tickle my asshole giving me an amazing wave of adrenaline and pushed me close to my climax. Then out of the blue she hit one extremely loud groan and basically died on my lap as her movement had basically moved down to zero apart from her vague gentle grinding movements on my cock forcing her to quietly whimper as she finished herself off.

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   These movements continued for possibly a minute until she stopped to a complete halt, she then had a few seconds just lying there then she slowly eased my cock out of her soaked hole by raising her ass towards the roof, then from that position she slid down to the floor where she became face to face with my ever eager penis. “God I’m thirsty after all that” she said as she took the root of my shaft and moved her mouth over its head as she took my end into mouth slowly caressing it with her tongue in a circular motion making sure she covered every area with her thick saliva. As she continued her lips began to grow tighter around my tip so that she could begin masturbating my cock whilst continuing her oral pleasures, this continued for awhile making me so horny and giving me the will to just grab the back of head and force it down onto me so I could fill her up but I decided against this considering I was supposed to be in a coma. As I thought on an amazing force of pleasure hit me as she changed her technique once again, this time she was sliding her mouth up and down on my cock in conjunction with doing an identical thing, the double continuous identical motion of both of her body parts was enough to drive me into a frenzy I became completely overwhelmed by the pleasure I was feeling and couldn’t control any of my actions I was just stuck in this dream state where my body was at one with the intense feeling of relief, exhilaration and pleasure, I knew I was about to shot my load and I just couldn’t help what I did next “ Oh my god I’m cumming” I groaned in a way that I’m sure she had difficulty understanding what I had said as I ran my hands through her hair cupping the back of her head as I started pumping my load down her throat in a moment of madness, I continued fill up her mouth with my hot man juices until I had none left to unload then I lay back and relaxed with a smile on my face and looked on to see how the nurse reacted, to my surprise she tilted her head back and took one huge gulp swallowing my semen and then she wiped the remaining cum that had overflowed from her mouth with the back of her hand, then she smiled “ Thanks I really needed that,” she said as she licked the remaining spunk of the end of my dick “ I knew all along that you were fine but I couldn’t resist you’re far too attractive and the whole scenario just turned me on and made me very wet,” she told me with the biggest smile on her face. After that she had me emitted by saying that it had only been a concussion and as I was leaving she gave me her address and phone number so that if I felt dizzy or anything in the near future I could go around her house and a private check up and her special medication which I must say from then on I was ill a lot more than usual although I think I examined her body as much as she did mine. .



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