Picnic, First Day


Topic: NeighbourhoodIt was about evening 4'O Clock when me and my my neighbourhood family boarded the car. The neighbourhood family was known by me for about 5 years. They had two daughters. One was kane and other was Hailey. Both were born with two years gap. The eldest was 18 years old.
We reached the picnic spot at 8'O clock. It was very far from our residence. Then we ate at the campfire and then we began to talk. Due to the relationship of five years i talked to them with ease like there were my family. Then we decided to sleep. I told i would go for a walk around the picnic spot. It was a forest. I began to walk into the forest then i discovered a small river. I began to undress myself and i stood with an underwear later. Then i dipped myself and swam in it.

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   It was summer and i felt very cold to bath in that water. After five minutes, then a woman came. I saw and recognized as her the mother of the daughters i described. She came and asked "Taking a bath are you?"
"Yes", i told and added "come and join"
She began to undress and stood with a bra which covered her bulging breasts and a small underwear which showed her perfect round ass. I admired her body and though she was old she was perfect for a sex. She was only 37 years old
She came and then began to swim with me.
After some time i came out to the bank of the river and stood. She turned me on and i could'nt hide my large penis.
Ahe saw it and then came out and asked whether she could do a blow job. I said ok and she took my cock in her hand and inserted into her mouth and began sucking it while i began to rub her breasts and rubbed her her ass which was perfect round.
After about three minutes i cummed on her. she whiped it and began to walk. I wanted to insert my penis inside her pussy which was shaven which i could see from her semi transperant underwear. I grabbed her and pushed into the the grasss.
I undressed her fully while she half heartedely resisted.

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"Do not do that, i just wanted to have your cock in my mouth, not in pussy, hey"
She shouted while i inserted the penis inside her vagina. It was easy because she was old and i began to pump my cock inside.
And i grabbed her breasts and rubbed it.
She moaned and then she reached orgasm and cummed hich lubricated my penis and after about a minute i reached my orgasm.
"Do not cum inside me"she said.
But i wanted to doit then suddenly took out pumped inside her asshole which grippened my cock tightly and within a minute i cummed inside her asshole.
    I was glad i cummed inside the other hole which i wished.
    When i took out my semen began to run down her legs and she cleaned herself and said "Had fun, huh?"
    "Yes" i told and i and began to suck her large round breasts and within two minutes of sucking i again reached orgasm and cummed all on her breasts which she had to clean again. Then we began to walk towards the picnic spot.
    One of her daughters and her husband slept. The other daughter asked "why it was  late?"
    Her mother told that finding me was very 'hard'
    And i entered my camp bed and slept



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