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 Oral Sex, Bisexual, Whipping, Anal, Mf, MF, Mm Father Gerold, fat and ugly, in his sixties, a downright lecherous perverted old priest, fulfilled his profligate depravity in acts in his church or in his parish house. His acts were of the most perverse and wicked. Among them was his hearing the confession of seventeen-year-old Nicole Lewis. She was sandy-haired, green-eyed, pretty and shaped very comely. She sat in the confessional and told Father Gerold what she had done. "Father, I have sinned," she said. "What sins have you committed?" Father Gerold asked. "My uncle, Father, I sinned with him. " "Tell me, my child, what did you do with him?" "He was with me, Father, and he touched me. " "Where did he touch you?" "My breasts, Father. He touched my breasts. " "He touched your breasts. Like this?" He reached a hand over and ran it under her blouse and palmed a breast. "Yes, Father, like that. " "Yes, and did he stroke and rub it? Like this?" "Yes, Father, just like that. " "Umm, yes.

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   And then where did he touch you?" "He kept rubbing my breasts, Father, and then he…" "Go on, child, tell me. Tell me what he did. You must tell me what he did, you must show me. " "He kissed and licked my breasts, Father. " "Umm, like this, child?" He raked her blouse and bra up and went down on her tits, licking and sucking them. "Ooh, yes, Father, oh yes, he licked and sucked them just like that. " "Then where did he touch you, what else did he do?" "Oh, Father, he…" "You must tell me, child. Tell me where your uncle touched you next. " "He licked me, Father, licked me between my legs. " "Umm, yes. " He raked her panties off, spread her legs and drew them back, and went down on his knees before her. "Ah, yes," he grunted, and then he buried his face in her cunt, nd began licking and sucking it. "Oh, ah, ooh, Father, ah," the seventeen-year-old girl thrust her pussy up and grasped the priest’s bald head. The dirty old priest then slid up the girl’s body, pressing and rubbing his fat prick upon her pussy. "Then where did he touch you, my child?" "Oh, Father, he stuck it in me," the girl breathed out.

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   "Umm, you mean he stuffed his cock in your cunt?" the priest asked. "Yes, Father, he did. " "Umm, yes, like this, child?" He heaved forward and stuffed his fat prick in her pussy. "Ooh, ah, ooh yes, Father, like that," she cooed. "Ah, and did he stuff every inch of his cock in your cunt? Like this?" "Oh, ah, yes, Father, yes!" "Umm yes, he pumped his cock in your cunt, didn’t he? Like this. " "Oh ah, yes, like that, Father, just like that. " "Ah, what a sin," the dirty old priest groaned as he fucked the pretty seventeen-year-old girl. "Umm, my child, I am giving you the root of salvation. I’m giving you the root of life. Salvation through sin, my child. " "Oh, Father, ah unh—ooh ah. " "Fuck, my child, fuck!" the priest cried as he heaved his prick in her pussy and squirted cum deep in her cunt. "Now, you must come to me and confess your sins, my child," the dirty old priest told the seventeen-year-old girl after he had fucked her. "You must come here and confess to me. Only by confession of your sins can you hope to gain absolution, and be forgiven and gain salvation.

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  " "Yes, Father," the girl replied. Mrs. Wills, thirty years of age, married, with short black hair, blue eyes, full-bodied with a plump ass and full rounded breasts, was another of Father Gerold’s converts. She was on her knees, facing the confessional, her big rounded rump stuck up. Father Gerold had pulled her panties down and raked her dress up. He stood behind her with a riding crop in his hand. "Are you ready, Mrs. Wills, to receive?" the priest asked her. "Oh, yes, Father, I’m ready," she replied. The priest took the riding crop and whipped it through the air straight onto the pretty married woman’s ass. "Ooh ah, ooh, Father," she wiggled her ass and gasped. He studied the woman’s big rounded rump, and then he swept the crop down onto it again, smacking the plump butt. "Unh!" the woman groaned and twirled her ass around. Father Gerold’s prick stiffened and rose up at the sight of the woman’s big bare rump. He began whipping her ass good, switching the crop solidly on her buttocks.

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   The woman twirled her butt and hunched back. "Oh ah, umm, oh Father, ah," she moaned. "Whipping your ass for your own good, Mrs. Wills," the priest said. "Whipping that big soft smooth rounded rump for the good of your salvation. Your ass must be whipped in order for you to gain salvation. Ah, and such a pretty plump ass it is too. " He whacked it again, whipping the crop down on her buttocks. "Unh! Oh! Yes!" the woman cried out. "Oh Father, yes! Yes!" She hunched her ass back and forth and twirled it around. The priest’s prick was hard as a rock as he studied the pretty married woman’s big rounded rump twirling around. He got down on his knees behind the woman, took out his fat cock, and, grasping her around the waist, thrust his prick into her pussy from behind. "Ooh ah, ooh Father!" the woman gasped as he drove his dick up her cunt. He stuffed his fat cock deep in her pussy, and then began fucking her deeply and lustily. "Oh Father, oh yes!" the woman gasped.

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   "Ah yes, deep in your divine cunt, my dear," the priest panted. He fucked the pretty married woman good, pumping his meat in her cunt, fucking her pussy with deep full thrusts. He reached under her and grasped her plump breasts and squeezed them good and hard. "Umm, yes, fucking you, Mrs. Wills," the ugly fat priest huffed. "Fucking you for your own good, fucking you for the salvation of your soul. Fuck, Mrs. Wills, fuck!" "Oh, ah, yes, ooh, ah, fuck, Father, fuck!" she cried. "Ah, what a sin," the priest grunted. "Umm, yes. " He heaved up and dug his dick deep in her pussy and pissed a stream of cum in her cunt. "Yes," he chuffed out, "you must come to me, Mrs. Wills, and confess your sins. You must confess to me if you want to achieve salvation. " "Oh yes, Father, yes," the pretty married woman replied.

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   Another convert of Father Gerold’s was Mellie, the fifteen-year-old altar boy. He was pretty with Dutch boy blond hair, brown eyes, and an effeminate and shapely figure. Father Gerold approached the boy from behind, wrapped his arms around his waist, thrust his prick upon the boy’s ass, and rubbed his crotch. "Would the Father like to bugger me?" the boy asked. "Umm, yes," the priest replied. "I’m going to bugger you, my boy, but first, I want to do some sucking with you. " The dirty old priest unbuckled the boy’s pants, skimmed them down and laid him back on the altar. "Umm, you’ve got a nice cock," he said to the boy. "It’s just the right size to suck. " He opened his mouth and went down on the boy, sucking down on his prick. "Oh, ah, ooh Father, ah!" the fifteen-year-old boy panted and hunched as the fat ugly priest sucked his dick. "Now, it’s your turn to suck," the priest said. "Here you go, suck it good, my boy. " He clutched the pretty blond boy’s head and drove his dick into his mouth. "Ah yeah, suck it, honey," the priest huffed.

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   "Suck my dick, you young pretty boy. " He fucked the boy’s mouth, pumping his prick down to his throat. "Umm, yes, I think that will do for the sucking," Father Gerold said, pulling his cock out of the boy’s mouth. "Now it’s time for some fucking. I’m going to fuck you, you pretty blond boy. " He wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and pushed his crotch up against his rump. The boy wrapped his arms and legs around the priest and thrust his ass up. "Umm, yes, ah yeah," the priest groaned as he pushed his prick into the boy’s butt. "Ah, so deliciously tight," he panted. He stuffed his prick up the pretty boy’s ass, digging it in. "Ooh, ah, ooh Father - umm yes," the boy moaned as the priest dug his dick deep in his ass. Then the priest began to really fuck the boy. He fucked him with long deep thrusts of his cock. "Oh, Father, oh, ah, unh—ooh yes—fuck me! Fuck me, Father, fuck me!" the boy cried. "Ah, what a wicked sin," the priest huffed.

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   "What a young pretty blond boy you are, umm yes, ah, you sweet fucking boy - you’re so delicious. " "Oh, Father, I’m cuming!" the boy cried out, hunching his ass up and down. "Oh yes, me too, honey," the priest replied. "Here it comes, you sweet fucking blond boy, here it comes - hot fucking cum in your pussy-ass. Now!" He jammed his dick up the boy’s ass and spewed a stream of sperm. The boy hunched up and squirted cum, rubbing it on the priest’s belly. The dirty old priest pumped gob after gob of thick creamy cum deep in the pretty blond boy’s ass. Yes, Father Gerold, in his sixties, fat and ugly, was a lecherous perverted old priest. His acts were of the most perverse and depraved. He continued to fulfill his profligate perversity with the seventeen-year-old girl, with Mrs. Wills, and with the altar boy. He was indeed a dirty old priest.       .



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