Party Night


Anne had bought a new outfit a couple of weeks ago and this was the first time she had worn it out. It was a blue cat suit made of silk, very sheer and very low cut at the front so that she had to go bra less. We arrived at the party early carrying an esky full of drink and a plate of food as requested. We went over and introduced ourselves to the host and president of the club and their wives. Though not in outfits as deeply cut as Anne's they were also showing plenty of cleavage. The club we were hoping to join was for nudists and open minded people, from what w had heard they had some great parties.
The party started off fairly slowly people arriving in dribs and drabs over the next two hours, but as more people did arrive the party improved. The music was good the lights were low leaving areas of almost complete darkness. Anne was spending a lot of time on the dance floor seeming to be very popular. I spent quite a bit of time chatting to the president and host occasionaly dancing with their respective wives. It seemed to me as the evening went on the lights went dimmer and couples were more often than not in the darker corners. As I had a couple more drinks I became a little more relaxed I found myself dancing with a sexy girl called Trudy, not what you would call beautifull but she oozed sex. I saw Anne dancing with a youngish guy who appeared to have his hand inside the top of her cat suit, at least it looked that way from where I was. Trudy seemed to be guiding me into one of the darker corners, by this time the music being played was all the slow stuff. Trudy was dancing really close grinding her self into me, this of course was having the effect of giving me a hard on. Seeing as how we seemed to be getting on well I started smooching with Trudy my hand cupping her breast through her blouse.

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   I was really starting to have a good time after three more dances Trudy led me into one of the corners that seemed to be piled high with cushions and encouraged me to sit before almost leaping on top of me. I came up for air after about five minutes Trudy's tongue seemed to have been half way down my throat, not that I was complaining. I looked around for Anne and saw she was either still dancing with the young guy or back dancing with him. Either way he was getting very friendly her low cut outfit was now not covering her breasts and the young guy was spending a lot of attention on them.
Trudy grabbing my cock reminded me of where I was, I was surprised to find nobody was taking any notice of what we were doing even after my trousers were undone and Trudy took my cock in her mouth. Nobody else noticed but I certainley did, Trudy had a fantastic mouth and she knew how to use it. I wasn't going to leave her unsatisfied either I worked myself into a position where I could manage to relieve her of her panties only to find she wasn't wearing any. With a little more carefull manouvering I got myself into the sixty nine position my tongue finally coming in contact with her clitoris. Trudy was already damp her sweet juices coated my face as I worked my tongue on her clitoris then deep into her cunt. We were having a great time the more I worked on Trudy the more she worked on me, she was taking my cock up to the hilt for preference I prefer to slide my cock in to a nice wet cunt but a good mouth is a close runner up. I managed to give Trudy a couple of orgasms with my tongue if I thought she was wet prior to the orgasms she was in flood now, But all good things must come to an end I was unable to hold back and shot my own load of cum into Trudy's throat. We both fell back in a heap, I think we both looked like we had run a marathon. I tidied myself up and went to get a couple of drinks on returning however I found that my place had been taken and Trudy was being fucked by some guy.
I looked around for Anne on the dance floor, not seeing her anywhere I checked out the darker corners. It seemed that the corners were very popular I spotted at least four couples fucking and three others not far from starting.

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   I finally spotted Anne sitting on the young guys lap on the patio outside. The guy was sucking on her nipple while ehe was stroking his hard on, I wandered up and asked how things were going.
"Not as well as you've been going, I saw you in the corner"
I told her she could go into the corner as well, but she said she preffered it more private.
"Well we can always leave the party and go home" I suggested.
Anne spoke to the young guy who nodded agreement, okay but Mark will have to come in our car he caught the bus here. I didn't see that as a problem and five minutes later we were off, me driving and Anne and Mark in the back seat.
It's very hard to drive when your wife is getting fucked in the back seat. Two minutes after leaving the party they were kissing a minute later they were half undressed and by the second set of lights Mark's cock was buried to the hilt in my wife. Thankfully we weren't stopped by the police for the length of the ride I was serenaded by my wifes moans and groans of ecstacy. I think we arrived home at about the same time that Mark came, I put the car into the garage and the two of them got out naked as the day they were born.
We went inside and had a coffee while they recuperated before going into our bedroom. Mark certainley had a high sex drive because his cock was rigid again moments later he was taking Anne doggy style driving his cock into her hard. I got myself into position for Anne to suck on my cock bt she was too engrossed with the big cock driving into her cunt so it wasn't too successfull.
I finally gave up and just watched not that I have anything against watching. Mark could really keep going they fucked for about an hour Anne's juices were really lubricating his shaft it was glistening in the light from the bedside table.

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   When he finally came his cum flooded out of her cunt and dripped onto the sheets at least Mark had the courtesy to grab a couple of tissues to dry it up when they seperated. Anne lay there satisfied before dozing off, I offered Mark the choice of staying over or I would drive him home. He decided to stay and I found out why in the middle of the night when he disturbed me once again fucking Anne, having crept into the bedroom while we were asleep and woke up Anne by playing with her. At least this time it didn't take an hour but a queensize bed isn't really built for three to sleep in.
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