Paraguayan heat


Topic: ParaguayI thanked my host for his hospitality and got up unsteadily, holding onto the table as the room span around me.   I really shouldn't have had that last shot of cane alcohol. . . . .
I had arrived at the farm the day before, nervous and excited about my adventure.   I was in Paraguay, in the countryside a long, bone-jarring drive from the capital Asuncion along unpaved tracks, through huge fields of cotton and sugar cane.   The farm was very isolated and basic - there was no electricity, running water was limited but it was clean and reasonably comfortable and I had my own room with a bed and wardrobe.   I was still getting over the culture shock of not having a computer, mobile phone, TV, stereo etc. etc. at my disposal, but the copious amounts of drink were helping that. . . .
My host was senor Ortega, the landowner and local 'patron'.

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    As far as I could tell he was like a feudal landlord, all the workers looked up to him and he more or less did as he liked.   I was here on my year out from university, to work on the farm and study farming practice here.   Senor Ortega was glad of the company of someone he described as 'cultured and educated', and had welcomed me with a big party and lots and lots of booze.
Now I made my way along the corridor to my little room.   The guest room was near the servants' quarters, at the back of the house, next to the small shower and bathroom which was for my use.   There were three servants actually living in the house.   They were young girls from the 'campo', and spent their time cooking and cleaning and tending to their master's wishes.   As I reached my room I saw one of the servants, Paulina, making her way to her room.   She giggled and blushed when she saw me, hiding her face and scurrying off.   She was wearing a thin skirt and blouse against the heat and I admired the sway of her hips as she moved and her fresh, dark complexion with dark brown eyes and long lashes.   There was an innocent look  to her that was sexy.   I shook my self and reminded myself sternly that she was undoubtedly too young for that kind if thing and I'd probably get shot for even looking at her.
It was so hot and humid, and the mosquitos were so active that I had trouble sleeping, lying there in the darkness listening to the buzzing of the insects and the and sweating, my head still spinning with the drink.   I decided to get up and splash cold water on myself to cool myself down.   I staggered out to the bathroom, feeling my way along the wall to the door and opening it.

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    I went in and made my way to the sink, but then suddenly realised I wasn't alone.   There was a dark figure sitting on the toilet, and as I looked it got up and I could dimly make out that it was a girl, Paulina?  She flushed the toilet and I stuttered an apology, realising she probably didn't understand me as my Spanish was basic and most residents of these parts spoke Guarani, the native language.   She chattered something in a horrified tone and desperately tried to cover herself, and I realised she was naked, her hands trying to cover her breasts and crotch at the same time and only really serving to draw attention to them.   In the dim light she seemed even more beautiful, an exotic little nymph, a natural odor coming from her that turned him on totally.   I was still drunk, and the heat and scents of this strange land made me reckless in a way I would never be at home.   As she dashed for the door she had to squeeze past me, and I deliberately blocked her way, her body pressing against mine. I was only wearing briefs and my penis had sprang into life, and I pushed it against her belly as she tried to get past.   She gave a shocked gasp, and I could see her face closer now, her lips just inches from mine and I fiercely planted a kiss on them, forcing my tongue into her mouth.   She tried to fight me but I was head and shoulders abover her and much too strong. . .
 And then she stopped fighting and was kissing me back, urgently pressing herself against me.   For some reason this brought me to my senses and I pulled away, horrified by what I'd done. "Sorry, sorry, sorry. .

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  . . " I muttered, realising she wouldn't understand, and staggered off down the corridor, just wanting to get to bed and hope it was all just a nightmare.   My penis was stubbornly still erect, banging against the wall as I felt his way along back to my room.   I felt the door frame under my fingers and heaved a sigh of relief as I opened the door and slipped inside.   I groped along the wall to the bed and fell into it, ready to pass out, but there was a warm body already there. . . I leapt back up, and the awful realisation dawned on me that this wasn't my room!  I'd obviously lost my way in the dark and entered the room of the three maids, and now I'd climbed into bed with one of them, virtually naked, with an erection!!  I turned to run but the girl I'd kissed in the bathroom was behind me, blocking my escape.   There were sounds of furious conversation from the beds and the other two girls sat up, pulling the sheets up to their necks and then, amazingly they laughed.   There was some light coming through the window, and I could see the girl in front of me better, and I saw that it wasn't Paulina, it was a girl I'd never seen before.   She looked even younger, tiny, with small, firm breasts and a dark patch of hair below her belly.   She grabbed me around the waist and pulled me over to the bed, sitting me down.   I was transfixed by the sight of her naked body, and the feel of her skin against mine.   She pushed me back on the bed and bent her head over my chest, kissing me.

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    Another head came over mine from the back and kissed my lips, this time it was Paulina.   I could see her breasts hanging down above me, then she lowered one to my lips and I sucked hungrily.   I felt yet another pair of hands grip my cock, squeezing hard.   My head swam and I was lost in the heat, the dark, the sensations of these young girls licking and stroking my body.   A pair of lips closed around the head of my cock, sucking and licking.   I reached out and stroked flesh, hair, I didn't know who it was but there was a gasp as my fingers found a warm, wet slit and entered.   I started to frantically finger fuck whover it was as my other hand was taken and pushed against a hairy pussy on the other side.   Voices argued, and there was some pushing before finally Pauline climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my prick, her face contorting with ecstacy as she rode me.   I grabbed the young girl to my left and raised her up until I could put her ass on my face.   I spread her labia and began licking, she tasted sweet and her pussy was tiny, the pubic hair around it still sparse.
Paulina's movements became more urgent and I couldn't control it any more.   I exploded inside her, with a deep groan and my hips bucked.   She squealed with delight, and her own orgasm joined mine.   I found the clitoris above my face and sucked, even as my orgasm racked my body with pleasure, and the girl thrashed around in surprise and a pleasure too intense to bear.   I had four fingers inside the third girl by now, rubbing hard, and pressing her clit with my thumb.

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    Her voice joined the cacophony, and all four of us rolled off the small bed onto the floor, landing with a jarring crash in a welter of limbs. I lay there for a few seconds, trying to make sense of what had happened, then dragged myself up.   My cock was still dripping semen, now semi erect, and I helped the girls up.   They were also dazed, but luckily noone was hurt.   I quickly kissed them all and decided that now as a good time to make my exit. I collapsed on my bed and was asleep immediately, dreaming of dark skinned, small breasted girls with amazing pussies.
The next morning when I finally surfaced and made my way to the kitchen for breakfast, the three girls were there, cooking and serving the gathered men.   I was shocked to realise how young they were, the smallest couldn't have been more that 13, but there was no doubt that it was her I'd brought to a climax with my fingers last night as she shot me a knowing smile and wink.
When I came back from the fields that afternoon I was exhausted.   Exploring the farm in the hot Paraguayan sun had drained what little energy I had, so I gladly took to my bed for a siesta.   I was just drifting off when there was a knock at the door.   It opened and the young girl, I had learned that her name was Marta, was there, smiling shyly and rubbing one foot against the back of the other leg, looking like any other little teenager.   She came in and, unbidden, sat on the bed near me.   I stopped her hands as she reached for me and tried to expalin why I couldn't possibly do anything with such a young girl.   She listened and nodded, then stood up and lifted her skirts up.

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    She was naked underneath, and her pussy was clearly visible, framed by it's halo of black hair, pouting lips already open and moist.   The sight was too much for me, I grabbed her and threw her across the bed, roughly ripping her clothes aside and plunging my cock inside her.   She moaned with pleasure and her nails dug into my back as I pumped furiously, until finally I came, filling her tight little cunt with my seed.   I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily and feeling terrible.  
I expected tears or recriminations, but she smiled up and just took the rest of her clothes off.   She sat up and took my penis in my hand, playing with it like a toy and laughing when it jerked at her soft touch.   She bent and took it in her mouth, sucking gently and despite the tight pain in my balls I felt it harden again.   She laughed at this, and turned around on all fours on the bed, presenting her ass to me.   Her buttocks were small and round, firm and unmarked, her sopping wet pussy clearly visible between, still leaking my semen.   But it was clear what she wanted, her brown hole was also visible, inviting me to penetrate her further.   I got up on my knees behind her, pushing my cock gently inside.   It was incredibly tight, but her cries of delight urged me on until I was fully inside her and could start to move in and out.   Despite all the fucking I had done I came quickly, the sight of her slim, pubescent body and the feel of her ass gripping my organ were so erotic that I I couldn't contain myself for long, and she was left with yet another orifice dripping with cum. From that day on my time in Paraguay passed in a blur, working in the fields during the day and nights spent in the arms of dark-skinned, smiling sexpots.   I was getting so little sleep I sometimes felt near collapse, but somehow I couldn't say no when the slim little bodies slipped into my bed in the dark and heat of the night.

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