Outside Activities


Outside Activities
It is a Saturday after noon and Mary and I are sitting in the living room lounging lazily.   There is not much going on. Mary is a pretty brunette about 5 feet 7 inches tall, Hazel eyes and a beautiful body.   Her Tits are full and firm and her ass is beautiful to the eyes.   She is wearing a button down shirt with short sleeves and a denim skirt that zips up the back.   I am getting anxious and don’t really want to sit around the house all day so I suggest to Mary that we take a ride.
We go outside and Mary gets in the passenger side.   I lock up the house.   I have my little bag of goodies with me.   Mary does not know what’s on my mind.   I come to the passenger side of the truck and open the door and kiss Mary hard.   I tell her to trust me.   She looks at me quizzically.   I ask her to place her hand behind the seat she is sitting in.   I handcuff her there and she can not leave the seat.   I lay the seat all the way back so she is laying down.

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    She looks beautiful.   I unbutton her blouse completely leaving her tits covered.   I start the truck and leave for our afternoon of driving.
After a few moments the vibration of the truck and road cause you blouse to fall away from your body leaving your tits exposed for my viewing pleasure.   They are beautiful.   We are headed toward the countryside.   I am searching for a secluded place where I can play with your body.   After driving for a while I find a woods patch that looks like it will provide us a place to play. I pull over and park the truck out of the way.   I reach down and massage her tits and pinch her nipples until they are standing at attention.   I stroke her pussy and she is very hot.
I get out of the truck and go to the passenger side and sit her up in the seat and release her handcuffs.   I kiss her hard.   You button your blouse as we go into the woods.   When we are a little ways into the woods I turn around and stop.

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    I unbutton her blouse and remove it.   I then unzip her denim skirt and remove that also leaving you naked except for your sneakers.   We continue into the woods until I find a proper area for me to secure her so she will be accessible to me for all my desires.
Once there, there is a good size tree.   I ask her to place her hands above her head and on the tree with her legs spread wide.   She does so without hesitation.   She is breathing heavy with anticipation.   I give her ass a couple of hard spanks to get her attention.   She asks for more.   I tie her hands to the tree so she can not move.   I give a couple more spanks on the ass because I like to and it makes her ass look even better.   I pull a large vibrator from my little bag and place it in your pussy pushing it all the way in.   It is vibrating hard and you are squirming from the pleasure.   I spank her ass a few more times and it is becoming pink in color, so beautiful.   I turn you around and push her up against the tree and tie her to the tree at the waist.

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    She feels the rough bark against her skin.   I press myself against her and kiss her on the mouth.   I work my way down to her tits and nibble on her nipples.   I slowly slide the vibrator in and out of her pussy.   Her pussy is wet.   I remove the vibrator and begin to lick your pussy.   She loves this and is about to cum when I stop and untie her waist and turn her around so I can see her beautiful ass.   I have my dick ready to go and I insert it into her pussy.   I reach around and grab her clit between my figures and gently rub and squeeze while I slowly pump my dick in her pussy.   She loves it when I do that to her.   She cums.   Then I cum.   I release her hands and we stand there together for a few moments to calm down.   I hand her her blouse and skirt and she dresses.   We walk back to the truck and drive home.

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    We are happy.   The End. .



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