Our first time together.... continued


Our bodies are curled together as we lay on the bed, we didn't even make it under the sheets.   We are still trying to get our heart rates down from that last round.   I lay looking out the window, completely happy.   Your arm is draped over my body, holding onto my breast.   I love the closeness.   After dozing off for a few minutes I open my eyes and roll over to face you. Your eyes are closed and I watch you sleep for just a second.    "Psst. . . wake up.   Time for a shower""Hhmm.   What"  You open your eyes, have to look around for a second to remember where you are.   "Oh right, shower" I can feel your cock by my thigh slowly start to come to life.   Your hands rub up and down across my body.   The palm of your hand is so warm, my body is a little bit chilly and it gives me goosebumps.

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     I roll off the side of the bed and walk into the washroom.   You roll over and watch me walk away.   I turn the shower on and let it warm up.   I come back to the door and ask you if you are going to join.   By the look on your face and the size of your erection my best guess is yes ;) I jump in the shower, lean my head back and let the water cascade across my head and down my face.   The water feels so good.   I stand there for a bit with my eyes closed, relaxing in the heat of the water.   When I open my eyes your in the shower with me.   I didn't even hear the shower door.   Your just standing with your back against the wall watching me.   Mmm I like that.   I hand you the soap and ask you to help me wash my body.   As your hands lather up with soap I take the bar back and put it on the side.   I want you to wash my chest please.   My necks, my shoulders and my breasts as I stand facing you.

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  . . and while I do that I want you to watch me play with myself.    I trade places with you so you are under the spray of the shower and I am leaning against the back wall.   Your hands are moving from my shoulders down to my breasts and back up.   Taking time to massage deep into my muscles.   My legs are parted just slightly and I reach down with one hand to play with my pussy.   Two fingers just on my clit, rubbing it up and down.   I stand there with my eyes closed, enjoying your hands all over me.   I open my eyes and see that your watching my hand.   You so badly want that to be your hand.   This is my way of teasing you.   I start to rub it a little faster.   Your hands become a little more agressive massaging me.   They start to move down my sides to my hips and back up.

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    My fingers move a little faster.   Your cock is so hard right now, I almost feel bad making you wait.   I let out a little moan as my fingers bring my close to orgasm.   You lean forward and lick up the side of my neck to my mouth.   You lick right up the side of my face to my ear and whisper in my ear. . . . .  "When your done down there, let me know. . . I have some unfinished business".   Your voice is husky and deep. It drives me crazy.

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    I take my fingers away and wrap them around your cock.   Emphasizing each finger wrapping around you.   I squeeze just a little and push you back so the water falls on my chest and rinses the soap off of me.   We both start to go down.   I laugh.   Here is the problem, we both love giving oral sex so much its hard for the other person to just sit back and enjoy it.   You stand back up and grab the back of my neck, bring me in close to you and say "Just enjoy".  You turn me around so I am facing the wall.   Your turn the water down so its not too hot and point it against the wall.   You part my legs so they are spread and go down on your knees.  You grab the towel hanging over the side of the shower and fold it so it cushions your knees.   Once you are kneeling you grab my right foot and put it on your right knee. This opens my my legs even more, giving you a better look at my pussy.   Your hands grab my pussy and spread my lips so you can see right inside of me.   Your head moves in and you lick from the front of my pussy to my ass.

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    Your hands stay where they are, parting my lips as your tongue darts back and forth.   My hands are infront of me, holding onto the wall for support.   My cheek is pressed against the cold wall of the shower.   What an amazing feeling.    Your hands move.   One reaches forward to rub me just a little.   The thumb of your other hand rests on my ass.   It slowly circles around my hole, just a little bit of pressure.   Your head moves back down and your tongue adds a little wetness.   Your thumb is back, pressing on my ass, your saliva making it wet and slippery.   Two fingers slide inside of me.   I"ve lost track which hand is where.   My body is in complete ecstacy.   I'm loving this.   My nipples are so hard, they are pressed against the cold wall of the shower.

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    You take your fingers out from inside of me, they are covered in my juices, and stick them in your mouth.   They slide back inside of me, moving faster.   I love the feeling of your fingers inside of me.  I start to move my hips in rythm with your fingers.   I reach down to rub myself.   Your fingers slide out. . . . what. . . no.   Don't stop.    Its right then that I feel your finger gently pressing on my ass.

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    Mmmmm thats where your going.   It slides in.   Ohhhhh yesssssss Slowly at first, to let me get used it it. Just one finger.   Your index finger.   Its wet from my juices and slides in easily.   Your other hand slides back between my legs, cupping my pussy as your finger slides in and out of my ass.   Ohhh I want more, I want more.   Why are you teasing me like this.   Your finger is pushing in and out of my ass, twisting and turning as you pull it out.   When you slide it out the next time, you hold onto my hips and get up off your knees. Keeping me pressed up against the wall you push your chest against my back, a little rough.   You grab my hair and hold it in a ponytail in your hand.    'Is this how you want it""mmm yes, yes.
    please""Please what.

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      . . " you say. "Please fuck me in the ass. . . I want you to cum in my ass" One hand still holding my hair, your other hand grabs your cock and glides it into my pussy.   I"m so close to coming.   The thought of you fucking me in the ass has me so excited.   I reach down to rub myself.   You pump in and out of me a few times, soaking your cock in my juices.   You let of my hair.   Grab your cock and take it out of my pussy. One hand spreading my cheeks, the other guiding your cock to my hole.    "You want it".

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        Your voice is so sexy, it drives me crazy"Yes like that, stick it in me" I'm practically begging you.  You spread my cheeks a little further and rest the head of your cock at my hole.   Just a little pressure and the head slides in.   You let a little saliva drip from your mouth.   It lands on your cock to help act as lube. You grab onto either side of my hips and push in a bit futher.   I let out a little moan.   oohhh myyyy goooood.   That feels soo good.   I push my hips back onto you.   I want it all inside of me.   You can feel that is what I want and let me have it.   One last push and your entire cock is in my ass.   You leave it there for just a second.   Letting me get used to it and enjoy the feeling.

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        As you pull back and slide out you grab the baby oil on the edge of the shower and squirt a little bit on top of my ass.   Watching the liquid run down my crack and into my hole it makes everything a lot smoother.   Your movements get a bit faster.   Your gliding in and out of me with ease now.   I  push my hips back against you so you have to take a step back.   It will be easier if I'm bent over.   I want to watch.   I bend over so my head is looking between my legs.   I can see your balls slapping against me as you push into me.   I reach up and try to rub my clit.   What a sight.   I wish the was a mirror on your shower floor.   I'm rubbing my pussy, my clit is dripping with juices mixed with a little baby oil.   My fingers are slipping all over.   I want to rub it harder and have to use my whole hand.


         Your gripping onto my hips, now pushing in and out of me faster and faster.   We are both close to cumming.   I can feel it.   I stand back up with my hands against the wall for support.    "Come on baby, I want to feel your cum shooting into my ass.   When you pull out I want you to keep cumming on my ass.   I want to feel it dripping out of me" Hearing me say that drives you over the edge.   A few last pumps and you let out a deep long moan as your hold your cock deep in my ass.   I can feel you cumming.   Oh my god that feels so good.   I can feel the trobbing of your cock inside of me.   Oh my god that is so hot.   Fuck me that is so fucking hot.   Keep cumming, don't stop.    Oh god I am going to cum.

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        Oh my godddddddddddddddddd.  You pull out and grab it with your hand, pulling on it a little bit, making sure every last drop of you is out.   I can feel a few last splashes on my ass.    WOW, that is so hot.   I want to turn around and see the look on your face.    I turn around.   You have the biggest grin on your face.  .