Our first day together...


Topic: Our First Day Together     He unlocks the motel door, pulling me into the room as his friends drag my suitcases in behind us. My exhausted mind barely recognizes that there is anything other than a large bed in the room after my 3 day long journey with no sleep. His gentle arms wrap around me, pulling me to his chest, my cheek against his heart, the musky scent of him filling my nostrils and flooding my already overloaded senses and making me instantly wet. His friends leave, bidding me welcome as they softly close the door behind them, leaving us standing in the darkened room. He takes my hands in his, pulling away and drawing me ever so gently to the bed to stand before him as he sits on the edge. He slides his arms around my hips and presses his face into my breasts, inhaling deeply. He looks up into my eyes and slides his hands under the hem of my tank top and raises it over my head. Letting it fall to the floor, he kisses my soft belly and eases my bra from my body, taking one suddenly erect nipple into his warm mouth, the blushing bud sensitive. He bites it gently, drawing a gasp from my lips as I throw my head back in pleasure. One hand presses me to him as his other reaches for my other tit, kneading and pinching the tender flesh and making me shiver from head to toe.

He releases my quivering flesh and stands, moving to trade places with me. He kisses me firmly, forcing me back onto the bed, his hand cradling my head softly. His lips leave mine an travel over my neck, breasts and belly as he tugs open my jeans and pulls them from my hips along with my wet black panties. He stands over me, his gaze devouring me from head to toe.
     "Do you remember what I told you I was going to do to you once you were here?" he asks huskily.  
     I nod.

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   "Brand me as yours," I whisper, trembling in anticipation.
     A smile lights his face as he once again reaches for me. He presses his palm over my hips, holing me down as the fingers of his other hand spread between my thighs. One finger pressing into me, his thumb stroking my clit. After a few moments, he inserts a second finger deeply inside, thrusting harder and harder, pushing me open further and further, the stretching becoming intense as he spreads his fingers apart. My first orgasm rips through me, arching me off the bed. He presses me back down and slows the thrusting of his fingers to a more sensuous pace, allowing me to drift back to earth. Then, he inserts a third finger and slowly rebuilds speed and depth until I am rocking back onto my shoulders. This thumb is replaced by his warm, wet mouth and tongue. A second, longer orgasm tears me apart, blackening my vision. He waits for the shuddering to stop, still sliding his tongue over my leaping clit and twitching his strong fingers against my cervix and then sliding them out and licking them clean
     He shifts my limp body on the bed and rolls me over onto my belly, straddling my thighs. He bends over me, nibbling his way down my spine. He slides off me and I relax, thinking it's over. My eyes drift closed, my breathing slows, my throbbing pussy softly drips on the soft coverlet.
     He then re-mounts my thighs and I realize he had just left to remove his clothing.

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   I feel his silky penis resting along the crack of my ass. His full 8 inches feels wide and heavy, the enormous head pressing thickly against my back, forcing me to shiver in anticipation again. He strokes his nails down my back, using his fingers to push his cock between my thighs and into my pulsing pussy. The silky head parts my lips, easing gently inside, filling and stretching my wet snatch to its limit and beyond. A soft burning sensation starts as he slides in and bottoms out, his full length buried inside, balls pressed to my clit. He pumps gently and slowly in and out, the head of his codk bumping my g-spot and cervic with every stroke. A gentle warmth begins to spread through my body. A wonderful, perfect orgasm pulls its way through my body and he grunts softly, slipping his mouth over mine in an intense kiss as he cums with me.
     I lost count of the orgasms that first, amazing day in bed with James. All I know is that I loved him them and was able to fall asleep in his arms, something I have never done before with anyone. He wakes me with kisses, stroking my body softly and drawing soft moans from my lips. I could spend my whole life like that. If only. . .

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