One Night in Heaven


I told her that I was about to finish, suddenly eager to leave my stand. Iona however persisted to suck me off, she started to run her tongue over my 7inch penis flicking the head as she reached the top and then taking the whole length into her mouth; repeating the action. It drove me wild, I tried to steady myself as I felt my legs give way but ended up knocking the needle on the record suddenly stopping the music, my heart dropped I thought everyone would notice so I quickly stuck the other deck on and apologised. By this time Iona was in full swing she was pumping furiously on my dick, applying pressure on the head drawing out my seed. Just as I was about to cum my mate Dan came over to take over the Djing and I motioned Iona to stop, she left it until the very last minute instantly turning around to look at my record collection. I told Kate and Iona to go upstairs and that I would be up any second, my cock eager to blow its load. I let Dan take the reigns and I head across the room to greet any of my friends that had just arrived. Sarah came over, she was half Phillipino and I had always found Hispanic-Looking girls attractive. She had a rhinestone halter-top on, with its “neck-line” coming to her belly button. I motioned to hug her, but she moved straight in kissing me full on the lips and cupped my groin massaging my balls. She pulled away and said: Happy Birthday Joel, can I give you your present yet. [DAMN] what was I to do I had a menage tois upstairs or this gorgeous nympho in front of me. I told her that it was too early in the night but promised to hold out for me. I kissed her again cupping her breasts and gave them a cheeky squeeze. I ran upstairs excusing myself from anybody I met saying in needed the loo and burst into my room. (Heaven) as I walked in Iona and Kate were stripping each other off, kissing passionately, they hadn’t noticed me come in so I took this as a perfect opportunity to remember this for ever.

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   I grabbed my camera and started to snap them in every different angle possible, when I started to get in close, they didn’t stop but turned up the action. Kate moved down taking Iona’s large, firm breasts into her hands and started to flick her tongue over her nipple, Iona lifted her head back and moaned loudly, I didn’t want anyone interrupting so I shot the door and moved over to them. I moved up to Iona and as Kate took the over Nipple into her mouth, slowly dragging and flicking her tongue over the erect nipple I cupped her breast with my hand and started to grope and massage her breasts. I took the nipple between my fingers and tweaked and pulled on it making Iona moan louder and louder. Kate ran her tongue down Iona’s body running it between her thighs and teased her pussy with casual flicks over the clit. I moved over Iona and kissed her passionately running my hands over her breasts and down to her pussy. Kate took my finger into her mouth and pushed it into Iona’s pussy. To my amazement she was very tight even though she was soaking wet, I pushed my finger deep into her cunt, rolling it back on itself as I drew out and then pushed it back in, getting a moan of pleasure from Iona. Kate reached back, her toned body accentuating her voluptuous features and she pulled out a double-ended dildo and a tube of KY Jelly, she lubed up the dildo and pushed and pulled one end into her pussy, when she got herself wet and hot enough she moved over to Iona. I pulled out my finger and Iona took it into her mouth and sucked it clean. She then shifted up as Kate pushed the dildo into her pussy and then her ass. I turned Iona over so that she was on her hands and knees and Kate followed suit. Iona took time unzipping my trousers and dropped them and my boxers to the floor at the same time. I pulled my top off and when I had full view of them Kate and Iona were bucking backwards and forwards, the dildo slipping and sliding between them. I moved over to Iona, fully erect and I swear larger than I had been for a while, and she coyly smiled and mouthed: “want me to finish you off?” I didn’t need to answer as she sucked the head, like a child does on a lollipop, she pulled me closer and deep throated my cock, taking it right down to the hilt.

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   She tried to cup my balls but lost momentum with Kate. By now Kate was moaning very loudly her climax building up very quickly indeed, she looked over her shoulder and motioned for me to come to her. I pulled out of Iona and walked over to Kate. She then took me into her mouth, flicking her tongue over my head and running it down the shaft, not neglecting any part and as I felt my climax build she pushed me out to release in unison with Iona a loud moan of satisfaction as their climax exploded. Their cum run down the dildo as they pulled away from each other, their asses glistening with cum and lube. Kate pulled the dildo out and moved back to me, Iona not wanting to be left out and a bit miffed that I left her cupped my balls in her mouth. They worked well together as one slowed the other picked up the pace. I could feel the pressure building up inside the shaft of my penis, I thought I was going to explode and as Kate ran her mouth down my shaft that’s exactly what I did. My cum hit the back of her throat, making her gag, as she pulled away Iona was quick to finish me off and pumped out the last of my seed, guzzling down what was left. As she finished off I took my place next to Iona and Kate on the bed embracing them in my arms slowly caressing them, and then it hit me what was I to do now I still had Sarah’s promised birthday present… If you want to hear what happens with myself and Sarah after I had recovered then let me know.