OH Stewardess!


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There she was. She was walking out of a restaurant a few blocks away from the air port. She was wearing her blue uniform.
Tom had been waiting so long that everyone was starting to look the same. He was only able to recognize her because of her stewardess’ hat. Elana looked a little tired, but she seemed to get a little bounce in her step as she got closer to him.
“Hey, baby. How are you doing?” he asked.
“Fine,” she replied. She held her arms in the air and started turning as if she was modeling. “I got my uniform. ”
This was Tom’s first time seeing her in it. She looked nice, but Elana looked a lot better in street clothes. He complimented her anyway, gave her a kiss, and held the car door open for her.

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   She got in and they went home.
It was hot in the house. They didn’t want to turn the air conditioner on because it was too expensive. They were having money trouble and the only way to make ends meet was for Elana to go back to her old job as a stewardess. It had been six years since she’d worked on a plane, but after Tom was laid off, she had no choice but to do it.
They walked hand-in-hand onto the balcony outside of their bedroom. As soon as they were outside, Tom said, “I’m not sure I like it, ya know? You going away to be a stewardess. ”
“Why not?”
“Because you’ll be gone all the time. ”
“Well, I’ll make more money and I’ll get to travel—”
Tom opened her shirt and said, “But these will be gone. ”
Her bare chest was exposed. Elana never wore a bra because her tits were small and firm. There was no need to.
She said, “You’ll get to see them. They’re not going to be gone all the time. ”
“They’re so tiny.

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“You like ‘em tiny?”
“Yeah, I do,” said Tom. He unfastened the bottom buttons of her blouse so he could open it all the way.
There was something about a woman with small breasts that Tom found irresistible. He didn’t care too much for women with large breasts. Over time, their breasts would start to sag more and they tended to sweat more in that area during sex. Just big enough to fill his mouth was the perfect size for Tom.
He cupped Elana’s tits and started squeezing them. They were soft, and because of the slight wind blowing on the balcony, her nipples were hard.
Tom’s hands felt good sliding over them. When he lowered his head and started kissing and sucking them, Elana started feeling tingly in her crotch.
Again, because of the wind, Tom could smell her pussy juices in the air. Now he was feeling tingles in his loins. His cock was getting hard. He wanted to nail her right there on the balcony.
He started sucking her nipples harder, said, “These are my favorites.

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“I’ll make sure they come back to see you. ”
Jokingly, Tom said, “When you start traveling, they’re gonna grow from all the altitude. ” They chuckled.
Tom latched his lips around her nipples and continued sucking them hard, sometimes biting around the nipples, which was something that drove Elana crazy with lust.
Tom was right. Who knew when they’d see each other again? They’d both have to go long periods without sex. Elana normally wouldn’t have sex on the balcony, but this time was different. She wanted it to be something they’d both remember.
A low moan came from her mouth. Her head fell back and started rolling around as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of warm breath, soft lips, and a gentle breeze on her sensitive nipples.
He was rubbing the side of her belly and flirting with her. She was moaning and slowly wiggling out of her blouse so not to disturb him. He made her feel so good, so horny.
When she was topless, Tom stood and pulled out his cock. It was already hard and throbbing.

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   He started rubbing it on her tits. Up, down, and around, it went. It especially felt good when it made contact with her nipples. There was a lot of heat coming off that beefy cock.
She watched him sliding it all over her chest. The head seemed to grow every time it neared her face. She wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination or because she wanted it so bad.
Either way, she lost the will to resist when she saw pre-cum seeping from the tip. She needed dick in her mouth.
She leaned forward with her mouth wide open. It slid inside. She locked her lips around the fat shaft and pulled back with suction so hard that it made a loud smacking sound when her lips separated.
She took him between her lips again. She stayed down for a few minutes longer until she stopped to take her blouse off. Likewise, Tom removed his shirt and lowered his jeans a little.

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Elana loved sucking cock. Aside from getting her tits sucked, it was her favorite form of foreplay. Tom considered himself a lucky man. Most men had to go through hell to turn a woman on. All he had to do was stick his dick in her mouth. Elana was seriously riled up by the time she finished.
Tom helped her to her feet, then helped her out of her skirt and laced panties, and then took the rest of his clothes off. They were totally naked now. Elana lie down on the cot and spread her legs eagerly anticipating what he was about to do next.
“Oh, god!” she screamed when she felt his tongue sliding up her wet cunt. “Oh, it feels so good. Yeah! Fuck me with your tongue. Oh, yeah. Oh, god, yeah, fuck me with your tongue. ”
Tom was licking, slurping, and jabbing his tongue in her pussy like it was a cock.

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   As he pulled it out, he would curve it upward enough to hit her clit. Then he started spitting in it and sucking the saliva out.
Elana was going nuts. She was pulling her own hair and clawing at her tits.
He spread her pussy and gazed deep inside, drawing lust from its pink folds and ridges. There was just a small patch of hair above the clit. Her pussy was meaty and soaked.
He slid the first two fingers on both hands in her cunt, spread it open and spit in it. He started working his fingers inside her, massaging the inner walls.
“Oh, god! Oh, god!” she kept repeating as fire ripped through her sweet hole. She was getting close to climaxing.
He buried his face back in her pussy and started sucking the clit with his tongue flickering in every direction.
“That’s it! That’s it! Oh, god that’s it!” she screamed. “That feels so good! Yeah, fuck me with your tongue!”
Her legs were trembling. She’d lost all control of herself.

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   She was screaming at the top of her lungs as a wave of intense orgasms ripped through her one after the other and left her lying there speechless for the first time since they’d been together.
He stood, tossed one of her curvy legs to the side, and slid his cock in her. Her pussy was so saturated from pussy juice and saliva that it fell right in without much friction.
“Oh, yes!” screamed Elana. “That’s it; just like that!”
There was no love-making this time. Tom was beating her pussy to a pulp. The cot was shaking like mad. Every part of Elana’s body was jiggling as he pounded her and she couldn’t stop screaming to save her life. This was the best fucking she’d had in a long time.
Tom grabbed her upper body and fell backward as he pulled her up. It left him lying on his back with her on top, just where he wanted her.
The only thing he didn’t like was that she was facing him. He wanted to see ass, so after a few minutes of her bouncing and grinding her juice box on his shaft, he motioned for her to turn around and ride him reverse cowgirl style.
At this point, Elana wasn’t the only person moaning. The tingles in Tom’s body had grown ten fold.

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   He’d been on the brink of an orgasm the whole time, but now it was getting to the point that he couldn’t hold out much longer.
He had an ass cheek in each hand. He was guiding her body. She’d leaned forward, which gave him a much better view.
“Ohhh, my god! Oh my god! Are you gonna cum in my mouth? Cum in my fucking mouth,” screamed Elana.
That was all he needed to hear to take him over the edge. “Oh, yeah, here it comes right now,” Tom grunted.
Elana sprang to her feet and spun around. The first thing she saw was her husband stroking his cock with his face twisted in passion.
He stood and she was dropping to her knees. Her mouth was wide and ready.
“OOHHH, FUCK!” Tom yelled. Sticky spoo burst out and landed directly in her mouth. More came out and landed on her lips and dripped to her chest.
Tom kept stroking and moaning with every cum shot until he was stroking an empty dick.

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   Elana’s mouth was full of cum so she let a little spill onto his cock head and then sucked him gently.
“Oh, fuck,” he moaned.
As she was licking the last few drops of cum off his cock and her hands, they heard a loud sound coming from the sky. They didn’t need to look up to know what it was.
They were having sex outdoors because she was going to leave for days at a time on an airplane. How fitting that their adventurous romp would end just as one flew over head.
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