Office Secretary


Saturday Punishment  (role-play for the hotel) you learned that I rather enjoy being punished. You informed me that since I still had some mistakes that I was to work this Saturday and I knew what was expected of me. I instructed me that when I arrived tomorrow to be wearing a short black skirt, white see-though blouse, and 4-inch high heels white bra and white cotton panties.
Story Continues….
Jennifer arrived at her intended time of 18 a. m. Mike was already in his office with the door closed. You knew that my punishment would be intense but knowing that the reward will be cum from your cock fuelled her desire. What I did not know was what was in store for me behind your door. I settled down at my desk and I could feel the wetness oozing from the folds of my cunt making me shiver with delight.   The intercom buzzed,” Jennifer come into my office, and be quick about it. " I opened the door, the shades were drawn the only light illuminating the room came from the lamp on the desk.  "Shut and lock the door.   Come here and lift your skirt. "  I did as I was told, lifting it, exposing my pussy to show you that I was wearing white cotton panties.      "Very good, I like a woman that does as she is told.

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  " Walking around behind me, you placed my hand on my ass and begin to caress it. You could feel me shaking inside.  "Now keep your skirt up and bend over my desk on your elbows and be quiet. "You placed the letter with the mistakes circled in red in front of me.  "What do you see Jennifer?""Mistakes Sir. " "How Many?" "10 mistakes Sir. ""Don't you have spell check on your computer?""Yes Sir. " "Jennifer this is a Law office, we can't afford mistakes like this can we?""No Sir. " "You're a Bad girl Jennifer. Now what happens to bad girls?""They get punished Sir. ""That’s right punished. Now start with the first mistake, you misspelled Client didn't you?""Yes Sir. "You bring your hand down across my ass making a loud cracking sound; I winched but do not say a word.   Each mistake I pointed out you reddened my ass turning it a bright crimson.  "Now you have to get better if you plan on staying my secretary.

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   Is that clear?""Yes Sir. ""Now keep your skirt up and spread your legs for me.  Pull them apart a little wider, my sweet little English bitch. Keep spreading them till you can't spread them any farther. " Mike stood there and admired how sexy Jennifer’s ass looks and how swelled her pussy is from it being aroused.
Mike walked up behind her, putting his legs between hers to keep them apart.  
You placed your fingers between my legs and toyed with my swelled pussy, running your finger between the folds from the front of my slit to my steamy opening.  You could feel my wetness in anticipation of your fingers going inside. You took one finger and slipped it inside, making me moan, then another until I had all four inside me. You began to move them in and out faster and faster then slowing down and then speeding up repeating till I started pushing back, trying to get your fingers even deeper. You kept finger fucking me harder.  My cunt was coating your fingers with every thrust. With your fingers wet you pulled them out and licked the tips, my pussy tasted sweet.  "I'm going to fuck you for a while with my cock and then you will lick me clean. "  I dropped your trousers, releasing your cock.

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   You began rubbing it through my slit making it slick with juices. Your cock found my hot little box and slowly slipped inside, feeling every inch of my very wet and hot cunt. You grabbed my hair and forced my head up and back while at the same time burying your cock all the way, making me moan while pulling my ass back up against you.

    You held it there letting me feel you filling me up as I kept pushing back on it, trying to get every last inch inside.  Thrusting your cock in and out I became so turned on that with each stroke I wee’d it trickled down my thighs. "Are you enjoying this my little cunt?""Yes sir! . . . Fuck me more and harder please. I have been such a little cunt all week and need to be punished with your cock. " you began to pump harder and harder and you felt your balls slapping against my pussy. That excited me. As you got closer to Cumming, still hanging on to my hair with one hand, you lifted your free hand and brought it down over the bare flesh of my ass making me flinch.  "I told you to hold still, my little bitch. If you flinch again you will pay for it.

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      " you raised your hand and smacked my again; this time I stayed still. The spankings continued until I flinched again.  "I told you that you would pay for you disobedience. " you pulled out of my soaked slit, and with your cock coated with my juices you walked around and sat at your desk.  "Now my sweet little cunt come here and clean off my cock. " Still feeling the effects of the spanking I got up, rubbing my ass and walked around the desk. "Now get down on your knees and lick your juices off my cock. " I got down and like the little cocksucker I was licked you clean then took you deep. You watched as I masterfully sucked your cock and by the feel of it I was enjoying myself.
    You took all you could, grabbed my hair once again and pulled me off your cock. Startled and with juices dripping from my lips I pleaded with you to let me suck it more. You leaned forward and kissed me, tasting what I had been tasting. It was sweet from my juices and a little salty from yours.