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I was determined to see what I could do to help her with the obvious distress that she was in, and invited her into my office to see if the obviously present problem could be resolved. My original intention was to make sure that she was not about to leave our employ, and I was eager to keep not only a valued member of staff, but also a very attractive one at thatAs she entered my office almost in tears she dropped a pen that she had been carrying. The sight down her cleavage and up the front of her skirt as she crouched to retrieve her pen, had my cock instantly hard. She was wearing stockings that showed the gap of flesh between the lace tops and the vee of her white panties. The view down her cleavage had me thinking that I could almost see her nipples, though that was more than likely a product of my over enthusiastic imagination. I asked her what was troubling her, and her first reaction was to say that she had not slept at all the previous night, and to apologise for her appearance. I told her that she had nothing to apologise for, and that if there was anything that I could do to help, she had only to ask. Victoria was obviously grateful for the concern being shown, but assured me that she could work her problems out for herself. She thanked me and stood up to return to her desk. From her standing position she could see over my desk and was quick to notice my obvious arousal showing by the bulge in my trousers. As she turned to leave I notices a quick smile appear on her face, brought about by my erection tenting the front of my trousers. What I didn’t know was that had given her the germ of an idea of how to solve her problem. As she reached the door to my office, she stopped and turned. Then asked me if we could discuss her problem over a drink after work. My instant reaction was to stand up and agree, then make arrangements regarding time and place, but I remained seated to cover my still aroused state, and simply said, in my managerial tone “I am sure something can be arranged. I will check my diary, then talk to you later.

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  ” She simply nodded at what seemed like a brush off, and left my office to return to her desk. I could have kicked myself for being so stupid in losing such a heaven-sent opportunity to go out with such a beautiful woman, with who knows what may be on offer. I consoled myself with the thought that perhaps I had acted correctly in a businesslike manner, after all I had my position to consider, but I did not manage to convince myself entirely. Later that morning I decided to see if I could rescue the situation, and called Victoria on the internal telephone, to invite her into my office for “a chat. ” Responding very formally, she told me that she would come to my office immediately. Next came a tap on my door and Victoria came in, and in response to my offer to take a seat, she at in front of my desk, just far enough back to make sure that I could see her legs. No sooner was she seated than she deliberately crossed her legs with a flourish that gave me another tantalising view up her skirt to her stocking tops and panties. Almost as if to say that is what you are missing, you arrogant prat. Feeling a fool for my previous formal arrogance, I began by apologising for my earlier poor handling of the situation, and told her that I would be delighted to meet her after work and see what could be done about her as yet undisclosed problem. Victoria seemed pleased at my efforts to recover from my bad handling of the situation, and responded with a warm smile. The she suggested that instead of going somewhere that we would no feel comfortable, why did I not call at her place around eight and she would prepare a meal so that we could talk in private. I told her that if she were providing the meal, then I would bring some wine. With things settled, Victoria uncrossed her legs, showing the same tantalising view as before and left my office with a conspiratorial wink and a smile. Eight–o-clock could not come quick enough. Here I was imagining all kinds of erotic thoughts for the night ahead, yet I was supposed to be helping an employee with a problem!I was greeted at her door by Victoria dressed to kill.

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   She had on a dress that hid little. The neckline plunged almost to her waist, with her hemline doing it’s best to meet it. She greeted me with an embrace that promised everything. No sooner had the door closed behind us than we were locked in another embrace with me pressing her hard against the wall. I could feel the pressure from her pelvis, which was returned by the feeling of my instantly erect cock, which brought a sigh of anticipation from Victoria. I let my hand slide down and raise the hem of her dress and raised it. As I worked the hem upward up, my hand went with it until I reached the point where her legs met, and could feel the moistness at the front of her panties. Then slid a finger inside to feel the puffy lips of her pussy. I reluctantly broke our embrace, determined to help solve the puzzle of what had made her so miserable at work this morning, so that we could get the formalities over with, then get back to where we had started at the door. In answer to my question about what was wrong, she told me that two thirds of the problem had been solved by my being there, and with a bit of luck it would all be resolved by the end of the night. Victoria excused herself and went to the kitchen to serve up the dinner, which was by this Point ready to eat. During the meal she explained her problem, which turned out that she had caught her husband fucking her next door neighbour the previous evening. It appeared that she had called round to her neighbour’s house to return a CD that she had borrowed. On arriving at her neighbour’s back door, she found it to be open. Not thinking it unusual, as they were in the habit of just dropping in unannounced at any time, she went in.

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   Not thinking, Victoria seeing a light coming from the sitting room, she entered. Ten froze at the sight that greeted her. Her neighbour, Kate was lying on her back on the floor, legs in the air and wide open, Victoria’s husband was between them pumping away at Kate’s pussy. Both of them appeared to be at the point of cumming. The pair of lovers made no attempt to stop as Victoria gave a scream of outrage, and they continued to fuck each other to climax. Victoria gave a sob of misery at having caught her husband fucking her best friend and neighbour. She turned on her heel and left, having thrown the CD at the disloyal pair, catching her husband on the head. About half an hour later her husband returned home, showing no signs of guilt about his affair with Kate. He told her that the affair had been going on for six months, and they were planning to move away and live together elsewhere. Suddenly it dawned on Victoria why her sex life had so suddenly become almost non-existent from about six months ago. At that point in her story, Victoria paused to explain why she had said earlier that her problem was two-thirds over. She was hoping that I would find her attractive enough to give her a night of sex that would make up for what she had missed during the last six months. The other third could wait. My heart almost stopped at the offer of a night of passion with this beautiful creature. I quickly downed the half-finished glass of wine that I had in front of me to cover my shock and pleasure from what I had just been told.

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   I poured us both another glass of wine each, then suggested that we would be more comfortable in the lounge. Victoria made her way In front of me to the lounge, and I could see the outline of her long legs and round arse through the flimsy material of her dress. I was having trouble with walking due to the effect of my swollen cock constricted in my trousers, made the walk from the one room to the other very uncomfortable. Part way into the lounge, Victoria turned towards me and pressed herself against me. Feeling my erection pressed hard against her, she gave a groan of pleasure. With her free hand, she opened the neck of her dress and extracted a magnificent breast, then pulled her neckline to he other side to release the other one. Her hardened nipple stood proud as evidence of her arousal, and her need for sexual release. Placing my wine glass on a handy table, I took one of her breasts in each hand and gently squeezed them. I could feel the erect nipples pressing into my palms as I lowered my head to take a nipple, into my mouth and suck on it. That brought another groan of pleasure from Victoria as she lowered herself onto the couch behind her. Maintaining my contact with her breasts, I sat alongside her and slid a hand under her dress skirt, moving upward until I reached the bare flesh at the top of her stocking. This increased my anticipation level until I reached the damp panties at her crotch. I could not resist sliding a finger under the elasticised leg of her tiny panties, and easing it in past her pussy lips, which I noticed were shaven. Victoria spread her legs wide to give me unrestricted access to her pussy, which was by now very wet from her sex juices. “Please take my panties off and fuck me.

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   It has been so long. ”I could not wait to fuck this gorgeous woman, and quickly eased her panties down past her ankles and on to the floor. Victoria managed to maintain a attractive pose with her legs spread, and her skirt raised to her waist, and me standing between her wide-open limbs. Somehow I managed to remove my trousers and release my aching cock without falling over. As soon as Victoria saw my erect cock, she pleaded “PUT IT IN ME, NOW. FUCK ME. CUM IN MY CUNT, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM. ” I could wait no longer, and without hesitation I shoved my hard cock in up to the hilt in one thrust. Then I began to pump in and out of her tight hole with increasing speed. Victoria undid the buttons that ran down the front of her dress and opened the dress to fully reveal those beautiful breasts. I took one in each hand and began rhythmically squeezing them in time with the pumping from my cock. In what seemed like seconds, we were both panting heavily and were fast approaching an orgasm. I gave Victoria a warning that I was about to cum, and asked should I pull out.

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      ” Then we both reached our climax at the same time. I spurted load after load into Victoria’s tight cunt, and she gave out such moans of pleasure that she had at long last been fucked, as she liked it after such a long time of forced abstinence. Overwhelmed by such a mind-blowing orgasm, and sat alongside Victoria on the couch as we both came down from our high. Gradually removing her dress completely but at my request, leaving her stockings on, which gave her a very erotic appearance. I told her that it was not the way that I had intended to fuck her, with no build up and so quickly over. She stood up and took hold of my hand, saying that the bedroom would be better suited for what she had in mind next. As we climbed the stairs, I was enthralled by the movement of her naked arse and could not resist having a feel of those wonderful arse cheeks. I slid my hand between her legs and felt cum seeping out of her pussy. I licked my fingers to taste our combined flavours. We had by now reached her bedroom and made our way to the bed to lay side by side. Victoria slid her hand down to encircle my hardening cock and began to stroke it to full erection. When she was satisfied that I was ready to go again, she turned herself to face my feet so that she could take my hardened cock between her lips, and started to suck my cock with enthusiasm. I took the opportunity to place my mouth over her hairless cunt and lick her outer pussy lips. Gradually I slid my tongue further in until I reached her little clit, which was standing up like a miniature cock. Then I started to suck on the little nub and noticed that this had the effect of increasing her sucking on my cock.

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       This caused me to pump her mouth with my cock and fuck her face. The groans that this added effort brought from her, were evidence that she was wanting more. To improve the sensations for both of us, I manoeuvred myself until I was on top, opened her legs further, and proceeded to poke my rigid tongue further up her cunt. Gradually her hips started to move in time with mine as we worked on pleasing each other, and we were again nearing a mutual climax. This time her moans were somewhat muffled due to my cock pushing in and out of her mouth. She moved her head back, saying “I want you to cum on my face, and let me taste your cum. I could not stop my climax and felt spurt after spurt of cum covering her face; some of which she managed to get in her mouth, she swallowed eagerly. At the same time I felt the juice pour out of her cunt into my eagerly waiting mouth. She tasted like honey and I could not get enough of this sweet-tasting nectar. We moved back to our original position side by side, head to head and relaxed, feeling emotionally in tune. “Would you please stay the night. I don’t want to be left alone. ” Victoria almost pleaded. We both agreed that we seemed to blend comfortably, and that there could be a future for us. I told her that I had no wish to leave her that night, and felt that I could stay much longer.

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      At that Victoria reached down and took hold of my softened cock and asked if there was anything left for another session. Her gentle stroking of my cock brought it’s own answer as I felt it hardening again to new found limits. It felt as though I had suddenly gained an iron bar between my legs. She noticed it too, and I felt her open her legs to take me in again. Gently I eased myself on top and lowered myself until I could feel my cock slowly entering her cunt, which brought another sigh of pleasure from Victoria. In response she put her legs around my waist then pulled me in to her now wet and eager cunt until I could feel my balls rest against her upturned arse. Slowly I started to pull back out until only the head of my cock remained in her pussy, then I eased my length all the way back in until I was once again touching her arse with my cum-filled balls. Gradually I increased the pace to a steady rhythm, not wanting this fuck to be over too quickly. Victoria was continuing to match my thrusts with her hips and pressure from her heels on my back. After several minutes of relaxed fucking, we both sensed that the time was near for another climax, and as though we were reading each other’s thoughts we gradually increased the pace of our fucking until we reached the point of no return at the same time. Victoria began to gasp “ don’t stop, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Fill me with your cum. I could hold back no longer and felt spurts of cum being forced into her willing cunt until I could feel some seeping out past my cock, and collapsed beside her, exhausted. “If the remaining third of your problem is for me never to leave, I don’t think that I will ever have the energy to manage that. .

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