Office Fun


Topic: Office Fun I walk into the office and greet everyone as usually. I make the turn to get to my cubicle and I see her Jennie. Jennie is an older woman (mid 50’s) that works in my office. She has average looks, lovely DD breast (I’m a breast man), and this air of sexuality about her that drives me crazy. I hurry and drop my bag at my desk and check and see if the coast is clear before I sneak over to Jennie’s desk. We have this thing where I give her a hug and kiss almost every day. She often complains if I miss a day. I know to some this may sound boring, but every time I give Jennie a hug I get engulfed in her intoxicating smell, and get the chance of sneaking a feel of her oh so lovely breast. So I sneak to her desk and give her, her daily hug and kiss, and at the same time copping my usual feel.
On this particular day the office cleared out earlier then usual which left me and Jennie in the office all alone. Me be the horny young man that I am (mid 30’s), I prance over the Jennie’s desk and begin to massage her shoulders. She stops what she’s doing and lets out soft moan of pleasure, which gives me an instant hard-on.  I slowly begin to move up to her head massaging her head and temples.

As I massage her head I can’t help be to envision her sucking on my throbbing cock, while I play in her hair.   Jennie then asked me to rub her knee, because it was giving her some problems. I then turned her chair around away from her desk and kneeled in front of her.

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I was shocked to see she was wearing a skirt, something she hardly ever wore. The bonus was she didn’t have any stockings on. I then began to rub her stocking-less knee, nice and gently. Jennie then leaned back into her chair which, lead me to believe she was enjoying herself. I grew more excited the longer I rubbed her leg. Something inside of me said move up her leg some (probably was my other head talking), so I slowly eased up her leg. To my surprise she didn’t say anything. So I slide up a little higher on her thigh, but in a up and down motion trying to disguise what I was really trying to do, and that was to get to her love tunnel.
The further up her thigh I moved the more Jennie moaned. Once I reached the top of her thigh I could feel the heat coming hot love box. I then gentle brushed against her panties which felt damp. When I brush against her clit I noticed her legs slowing again to open wider. So I began to rub her womanhood and gently kiss her thighs. I head the cups the back of my head and guides me up her thigh until my mouth it pressed against her soaked panties. I then reach up and remove her panties, with some help from Jennie of course.


    I then get right back into kissing Jennie’s soft thighs, but again grabbed my head and quickly moved my up to her awaiting wet pussy. I took long lapping licks of Jennie’s mature pussy, trying to catch every drop of her hot juices.
I then started fingering Jennie and she let out a loud moan of ecstasy. I then started sucking and licking her hard clit while still fingering her. I could feel Jennie shift in her chair and saying “eat my pussy, eat my pussy”, grinding her pussy on my face feverishly. Just then she lets out a loud shriek, then her body begins to tremble, I stick in tongue inside her and catch her love juice in my mouth.   Once the trembling stops she lets go of my head and I kiss her thigh one more time come up for a well deserved break. I then look at her with my face glazed with her sweet juices smile.
My dick was aching and needed some relief so I grabbed the heavy panting Jennie by the hand and bent her over her desk. I undid my pants and pulled down my boxer-briefs and slide my throbbing cock inside of Jennie. Oh my, she felt so good wrapped around my cock. I begin thrusting hard and faster going deeper and deeper. Jennie is moaning louder and louder. Jennie then says fuck me daddy, fuck me harder. Those dirty words brought me close to an orgasm.

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   I speed up faster, my balls slapping her naked ass. I call out I’m cummmmmming. Jennie bucks her ass back harder and faster. I then blow my man butter deep inside of Jennie’s love box. Jennie then turns to me and says Thanks we should have done this along time ago. So now every time I see Jennie at the office she make a habit of sneaking a feel on my cock.



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