No Good Deed


 I met Tom at a social function hosted by our mutual employer. He was in his late twenty’s, married with a couple of kids. We had been conversing for a while when the conversation turned to the topic of unfulfilled fantasies. I explained some of my escapades and how the difference between fantasy and reality is the courage to take action in fulfilling one’s dreams. I explained how I assisted my husband and others to achieve theirs and was more than willing to help him with his if he had found the courage to take action on his desires.
Tom told me it had always been his fantasy to “play doctor” in an office setting. He wanted to see two women “get it on” than fuck each in turn. I had the keys to a clinic and could play nurse to his doctor if he could get a willing partner. His eyes brightened as he told me he knew just the girl and we arranged an after hours rendezvous at the clinic later that week.
 I had to give Tom this much he was punctual and showed up at the clinic with a fresh faced girl, about eighteen years old who dressed the part of a high school student in uniform common to the area. She was four foot ten inches tall and maybe eighty-five pounds. I walked her to the counter and Tom locked the door behind him as he entered.
I asked her why she was here and she told me her father had accompanied her to her appointment as she was considering becoming sexually active and wanted to get on the pill. I handed her and her  “Dad” some forms to fill out and went in back to set up the exam room. When I returned to the desk and looked over the paperwork, I explained what the cost for the exam and prescription would be. Tom pulled out his wallet and counted out the money to me and I placed it in the cash drawer.

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   I than asked him to take a seat and wait there while the “doctor” performed the examination.
 I led Lisa into the back and into one of the examination rooms where I explained the procedure the “doctor” was going to perform and told how she should lie on the table. I handed her a disposable gown and explained to her she had to remove all her clothing and put on the gown. She seemed a bit nervous so I explained I would be in the room during the entire procedure and that her lower extremities would be draped during the procedure. I asked if she would be more comfortable if I left the room while she changed and she nodded her head yes. I told her I would give her a few minutes and left the room so she could undress in private. I found Tom just outside the door and led him to the observation room next door when I handed him a long white lab coat to give him the appearance of being a doctor. The two of us quickly stripped naked and put on our lab coats while watching Lisa get undressed. I congratulated Tom on his choice of partner, as she certainly seemed in character even down to the white cotton panties and bra, knee sox to boot. Her timidity was well played. Tom and I engaged in some mutual foreplay as we watched her undress and I had chance to examine his equipment first hand so to speak. He was endowed with an average size cock (six inches long and maybe two inches in girth). I noticed Lisa was sitting on the table and broke off our little session to button up my lab coat and instructed him to do the same as I left the room instructing him to enter when I signaled.
 When I entered the room I noticed Lisa was looking a little apprehensive and I assured her it would all be over soon. I had her lie flat on the table and adjusted the stirrups to put her legs up for the exam.

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   Lisa was unfamiliar with there use and asked me to explain their purpose. I shifted Lisa’s butt closer to the end of the table and placed a leg in each stirrup explaining they gave the doctor a better view to examine her vagina at an optimal angle. Lisa tried to push her gown between her legs in a pale attempt at modesty. I smiled down at her tousling her hair as I went to cabinet and pulled a sheet from the drawer to drape her lower body like a tent. I explained she wouldn’t be able to see the doctor during the exam but he wouldn’t be able to see her face either. This seemed to relieve her apprehension as she smiled weakly back. What I didn’t tell her is anyone sitting in an exam chair at the foot of the table would have a clear view of her pussy and small firm breasts. I motioned for Tom to enter the room and positioned the exam chair between her legs. I further explained the doctor would swap her vagina with a moist cloth to lubricate her before palpitating her orifice to relax it for the insertion of his tool to examine her internal organs and would perform a routine breast exam. I heard Tom enter the room as I wheeled the exam chair between her legs. I turned to see him approaching me the head of his cock sticking out from between the folds of his coat. I sat on the chair and found I was at just the right height to eat Lisa’s pussy or suck his cock. I told Lisa that Dr. Felgood would now begin the exam. Lisa nodded her approval and gasped as she felt a curiously soft touch on her pubic hair.

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   My fingers first traced the length and breadth of her labial folds. I watched as her petals swelled with fresh blood and nipples hardened as I gently traced the outlines of her labia and inner thighs. I heard her breathing grow shallow and quicken as her vaginal oven began to radiate heat and moisture began to seep from her vaginal orifice and down the crack of her ass. I arose to look over the drape and could see the confusion in her eyes as she squirmed under my caresses. “You all right, baby?” I asked as my finger grazed her clitoris. Her body shuddered as she yelped, “Wonderful!” I sat back down and found her labial folds red and swollen with fresh blood and the bead of her womanhood peeking out from under its protective hood. I looked up the gown to see her areolas had grown to twice their size and her nipples were distended like tiny fingers pointing skyward rising and falling with each breathe. I turned to check on Tom and saw his lab coat was spread wide and he was slowly stroking his rock hard cock and grinning ear to ear.
 I turned back to the task at hand and moved my lips closer to her vaginal folds my warmth breath causing her labial petals to swell and spread apart like the petals of a flower blossoming. I blew gently on her clitoris causing Lisa to gasp as her clitoris burst forth to expose itself and she grasped the sides of the table to steady herself. I could see her abdominal muscles ripple as the knot of her orgasm grew. I decided it was time to take the next step and stood grasping the edge of the table to steady myself while bending at the waist to expose my ass to him. He seized the opportunity to move forward and drive his cock into my cunt as my tongue lashed out to run from Lisa’s exposed anus the length of her gash over her now flowing orifice and around her erect clit. I inserted the tip of my finger in her tight little pussy and was rewarded by a groan of pleasure as her hips thrust up to meet its invader. Whatever was happening Lisa was driven to rip her gown from her neck and grasp her aching breasts tweaking each nipple.

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   Lisa tried to speak but couldn’t catch her breath as my tongue swipes narrowed now circling her clit causing her body to rock from side to side in response to each stroke. I could feel his cock head beginning to swell in my cervix and Lisa was on the edge of orgasm. I reached down to the stair in the bottom of the table and pulled it out. I pushed him back grasping his pulsing cock as it popped out of me and directed him to step up on the stair as I guided his cock to her hole and pushed on his ass to drive his hips forward and seat it. Lisa squealed as his cock drove into her and ripped away our cover to gape at the cock protruding from her body. He was grinning madly as I shoved his ass forward driving the remainder of his cock into Lisa’s body drawing an ecstatic squeal from her lips and a truly astonished look on her face. In an instant the astonished look was replaced by the lust-filled stare I had come to know so well as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her body. She pulled herself erect and grabbed the lapels of his lab coat ordering him to, “Fuck me! Ram your cock in me!” Lisa’s instincts took over as she pulled her body into every thrust he made. I could see her abdomen positively convulsed with each thrust stroking his shaft. His eyes fluttered, he hadn’t felt such a tight pussy in many years and weird muscle contractions inside her canal were milking his cock like a cow’s udder. He tried to slow the pace of his strokes but Lisa was having none of it as she swing her hips to ride her pussy up and down his shaft harder and harder. I moved to Lisa’s side to kiss her full lips that parted to allow my tongue to dart into her mouth. She returned as good as she got and begged me to suck her tits. Lisa was positively gasping for air now and I knew her orgasm was close. I could see Tom was struggling to restrain his cocks demand to explode in her pussy.

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   Lisa paused as she peaked and I grabbed Tom’s balls causing him to spew his load deep within her body. Her jaw dropped and she fell back on the table gasping for air and mewing her satisfaction. He stumbled from the step, spent.
 I felt Lisa’s hand on my thigh and arose to look in her eyes as she asked if she might return the favor I had done her. I climbed up on the table and positioned my pussy over her face. Lisa’s tongue tentatively swiped my pussy hitting my clit on the first try drawing a groan from me. Reassured her hands grasped my hips and her tongue began to madly slash at my clit with a furious devotion. She soon had my hips rocking to her tongues rhythm and my eyes caught sight of the cum leaking from her pussy and my head dove between her legs to eagerly lap at its treasure drawing squeals of delight from my partner. She brought me to a shuddering orgasm as did I her. As I started to rise I noticed drops of blood on the stair and trailing across the floor to the door Tom had already exited. I knew Lisa hadn’t been acting, he had. I got off the table and kissed Lisa on the forehead and told her I would return in a moment. I picked up the sheet and covered her naked form then followed him into the hallway. He was just zipping his pants when I arrived. “Who is she?” I demanded.

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   “My daughter,” came his smug reply. I swear it was strictly a reflex action that my foot caught him squarely in the groin dropping him to the floor. He wasn’t grinning anymore.
 I returned to the examining room to find Lisa dreamily rubbing the nipples on her breast with one hand while the other lightly stroked her pussy. Her hand reached out to me and pulled me close to trace the outline of my lips and than dropped down to cup my breast. She raised her head to my breast and suckled the nipple into her mouth, giggling. “That was wonderful,” she sighed. I smiled weakly and absently stroked Lisa’s hair. I took Lisa’s hand gently but firmly and asked, “Baby, how old are you?” “Old enough,” came the dreaded reply. I felt bile rise in my throat, as I all to well understood the implications of introducing a child to the pleasures and responsibilities of sex too early. The nurse took over as I asked, “Baby, when did you have your last period?” “I don’t know two, three weeks,” came the reply. I knew immediately what had to be done. “Baby, we need to clean up before I take you home, OK?” I asked. “Do we have too?” came Lisa’s reply. Like all women Lisa liked the warm gooey feeling that came after an orgasm as sperm traveled further into her body in search of an egg to fertilize.

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   I rushed about the room gathering the items I needed and placing them on a tray, which I placed next to the exam table. A warm water & vinegar douche and a quick scope to look for left behinds, which I saw and removed. I than gave Lisa a sponge bath and helped her dress as she fondled my breasts and pussy. We cleaned up the room filling a garbage bag with evidence of the night’s actions to be disposed of off site. I didn’t forget the phony insurance papers or cash. As we got into the car to leave Lisa asked, “What about my birth control pills?” “I think maybe you should wait on those,” I replied.
 My husband was waiting when I got home. He had the unnerving ability to sense when I was upset. He lay on the bed next to me asking nothing. I rolled into his strong arms and sobbed quietly as he held me. I took comfort in the strength of his unwavering devotion to me.