Naughty Day at Work


Ill start by explaining the girl the i work with. She is amazingly sexy every day, she is a brunette, she has a great ass which i could personally look at all day, perfect size breasts that i could squeaze for hours, just all around a perfect body that anybody would love to have sex all day with.
So we work in a bowling alley and she helps me out when we are busy, we were putting away all the shoes and she went back to put the little kids shoes away and i had more kids shoes so i went back and there she was bending over G-string partially sticking out. I could not help myself i went up behind her and said "god you are so amazingly hot". and then put one of my fingers under and between her legs and slowly lifted and slid it all the way around back up to her ass. I told her i wanted to fuck her when we closed up that night, she just turned looked over her shoulder and gave a sexy wink. So as I had been watching her walk around all day i got really horny at times. every time she would walk behind the front desk i would turn and show her that i was hard through my pants and she would come up to put more shoes away and rub her ass up against my cock. so finally my other worker who helps me at the front desk got there so i told him to watch the desk and i would be right back. So i went to the ball room (a very private room that most of the workers change into there work clothes in). She followed right after me i didnt even have to signal to her. She rushed in while i was looking around outside the door, by the time i shut the door and turned around she had her top off and was in her black and red partially see thru bra. I told her "i was gonna fuck her as if she had never been fucked before". I walked over and cupped her breasts and i couldnt help myself i pulled her bra down a little and started to bite and suck her nipples i coulde hear her soft moans and could tell she was aching for more. there was a broke down copy machine. so i pulled her pants off and admired her in her G-string and bra.

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   i then picked her up and put her on top of the copier, and started eating out her already wet pussy as i was lapping at her hot wet cunt she took off her bra and started playing with her nipples. i finally stopped licking her pussy and took off my pants and my hard 8 inch cock sprang out of my boxers she dropped her jaw in amazement and said "i had no idea you were that big". I didnt say a word just took off my shirt and boxers and told her she was gonna have it deep inside her. she started trying to play with it at first so i told her if u want to play with it first then i want you to suck on it and get it all moist so i can slide it smoothly into you so she did as i said and got on her knees. i could feel the head of my cock poking the back of her throat as she was gargling/gagging finally she got one last mouthful of saliva and moistened up my rock hard cock and told me she was ready. I started off slow and inched my way in, now i was all the way inside her hot wet juicy pussy. she said it felt so good and so much bigger than any other man she had ever been with, that put me over the edge i started pumping faster and with more aggresion with every thrust. i could have sworn she was being so loud but thank god there was music playing loud through the bowling alley. i pinned her against the wall and just could not sop pounding away at her. i told her i had to fuck that sweet ass of hers and she started to get off of me and said "ok but u better go slow u are way to big". i promised her i would go slow until while i entered for the first time as i was sliding into her perfect round ass it felt as if her ass was clenching my cock and it felt so so good i could have cum right there but i knew i wanted to save it finally after the slowest entry ever i was all the way in her ass and i just started fucking the shit out of her and she kept trying to muster up all the words and i barely could understand her but she was trying to tell me it hurt but it felt great at the same time. after about 5 or 6 mins i told her i was gonna fuck her wet cunt again until i cum. she said "ok but i want you to pull out and i told her i was gonna cum deep inside her pussy cuz i didnt want to cum anywhere else releasing inside feels so so much better so she said ok and if she got pregnant then i told her i would pay for the abortion and she agreed. i started rocking away at her pussy and she was breathing heavier than i was and i was just going faster and faster, her pussy walls started clenching my cock and she told me she was cumming and i could feel it get so much warmer and i told her i would slow down and let her juices flow, she didnt like this so she started pumping and making me fuck her so i went back to the pace i had and i could feel it i was almost there. "Im cummmmmmmmmming", I told her she replied "dont stop, fill me with your hot cum".

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   i was cumming spurt after spurt i took out after 3 spurts and it was still going so i started to sqeauze and pump my cock at her face and on her breasts and then she grabbed a hold of my cock and started sucking it dry. we got dressed i opened the door as she hid behind it i looked out nobody was outside the door so as i was on my way back up to the front desk she went to the restroom and started trying to let the cum flow out of her pussy so she would have less of a chance of getting pregnant my other worker who was at the front desk was upset cuz of how long i was gone i told him i took a piss and then my mom called and told me that my grandfather died and she was crying and very upset and i was trying to calm her down, he said "im sorry man". i told him its ok and got back to work. then she came back out and he asked her the same thing and she said " there was a lot of garbage on the ground almost like someone dumped a garbage can over by the lockers and he said "ok thanks for cleaning it up". me and her just kinda smiled at eachother and got back to work now we do that every night after we lock the doors and everybody else goes home. its so amazing yet we are still not going out and we can do other stuff with other ppl. so its good to have great sex and not have to be tied down.