Nancy, the Girl Next Door, Ch. 9


Jen’s face lights up and I ask her what is making her smile. “Mom’s pussy hair feels so damned soft against my lips. They are sensitive right now and her hair is like wet corn silk, you know, like on the ears of corn we buy at the supermarket,” she giggles. I assure her that I understand that feeling and she gets a small glint in her eye at my comment. My hands re-arrange Nancy’s body so that there is but the tiniest of spaces between the two cunts and then slip my two index fingers between them. Finding first Nancy’s, then Jennifer’s clit, I begin to slowly make circles around those swollen buds, pulling and pushing at the folds of skin surrounding them. Jen immediately gets into the game and flops backwards on the bed, pushing and rubbing with her hips so that maximum friction is achieved between two pussies and two fingers. Within less than a minute, she has achieved another orgasm and sighs very deeply. Nancy murmurs in her sleep and moves her hips suggestively, as well. I don’t feel that bringing her to climax would serve any good purpose, so I remove my fingers and lift Jennifer’s legs to my side of the bed and help her sit up. “Now, my dear,” I whisper to her upturned face, “are we going to complete the experiment? Am I going to slide this cock into that gloriously wet pussy of yours, dear girl?” And I hold her face in one hand and my cock in the other to show her that he is rigid and ready. She lifts both hands and begins to stroke and caress him as she speaks, “Yes, Mr. ____, but only if you will answer a couple of questions first. Deal?”I wondered at this request, but agreed. “Are you fucking my mom?” came out in a rather surprising fashion. “I really ought to let your mom talk to you about that, Jennifer,” I replied rather hesitantly.


  “No, I got the idea that you’ve been together before today. Have you? Have you fucked her?” she demanded to know. “Open your mouth,” I commanded softly. She did, and I slid my cock head inside her mouth and held her chin in my hand while I stroked her hair. “Yes, I’ve had my cock in that gorgeous pussy; yes, I’ve had my cock in that beautiful mouth; yes, we’ve fucked and sucked and made the most beautiful love two people can make. I’ve finger-fucked her cunt and her ass. I’ve splattered my cum all over her body and her face and in her mouth, and she’s swallowed quite a bit of my jism as well. I’ve eaten her pussy until she passed out, just like now, and I’ve drunk a gallon of her own cum mixture, too. I’ve fucked her with a cucumber while she sucked my cock and I’ve sucked her juice out of several pairs of panties – at least one pair was yours. I’ve fucked her in every hole she has to offer – yes, I fucked your mom in the ass, too. And, Jennifer, she loved every inch I could give her and probably would have taken more if I had it to offer. ”I was in a groove now – talking and describing how I’d been fucking her mom on a regular basis for months. The more I talked, the harder I got and the more Jennifer sucked on the cock between her lips. “And there is something I wonder if your mom would ever tell you. I watched as she kissed and then fucked the biggest, blackest cock I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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   And she groaned for more of that black fuck-stick, too. Your mom has turned herself into a fuck-slut; but, my dear little girl, your mom is my fuck-slut, nobody else’s. She still makes love with your father when he wants to, but when it comes to down-and-dirty fucking and sucking, she is mine to control. She likes it that way. I like it that way. So, if you can’t deal with that, tell me now, or don’t ever mention it again. ”I held her face in her hand as two huge tears welled up in her eyes and streaked down her cheeks. When I asked her what was bothering her, she allowed my cock to slide out of her mouth and answered, “I want to be your fuck-slut, too, Mr. _____. Please don’t tell me I’m too young. I can suck you as good as my mom, and as soon as you are ready, I’ll show you that I can fuck you as good as my mom, too,” she whimpered before she sucked my cock back into her hot mouth. “Then, let’s get on with it and fuck that cock you’ve got in your mouth!” came Nancy’s voice from the end of the bed. She’d been awake and listening to the entire conversation!Nancy sat up and climbed off the bed, helping to lower Jennifer to her back with her head on a soft pillow. She placed two more pillows underneath Jennifer’s ass and spread her legs far apart to give me total access to her cunt. “There,” she said, “my little girl’s cunt is just about ready to feel the pleasure of a cock sliding in and out of it.

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   Are you ready, Jennifer?”“I’m ready, mom,” Jennifer replied, looking up at her mother. Nancy bent and kissed her daughter’s lips and then slid one hand into her pussy valley to stroke, manipulate and finger that lovely bare pussy into totally wet preparedness. She moved her lips to Jennifer’s breasts and kissed, sucked and licked at them, causing them to harden and swell again. “OK, Ed; let’s see how much of that cock she can take. I’m betting that you’ll put every inch of it inside her before we finish here. ”“Wouldn’t it be better to have her sit on my cock and lower herself as she feels she can take it?” I asked Nancy. “No way! She is going to be fucked! She is not going to fuck herself with your cock. That can come later. For now, climb up on that bed and fuck her silly for me! I’m going to watch every delicious inch disappear up that little cunt. ” And she moved to where she could watch the opening of Jennifer’s pussy. I climbed up on the bed and knelt between her outspread knees. I lifted her legs with my hands behind her knees and spread them as far as they would go. I asked Nancy for help and she took my cock in her hand and introduced it to Jennifer’s pussy lips. I thought Jennifer would explode right then. She lurched upward and almost succeeded in seating the head into her velvet opening, but Nancy would not allow it.

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   “You’re in a big fucking hurry, you little slut! Let me do it, or it won’t get done at all!”Jennifer relaxed to the point that I could actually feel the lips of her pussy get softer. Her mother used my cockhead as a spreader to push, pull and twist those soft, fleshy lips from side to side and in circles. The amount of fluid leaking from both her pussy and my cock was incredible. And then I felt the initial pressure as Nancy pulled me closer to Jennifer’s body with her hand on my cock. The head seated itself squarely at the opening to this young girl’s Holy of Holies and Nancy whispered in my ear, “Fuck her, Ed; she’s been waiting for it. Now, give it to her!”Let me stop here to ask a question of my male readership. Can you remember the incredible feeling you had the very first time you slid your cock into a waiting, willing pussy? I don’t mean some quick-fuck girl in the back seat of your old man’s Dodge. I mean a woman who is ready and willing to give it up to you because she loves you. Well, that is the thought that flew through my head at that very moment. I almost felt like I was in love with this girl in front of me with her legs splayed apart in my hands and her pussy searing the head of my cock with its heat. I loved her at that moment and I leaned forward to push whatever length she could handle into her sopping wet pussy. And I struck bottom! Honest to God, bottom! There was a momentary pause in my forward motion as I encountered that tiny scrap of tissue that guards a female’s depths, but it was almost as if it had become soft, flexible and almost elastic. It did not hinder my entry in any fashion at all. I slid up against it and through it in one, completely fluid motion. I was pressing my pubic bone against hers and the head of my cock was touching that hard little ring that marked the deepest part of her young body.

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   None of the three of us had expected it to be this easy! My blood pressure rose several notches, I’m sure. Jennifer’s eyes flew wide and then her head began to toss from side to side as she felt the length of me slide deeper and deeper into her. Nancy was shocked and was just ready to accuse her daughter of having fucked before, but saw the few tiny flecks of blood that clung to my cockshaft when I slowly pulled back before sliding deeply into that lovely, lovely pussy again. “Jennifer, you are now a woman. You are being fucked by a beautifully hard cock. The man who is fucking you is treating you like a princess, the way he is fucking that cunt of yours. We all know you are nothing but a teen-aged fuck-slut, but if he wants to treat you like a princess today, then that’s the way it will be,” Nancy spoke directly into Jennifer’s face. And then, she sat back to watch her daughter’s deflowering. It was obvious she was enjoying the show, as her hands went to her nipples and her thatched cunt to massage some feeling back into them. I could see the flush creeping over her body as she watched my cock saw back and forth, in and out, pulling and pushing Jennifer’s fleshy lips in and out of her pussy entrance. I played the Master of All Things while performing this fuck. I was gentle, yet persistent. And if I had the vocabulary, I would excite each of my readers with a description of the sounds that filled that girl’s bedroom. Mewing sounds; deep sighs; yelps of pleasure; deep-throated groans; gasps for breath; and the slurping, sloppy sounds that only a cock and a cunt can make. There are no other sounds like them.

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  Jennifer’s body went rigid four or five times in the course of the next fifteen minutes. I twisted and turned my body to force her cunt out of shape and to allow my cockshaft to stretch and pull and touch each and every possible surface that she owned inside her. When I knew I was nearing the edge of my own long-delayed orgasm, I asked Nancy what I ought to do about cumming. She immediately explained what she had in mind and I concurred completely. I slowly pulled back and allowed my cock to pop out of the lips that so greedily sucked at its head. Jennifer tried to raise her weary head to see what was the matter, but her mother simply told her to wait for the next course in her virgin banquet. Between the two of us, we rolled Jennifer over onto her stomach and placed her up on her knees with her thighs spread at a very acute angle. I knelt behind her and immediately thrust my entire cock length into that extremely soft, wet pussy again. I began a rhythmic stroking in and out while I held her ass in both hands. Nancy poured a quantity of hand cream onto Jennifer’s ass and I massaged it into her crack and tiny rosebud hole. Next, my finger followed and Jennifer screamed out. In pain? I think not, as she slammed her entire body backward and forced my index finger into her ass up to the webbing between the fingers. I began to fuck her ass and her cunt with alternating strokes and she began to sob in her tender orgasmic agony. I gritted my teeth and told Nancy I was almost there. She slid her entire body under her daughter and placed her own wet cunt against her daughter’s face.

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   Jennifer was almost in a daze, but knew enough that Nancy was expecting something from her. She immediately buried her entire mouth in the hidden chasm that Nancy called her pussy. I could hear her sucking and slurping at her mother’s cunt as I thrust as deep as is possible for a man in a woman’s willing cunt. Then Nancy slid her face beneath her daughter’s juicy cunt and kissed the very apex of it where her clit was bulging and begging for attention. Jennifer screamed again, muffled by the position of her mouth in her mother’s cunt hair. And Nancy began to lick, suck and otherwise make love to the young girl’s pussy that was right above her face – a pussy filled to capacity with my own cock. Nancy licked at my cock on each withdrawal, tickled my balls with her tongue and murmured, “You know what to do, Ed; let’s show her how it’s done. ”I slammed into Jennifer six or seven times, each time forcing her cunt down onto Nancy’s face where it was assaulted by her mother’s lips, teeth and tongue. Jennifer was a sobbing, throbbing wreck at this point and it was all we could do to hold her up to finish the fuck job. My cum began to rise up through my shaft and I grunted, “Now!” to Nancy, who reached up with one hand and held the head of my cock against the bare lips of Jennifer’s pussy while I shot one ropy stream of cum after another all over them. The cum was hot, thick and sticky and slowly slid down along her clefted lips, covering them in a slick coating, and tahen into Nancy’s open mouth. Line after line of gray-white cum was deposited and accepted by this mother-daughter duo until I was exhausted and wrung dry. Nancy took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked until she was certain there was no more to be had and grunted at me, “Um…uh-huh. ”I rolled Jennifer off of her mother and onto her back while Nancy climbed up over her daughter’s body and kissed her directly on the mouth, transferring my cum to her daughter. Jennifer’s eyes flew open and she groaned as she accepted her mother’s offering.

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   They kissed for a very long time, swapping fluids from mouth to mouth and swallowing repeatedly. When they broke their lip-lock, they smiled at each other and Nancy reached down with one hand and slammed a huge, green cucumber into her daughter’s cunt. I had not seen her bring it into the room, but there it was – at least eight inches long and as fat as any cucumber I’ve ever seen. She slammed it again and I noted that only a half inch or so was still outside Jennifer’s cunt lips. Nancy pushed it completely inside her daughter and flicked her clit with her thumb as Jennifer’s body arched up off the bed and went rigid before collapsing in a messy heap in front of her mother and me. Like mother, like daughter? Jennifer, too, had passed out with pleasure/pain in her deepest depths. (OK, readers. There is but one chapter left to write – as I now envision the story. Barbie from across the street will make an appearance in the neighborhood after many years. But, if you are now totally bored with the story, let me know and I shall not continue. ).