Nancy, The Girl Next Door, Ch. 8


“It pleased me greatly, dear girl. But now, I think I ought to get my clothes back on and you ought to get yourself cleaned up a bit. Your mom ought to be knocking on the door any minute with our friend. ” I could still see Nancy’s face reflected in the mirror, peeking through the crack in the door. With my remark, she quietly closed the door. I grabbed for my clothes and pulled them on while Jennifer reached for the black lace thong that had been discarded earlier. She wiped her face and her hair with it and giggled when she said, “Mom would flip if she knew your cum was all over her thong. ”I smiled inwardly and wondered where the rest of the day would lead us. The knock on the door came just as Jennifer climbed back on the bed and lay down on her back. I excused myself and slipped out into the hall with Nancy. “You son of a bitch!” Nancy whispered while she punched me on the shoulder. “You said you wouldn’t fuck her!”“I didn’t fuck her! I feasted on one of the most delicious pussies this world has to offer … and I envy you that you are going to taste it, too … and then your lovely teen-aged daughter gave me the most incredible blow-job I have ever had outside of the ones I’ve received from her mother. I promised I would not fuck her and I didn’t. In fact, she asked me not to fuck her right now because she wanted to be with a woman first, before she was fucked by a man. ”“OK, what do we do now?” Nancy asked. “Well, I’ll go in and blindfold her and when I call for you to come in, you simply take over.

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   You can pretty well do whatever you want to do, love. I think she is sufficiently warmed up and will be quite willing to go along with anything you suggest. We’ll just pretend you are someone else. If she talks to you, don’t respond. I’ll do all the talking. ”Nancy nodded her head in agreement and moved to go into the room. I grabbed her ass and pulled her back against me, sliding my hands up and crushing her tiny breasts, tweaking her nipples. She gasped and spun in my arms to kiss me. I kissed her hard and slid both of my hands between her thighs, which she separated willingly for my touch. She was sopping wet and as hot as I’ve ever felt her. “No, wait until I blindfold her; then I’ll call you in. Listen to what I say to her. ”I walked back into the room closing the door behind me. I spoke to Jennifer, “Jennifer, your mom and the other woman would like you to be blindfolded. They don’t want you to know who the woman is, remember? And your mom is not going to come into the room at first.

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   She wants you to feel free to do whatever you want to do without thinking that she is watching. OK?”“OK, there are some scarves in the drawer over there. ”I located a dark blue scarf that was not too sheer and helped Jennifer affix it to her head. When I was certain she could not see, I called, “OK, Nancy, you can send her in now. ”The door swung open and Nancy slipped inside the room, very quietly padding over to the bed in her bare feet. She stood there for a moment, just admiring the body that was spread before her, and then bent to kiss Jennifer’s lips softly and lovingly. Jennifer reached to hug Nancy, but I stopped her with, “No, Jennifer, you may not touch. Remember the rules. You may not touch unless I tell you to. The woman who is kissing you will not say a word to you. She will just be making love to you. If you wish to speak, that is OK, but I will give the answers. Understood?”Jennifer murmured in the affirmative as Nancy began kissing down along her neck, heading for those luscious nipples that were standing up and begging for oral attention. They were about to receive all they could handle, I thought. Nancy spent more than a few minutes loving, sucking, kissing the nipples and aureoles of her lovely daughter, but I could sense that this was merely done in the way of stalling.

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   She wanted more; and she wanted it now. “I think Jennifer is ready for whatever you have in mind, mystery woman. You need not spend time arousing her. I am certain she is sufficiently aroused to accept whatever you have to offer. ”Nancy looked over at me with relief in her eyes. She was almost dripping from her hairy bush already and was more than anxious to get to the main event. She bent and kissed Jennifer’s stomach, just below the navel and I watched as Jennifer’s stomach muscles began to flutter. She was, indeed, prepared and ready. Nancy climbed onto the bed between Jennifer’s outstretched legs and took an ankle in each hand. She pulled Jennifer’s heels up against her ass cheeks and slid her hands up to Jennifer’s knees. Then, she slowly applied some small pressure to the inside of her knees and Jennifer got the idea immediately. She lowered her knees to the outside as far as she physically could (and being a very young, supple girl, she spread them farther than I would have thought possible. Nancy nodded to me and then to the pillows at the head of the bed. I took two of the four pillows and handed them to her. She slid them under Jennifer’s ass with some help from Jennifer and sat back on her heels to observe the banquet spread before her.

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   And truly a banquet it was. Let me ask my readership: have you ever, ever spent some time doing nothing but looking at a young girl’s denuded pussy? There are few things in this world as beautiful or as erotic as seeing that fleshy receptacle laid wide open for you to view. Flesh-pink and rose; creases and crevices; soft, tender, puffy skin. All of this is offered to Nancy at this point by a very willing, but unaware daughter. Nancy reached out with her left hand and touched Jennifer’s pussy lips with her fingertips. Jennifer immediately lurched and arched her back, moaning in anticipation. Nancy’s fingers insinuated themselves into the crease of those fat outer lips and slid up and down the length of that slit, dragging drops of her daughter’s arousal with them. I could see exactly how aroused Jennifer was by the copious amounts of moisture already seeping between the lips of her swollen pussy lips. Nancy then used her right thumb and forefinger to spread those lips wide apart revealing the darker, denser inner pair I have spoken of earlier. I could almost see them throbbing with Jennifer’s pulse. Nancy’s right hand approached those inner lips and teased, tickled, stroked and pulled at them until they, again, protruded outside their swollen protective covering. And the fingers spreading the outer pair of lips now moved to spread the inner pair and reveal the Holy of Holies of the young girl. The entrance to her velvet underground was a deep, dark rose-red and with each new tremor of the girl’s stomach and thigh muscles, the inner surfaces of that entrance clenched and unclenched, anticipating some sort of an intrusion at any moment. Before I could even see it happen, Nancy’s mouth was glued to the opening. Both of her hands were now stretching Jennifer’s pussy outward to seemingly impossible limits, while her mother’s lips – nay, her entire mouth – submerged themselves inside her own daughter’s heated depths.

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  Jennifer cried out in such a strained voice that I knew she had been building to a climax without any real indication of such. When Nancy found the inner surfaces of her pussy and licked and sucked at them, Jennifer’s body could no longer wait and boiled over, releasing that pent-up passion. “Oh, God, lady; you are incredible. Please suck my pussy. Please stick your tongue in me again. Oh, God, that felt good!” Jennifer rambled through clenched teeth. Nancy obliged and tongue-fucked her daughter without mercy, slashing from top to bottom and back again with intense insertions of lips and tongue as deeply as was possible. (I actually wondered where Nancy had learned such a thing – or does it come naturally to a woman?)When Jennifer began to pant and breathe so shallowly that it was evident another orgasm was due, Nancy moved to her daughter’s bulging clit and sucked it so deep into her mouth that her cheeks bowed inward with the pressure. I could tell she was lashing the clit from all sides as Jennifer began to twitch and thrash about on the bed until I wondered how Nancy kept her face seated in her daughter’s honey pot. A long, drawn-out scream tore itself from Jennifer’s throat as her mother bit down on that swollen mini-cock in her mouth and rolled it between her teeth. Jennifer’s body went rigid and stayed that way for nearly 18 seconds and then crashed to the bed in a mass of limp muscles and limbs. Had she passed out as her mother had in some of our encounters?No, she was awake and murmuring things – obscene things, like, “Fuck my cunt, you whore-woman; suck me till I turn inside out; God, I feel like my cunt is on fire; my guts are going to explode if you touch me with your tongue again; but I want you more; I want more of you; fuck me, lady; fuck me!”Nancy was more than happy to oblige, of course, and slid two fingers into Jennifer’s opening, curling them upward toward the front wall of her pussy and almost immediately finding that tiny spot of rough, spongy skin that holds a million tiny nerve endings. She stroked it and touched it and watched her daughter’s body go into spasms with a crescendo of orgasms, one right after the other, perhaps four or five in the space of three minutes. Sweat was pouring from Jennifer’s body, covering every inch of her young skin with a sheen and a shine. Pussy nectars of every possible consistency were pouring out onto Nancy’s hand and she tried in vain to lick them up as fast as they were provided.

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   Finally, Jennifer reached down and grabbed Nancy’s hand and pulled it away from her pussy. “No; no more; I can’t take any more; I think I’ll die if you touch me again. Please stop; please stop. ” And she pulled Nancy’s hand up to her mouth and sucked her fingers and the palm of her hand clean. “God, that is warm!” she murmured, and then threw her hands up to the pillows at her head and squeezed her cunt muscles so that an inordinate amount of juice flowed out onto the bedspread. Nancy lost no time in bending to lick her clean, but very gently, hardly touching her pussy lips at all. But now, as Jennifer lay there breathing ragged gulps of air, Nancy did something even I had not thought of. She leaned forward and took one of her tiny breasts in her hand and squeezed it and molded it and crushed it until the nipple and the aureole bulged out like a child’s balloon at a party when one squeezes it in the middle. And she rubbed that swollen nipple all over her daughter’s sloppy cunt. She forced the nipple inside the lips and rubbed it up and down the slit, flicking it at the clit each time she passed by. And I watched as Jennifer and Nancy both climbed the heavenly staircase of orgasm and crashed down together in bliss. Nancy climbed off the bed on unsteady legs and came to whisper in my ear, “Ask her if she is ready for the next part of the experiment. ”I asked Jennifer if she was ready to stop or if she was willing to try something different with her woman of mystery. She assured me she was ready, between those ragged gasps, and said she had never felt this good, even with me. My ego took a little bit of a dent there, but I realized this was something no young girl had ever experienced before and I, too, wanted to see where it was going.

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  Nancy moved to Jennifer’s dressing table and picked up her hairbrush. She spread her legs and proceeded to brush her bushy cunt hair until it stood out in such a fluff it looked like she had placed a wig between her legs. It was wet and sticky with her own cum and it took all my efforts not to grab her and fuck her right there on the floor. She then climbed on top of Jennifer on her knees with one leg on either side of Jennifer’s chest. She maneuvered her pelvis so that Jennifer’s left nipple was pointed straight at her cunt. She motioned to me to tell Jennifer what was coming and I knelt down beside the bed to speak into Jennifer’s ear. “You probably don’t know what caused that very last eruption, do you?” As she shook her head in the negative, I continued, “Your mystery woman shoved her tit right up into your cunt and forced an orgasm like I’ve not seen in years. Now, you are going to do the same thing to her. ”And Nancy took Jennifer’s left breast in her hands and began to squeeze and maul it until I thought the girl would cry out. All she did, however, was moan and groan deep down in her throat as her nipple and aureole were rubbed up and down through the huge, hairy bush between her mother’s legs. As Nancy applied pressure, the nipple disappeared, followed by a good full inch of lumpy aureole. I could see Nancy squeezing her cunt muscles and Jennifer nearly expired right there when she felt her tit being nipped by a cunt. Jennifer did something unexpected, though. She reached her hand in between her mother’s legs and grabbed a handful of pussy hair and clenched her fist. Nancy grunted and threw her head back, but did not cry out.


   Instead, she slammed her cunt down on Jennifer’s tit and rubbed her entire pelvis around in circles. Jennifer removed her hand and allowed it to drop back onto the pillow at her head. Nancy looked again at me and motioned toward her pussy and Jennifer’s face. I spoke to Jennifer again, “My sweet little girl, you are going to taste your first pussy now. Be aware that you owe this woman something special. Try to remember what I did to you and what she did to you. If you can make her cum, we might reveal to you who she really is. Are you ready?”In answer, Jennifer opened her mouth wide and licked the air in front of her with an extended tongue. Nancy inched herself forward until she was directly over Jennifer’s mouth. I pushed another pillow beneath her head and her lips came into contact with the first fringes of that hairy busy. She squealed and lifted her face to bury it deeply into the forest of blonde-red hair that surrounded Nancy’s love box. Nancy lowered herself until Jennifer did not have to strain her neck in lifting toward her target. Jennifer sighed so deeply, I thought she would inhale Nancy’s pussy on the return breath. And she began to lick. She began to suck.

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   She began to provide a masterful cunt-lapping for her own mother – unbeknownst to her. This time, I shall not go into each and every detail of the next twenty minutes of daughter-to-mother cunnilingus. Let us just say that Jennifer had certainly learned a lot from the pictures and videos she had been downloading. Nancy was in heaven; she was writhing and sliding her messy, sloppy cunt all over her daughter’s face until Jennifer finally located her clit with her lips. I could almost see the cunning look on the face buried in that hairy beaver. I watched as Jennifer’s cheeks hollowed and Nancy’s clit was inexorably sucked into her mouth. I observed how Nancy’s body seemed to lose control and became like a rubber doll, flapping and flopping all over the place. She was going into one of her massive orgasms. I could not take the chance of having her pass out here on top of her daughter, so I moved to Jennifer’s head and told her to open her eyes. As Nancy began her, “Uhhh … uhhh … uhhh … uhhh” rhythm, I knew she was on the very edge. I waited, timing what I thought was the rise in her excitement until she reached up and grabbed her nipples and twisted them viciously, screaming out in orgasmic pain and release. And I whipped the blindfold off Jennifer’s eyes. “MOM!!!!! What the hell?”””“Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t stop fucking me, you little cunt-sucking bitch! Eat my cunt and make me cum in your mouth! Do it! Do it now!” Nancy screamed at her daughter and grabbed her by the hair at her ears and crammed her face into her hairy snatch. (Don’t you just love it when good Catholic girls talk dirty?)Jennifer overcame her initial shock and viciously sucked her mother into one of her famous ‘lost-all-control’ orgasms, whereupon, she collapsed backward, bending at the knees and landing on the bed between Jennifer’s legs, completely unconscious. I bent and kissed Jennifer’s mouth, sucking and licking all of Nancy’s copious juices from her lips, cheeks and chin.

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   “Yes, your mom,” I whispered to her. “She wanted to be your first woman. I think there will be others in your life, but you will always remember your mom – she was the first. What do you have to say, Jennifer, dear?”“She tasted so fucking good. She tasted better even than me. I want to fuck her every day until we are both too old to fuck any more. She’s the best mom in the whole fucking world!” she blubbered out between sobs. And I kissed her again. Standing there, looking down at a true vision of beauty – Nancy on her back, bent at the knees, red-gold hair on her pussy sticky and wet with her cum and Jennifer’s saliva, out like the proverbial light; Jennifer on her back with her head at the other end of the bed, legs splayed and pussy glistening with her own secretions. Lord, Lord, what wonderful things have I done to be graced with such a vision – two pussies pointing at each other and both of my hands free…. . I just couldn’t believe it. A thought leaped to my mind and I said to Jennifer, “Jennifer, remember the story of the woman who used a bumpy cucumber to reach a climax?”“Sure,” she said. “I think that’s really cool; I’m going to try it sometime, I think. ”“Well, guess who that woman was, dear girl?” I laughed in her direction.


  “Oh, no! Mom? My mom fucked herself with a cucumber? Jesus!” she exclaimed with a broad grin on her face. And her mother began to stir and wake up. .