Nancy, The Girl Next Door, Ch. 7


She whispered, “Yes, I understand,” just as I bent to kiss her lips softly and tenderly. They were so young, so soft, so pliant, so warm, almost trembling. She lifted her arms to put them around my neck and I stopped her by saying, “No. I will tell you when to touch me. Until then, just do as I say. ” She dropped her arms to her sides and allowed me to continue the kisses along her jaw line, down to her neck and to that small place where shoulder meets neck. I nuzzled her there while my hands moved to each wrist and placed her hands behind her back. “Keep them there until I tell you to move, I murmured into her neck. ” She sighed deeply and I continued my kisses along her collarbone and down to her breastbone where I gave a small lick with my tongue, causing her to stiffen just slightly. I kept murmuring small love sounds and she relaxed as I knelt down and my mouth sought out the upper swell of those gorgeous breasts. I kissed and licked at the entire upper surface on both breasts, lightly coating them with my saliva and moving then around to the outer swells and doing the same. I could not help but notice the stiffening of her nipples against my cheek as I did this and smiled to myself. She was a very responsive young woman. Her body knew what it wanted and was preparing itself for the eventual rush it would feel. After spending a goodly amount of time on the side and lower surfaces of her breasts, I paused, directly in front of her nipples, looking at them and marveling at the beauty of their composition. Taut, tight, upward-tilting, about a quarter-inch in length, now deep rose-red, no longer pink.

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   Her aureoles, too, had deepened in color and now rivaled the dusky rose in my garden. They were bumpy and crinkly as they accepted the excitement rushing through her body. I blew a soft breath on each of those nipples and was rewarded by a breathy moan from the girl in front of me. I took this as my signal that all was well and I should continue. I bent in to kiss first her left, then her right nipple with a soft, teasing kiss, just flicking the tip of my tongue on the very end of each nipple as I broke the kiss. Her throat constricted and a small yelp sneaked out. I nuzzled against one nipple and opened my mouth to suck it in, deeply. Realizing I had only a few minutes to spare, I spent some time kissing, licking and sucking each of her nipples and sucking the entire aureole inside my mouth at one time or another in my ministrations. I then fondled each breast with a hand and began leaving a trail of small kisses down along her ribcage to her stomach. Her stomach muscles began to flutter and tremble as I kissed my way to her navel and dipped my tongue into it. I kissed all around and up and down her stomach and lowered myself onto the floor completely, where I slid my hands down from her breasts and allowed them to circle her waist and then down to cup her buttocks in my hands. Oh, God, so firm, so soft, so smooth…my cock was raging in my pants by this time and I was kissing the very edge of where her pubic hair would have begun had she not “magic-creamed” it all away. I felt her stiffen and murmured, “No, dear, don’t stiffen up; relax; your experiment is only beginning. I think you will like this. ”And I leaned in and kissed the apex of her pussy lips, allowing my tongue to slide out and in between the slit of her pussy.

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   “Oh, Jesus!” she cried out, and put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me to her. I immediately stopped what I was doing and took her by the wrists. I stood up and faced her. Looking down at her, I repeated, “I gave you instructions not to touch me until I gave you permission. I have not done so. Don’t make that mistake again. ”A big tear formed in one eye and I kissed it away while bending down to scoop her up in my arms and lay her on the bed, once again, crosswise, with her knees at the edge of the bed and her legs hanging down. I leaned over her and spoke directly into her lips as I kissed her again, “Now, dear thing, feel what it is like to have someone else touch you where only you have touched before. ”And I slid both hands down along her ribcage and across her stomach to lift her knees upwards. I sank down onto my knees on the floor beside the bed and laid her knees on my shoulders with her feet behind my back. I allowed both hands to slide down from her knees along her inner thighs, caressing, teasing, tickling for several minutes, never really touching anything but her soft skin. When her stomach muscles began to twitch again, I used one fingertip of each hand to trace the outside edges of her pussy lips where they touched her thighs. She leaped up in the air a good two inches and exhaled a huge amount of air she had been holding for I don’t know how long. As she came down onto the bed, a trickle of her liquid excitement seeped out from between the lips I was tracing. I lifted that droplet onto the tip of my finger and raised my head so she could see what I was doing.

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   I used the tip of my tongue to lick the droplet from my finger and sucked the finger into my mouth. “Ahhhh, you really do taste as good as you look, my sweet girl. ”What came out of her mouth next surprised me beyond all imagination. “Eat me, Mr. _____ ! Eat me! Oh, God, kiss my pussy. Lick it for me! I’m on fire. My pussy itches so much I have to touch it if you don’t. Please? Please?”Never one to ignore the pleas of a damsel in distress, I used two fingers to trace the slit between her lips, up and down, up and down and spread them just a tiny bit, watching the now-increased flow of nectars from her inner reservoir. Her hips began a slow undulation and I leaned in to place a warm, wet kiss at the very center of her grotto. I pressed my lips into the opening and pulled her lips apart with my thumbs. My lips sunk into the opening and found her inner love set and licked at them, tasting such ambrosia as my mind had never imagined. And another loud, “Oh, Jesus!” escaped her lips. I nibbled and pulled at them with my lips and teeth. They swelled and became slick and rubbery to the touch of my tongue. I sucked them deliberately into my mouth and held them there with a huge force of suction while I backed off and pulled them outside her outer lips.

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   They were huge! They easily protruded from the cleft of her now-swollen outer set of lips. They were bright red, not pink, and blood-filled with her arousal. I plunged back into the cleft and licked and sucked and pulled at them with my mouth as my fingers found crevices and holes to caress and delve into. She was now a writhing wreck on the bed and her cries had grown so loud that I knew Nancy could hear out in the hall. As my assault on her inner lips increased, I could sense a new movement of her body. She was pushing her pussy down at me, almost asking me to move my face upward. I immediately understood and allowed my tongue to slide deeply into her inner vault and upward along the length of her now-slimy slit. At the top I found her clit, now emerging from her hidey-hood and used the tip of my tongue to circle, circle, circle the stem, never really touching her, but pushing the skin of her hood backward and sideways and pulling it loose so that she could emerge in all her glory. Goddamn! I was making love to her pussy!Pulling back a few inches and breathing heavily on her pussy, I could see her nub; although ‘nub’ would be a poor choice of words. I absolutely love her mother’s clit, but compared to this one in front of me, her mother’s is a mere pimple. God, it was already nearly a half-inch long and pearly-white-pink in color. Slick and shiny from her secretions, this button of desire stood up towards my waiting mouth and I did not shirk from devouring her immediately. Forming my lips into a tiny “O” I descended upon her clit and sucked on it with gusto. I was rewarded with several separate reactions from Jennifer. First, she stiffened her entire body and jolted almost upright on the bed.

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   Second, her clit grew to magnificent proportions in my mouth – nearly a full inch long and throbbing with Jennifer’s increased pulse rate. And finally, Jennifer let loose with a veritable torrent of her inner juices, which fairly inundated my mouth and beard. Her mother was a heavy ‘cummer’ and so was the daughter. I lapped at the discharge with my tongue and sucked at every crevice I could find. Then, I trapped her clit between my lips again and held her there while I flicked, flicked, flicked, perhaps a hundred times with the tip of my tongue. Jennifer screamed out in her ecstasy and went rigid, her thighs tightening around my head and her pussy heating up to incredible proportions. I had made this young girl cum in my mouth, and I drank greedily of her contribution to our experiment. I felt her slowly begin to relax and realized she had disobeyed my command not to touch me. Her hands were on the back of my bald head, pressing my face into her slickly-wet pussy lips. I could not have released her completely if I had wanted to. I continued to lave my tongue from end to end of her pussy, sucking and drinking each and every offered drop of her dew. She sighed several times, shuddering once or twice when she did. I reached underneath her ass and lifted her away from the bed where I proceeded to lick the area between asshole and pussy free of juices that had dripped there. She jumped at my touch, but loved it as was evidenced by her deep sighs and the mewing sounds coming from her throat. Releasing her cheeks to return to the bedspread, I took her wrists in my hands and removed them from the back of my head; I stood at the side of the bed.

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  “You have disobeyed me once again, little girl. This time, I cannot forgive it. You must be punished. Sit up on the edge of the bed. ”Jennifer got the slyest look in her eye and whispered, “Yes, daddy, I was a naughty little girl. You will probably have to spank me some more now, won’t you?”“No spanking this time, little girl. Now I must teach you another lesson. You must learn to obey without thinking about it. Now, close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you that you may look. ”She followed my orders with a smile on her face. I immediately removed my clothing and piled it on her desk chair. I stood directly in front of her face and allowed my now-rampant cock to dangle its stiffness almost touching her nose. “Now, without opening your eyes, little girl, give me your hands. ” She held out her hands, palms up, and I took them in mine. “Do only as I instruct you, nothing more.

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  ” And I lifted her hands to the point where they came into contact with my cock. “Hold him in your hands, but don’t move. ”She slowly wrapped her hands around my cockshaft and held him lightly. “Now, without opening your eyes, touch him everywhere. Feel his softness. Feel his hardness. Stroke his length. Feel his girth. Love him with your hands. ”Her breathing increased in rapidity and I realized she could probably smell the scent of the pre-cum that had begun to leak rather profusely from the tip of my cock. Her hands began to explore my cock from scrotum to tip. She lightly caressed my swollen balls as if she already knew to be tender in her touch there. Her fingers found the wetness at the tip of my cock and spread it all over the bulbous purple head allowing her fingertips to find the corona ridge and trace its outline as well. By this time my cock had reached its full length and girth and I told her she could open her eyes. She did.

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  She gasped and held it tighter in her hands. She looked up at me with wide eyes and said, “God, I thought you were kidding. I didn’t know it was really your … your …”“Cock,” I finished for her. “Say it. Your cock. ”“Your … cock. I thought it was something fake as a joke. Oh, my God, it’s big. As big as the ones on the websites I looked at. Oh, please don’t; please don’t. ”“Don’t what?” I asked her. “Don’t, you know, don’t have intercourse with me. ”“You mean to say, ‘Don’t fuck me!’ right? You mean to say, ‘Don’t fuck me with that big cock!’ Isn’t that what you want to say?”“I mean please don’t … ah … fuck me … now. You can fuck me later if you want, but I want to be with a woman first. Please don’t punish me.

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   I just don’t want to fuck yet. ”“Oh, my dear little girl; I had not intended to fuck you. The experiment is for a woman to make you feel good first, then perhaps you and I will find a reason to slide this cock into that incredibly delicious little pussy of yours; but not now. ”“Do you really think my pussy tastes good?”“Oh, yes, dear girl; oh, yes. ”“I taste myself a lot and I think it is delicious, too. I hope whoever my mom finds will think I taste good. Do you think she will?”“I don’t think you have to worry, Jennifer. But for now, I must give you the punishment promised. Remember?”“But you said no spanking, remember, … daddy?” She had slipped into a small role-play here, probably learned from online chat rooms, etc. “That’s right; no spanking. I am going to punish you in another way, little girl. And I like it when you call me daddy. It makes all this seem even more lascivious. ”“What are you going to do, daddy?”“I’m going to fuck your mouth, little girl. ”She blanched and looked at my cock in front of her face.

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   “You mean you’re going to put this in my mouth, daddy? Will I choke?”“Yes, in your mouth, dear; no you won’t choke; I’ll be very gentle. You can be a big help if you will relax your mouth and suck on me like your favorite lollipop. Then it won’t seem to you like such a punishment. Are you ready?”She had a bit of a confused look on her face, but she agreed that she was ready. She reached up to take hold of my cock again, but I stopped her. “Haven’t you ever seen pictures of this on the ‘net, little girl?”“Yes, daddy, but the guy was always sitting or lying down and the girl was always over his … cock. You’re standing up. Will it be the same?”“Almost the same. I like it like this because I can look down and see my cock in between your lips and I love it when you take as much as you can and then look up at me with those huge blue eyes. Are you ready to try it?”She returned her gaze to the wet tip of my cock and nodded, yes. I held her chin with one hand and my cock with the other. I rubbed the slick head over her lips and coated them with my pre-cum, sliding back and forth until they gleamed with slick wetness. “Now, lick your lips, dear girl. Taste what I am going to taste like inside your mouth. Get used to it.


  ”She flicked out her tongue and tasted the wetness and repeated the motion until she had completely cleaned her lips of my pre-cum coating and then smiled up at me. “That’s not bad at all, daddy; in fact, I think it’s almost as delicious as me. ” And she giggled. “Then open your mouth just a little and kiss my cock. Just kiss the head with your lips open a bit. Ahhhhh, that’s it. Now flick the tip with your tongue. Ooooooh, you are very good at this. Are you sure you’ve never done it before?”“No, daddy, I never did it. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a real cock except in pictures. I never let any of my dates touch me and I never touched them, either. I was always waiting for you, daddy. ” And she bent to kiss and suck the head of my throbbing cock again. I knew I would not last long at this rate, so I held her face in my hands and began to slide the length of my cock into her mouth. She didn’t resist at all, but opened her mouth as wide as was comfortable and accepted my offering.

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   I pushed the entire head inside her mouth, behind her teeth and she closed her lips around it and sucked with gusto. I asked, “Is that OK? Does it taste good to you?”“Mmmmm---hmmmm!” was her enthusiastic reply. I now began to stroke back and forth, holding her face in my hands until a good three or four inches had begun to puff out and suck in her cheeks as I entered and retreated in each stroke. She had begun to hum and moan around my cock and her eyes fluttered open and closed several times during this, her first oral sex. “If you like what I’m doing, dear girl, just use your tongue to wrap around my cock inside your mouth and hum some more. ”Her tongue immediately began to lash at the tip of my cock and wrapped itself around and around the shaft, causing more and more saliva to form in her mouth, some of which escaped and dripped down onto her breasts. The rest, she was forced to swallow. She actually smiled around my cock when she did this. “Honey, I am going to let go of your face now. I want you to use your hands and your mouth to fuck my cock. You do it. I am not going to help. Fuck my thick cock with your mouth and take as much of it as you can inside. When I am ready to cum, I will tell you and you can let me know where you want me to cum … in your mouth, on your face, in your hair, on your tits … you can tell me. ”I let go of her face and allowed my hands to dangle down to where they could find her nipples, pinching and rolling one between each set of thumb and forefingers.

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   She went at her task with gusto, grasping my cock with both hands and stroking me into her mouth. With each stroke, she managed to take another centimeter or two into her oral chasm until the tip touched the back of her throat and tears came to her eyes as she fought her gag reflex. I told her, “That’s enough. You can’t take it all as a little girl. You have to grow up some more before you can swallow me whole. ”She nodded with my cock in her mouth and sucked at the head and pulled a length of some 6 inches inside. That was the limit to which she could go, but I knew it was more than enough to provide the kind of orgasm I was expecting. For the next two or three minutes, Jennifer sucked, licked and nibbled at my cock until I felt the stirrings of my orgasm in my calves. As I was just about to say something to Jennifer about the impending explosion, I happened to look up and saw Nancy’s face reflected in the dresser mirror. She had been watching through a slightly-ajar door. For how long? How much had she seen?I lifted my hands and shrugged my shoulders as if to say, “Like mother, like daughter, I guess. ” And I gave my attention to what was about to explode into Jennifer’s unsuspecting mouth. “Jennifer,” I said, “I’m about to cum. You know when a man cums, he shoots a lot of fluid out of the end of his cock. That’s very close now for me.

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   I want to know where you want the cum to land. Do you want it to shoot into your mouth? Do you want to pull my cock out of your mouth and shoot on your face, or your hair, or do you want to point my cock down at your tits and coat them with my cum? You need to tell me, quickly. ”She allowed the head to just pop out from between her lips for a second and said, “On my face, on my face, like in the pictures. ” And plunged her head back onto my throbbing cock. I now took her hands away from my cock and held her chin with one hand and my cock with the other. I continued to fuck her mouth with slow, even strokes, not too deep so as to gag her, but deep enough to keep the head inside her lips. I am not one to imitate the porn films and pull out to jerk off onto a woman’s face. No, I prefer to come to the very, very edge while actually fucking her face. Within another eight or nine strokes, the moment was near and I pulled out to squirt my first glob directly onto her lips and cheek. The next spurt flew up into her hair and glistened there in her curls. Before I had a chance to do anything else, Jennifer grabbed my cock and plunged it back into her mouth, slamming her face down and back, stroking another two, three squirts out of my cock and into her mouth. And now it was completed. She sucked and licked at the head and tasted every drop I had to offer her. And she remembered! She pulled my cock as deep into her mouth as she could and then opened her eyes and looked directly up at me and smiled around the thick shaft between her lips. And she swallowed.

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