Nancy, The Girl Next Door, Ch. 4


Sebastian’s movements became more and more intense as he applied some pressure to her lips with the head of his cock, causing them to flare outward and allow the head to move between them. If Nancy noticed anything unusual about the size of this intruder, she did not reflect it in her body attitude. She remained erect on her knees, eyes closed, head lolling back and her hands on Sebastian’s shoulders. I heard him whisper to her, “Little girl, you are about to experience something new. Are you prepared?”In an almost stupor-like voice, I heard her reply, “Oooooh, God, Sebastian; it feels so hot against my pussy. I want … I want you … I want you to fuck me!” The last line was delivered with a shiver that shook her entire upper body. Sebastian held onto his cock with his right hand and inserted his left between her thighs as well. She shifted her legs wider to accommodate his other hand and sighed deeply as he continued his rubbing up and down her slit, spreading her lips wider with each long slide. He used his thumb and forefinger of the left hand to spread the opening of her pussy and lodged the head directly against that opening with his right. A slight bit of pressure on his part and the head was seated exactly where he wanted it to be. “Now, dear girl, look at me. Open your eyes and look at me as I fuck you. That tiny white body is going to belong to this black one in a short while and I want to see you react to what you are going to feel,” he spoke to her. Nancy straightened her head and opened her eyes to look at him. As she opened her mouth to speak, Sebastian used both hands to press down on her hipbones, which served as the launch for the pussy assault about to commence. The head slipped slowly inside the pair of puffy outer lips, as he pressed downward with his hands.

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   Relentlessly he pushed upward with his hips as he pressed down with his hands. Nancy’s eyes flew wide as she realized what was happening. She stiffened, but Sebastian gave no quarter and continued the pressure on her cunt vault. She gasped a huge breath of air and was about to scream out when he warned her, “No sound; no screams; nothing until I have given permission!”She looked at him with such an incredulous, questioning stare that he was forced to smile that huge, white smile of his and say, “Yes, little girl; you are going to be fucked by a cock. A real cock. Not the sort of cock that you have experienced before this. This is my cock. This is the cock of a King. Remember that as I slowly drive you insane. ”Nancy began to shake her head from side to side, moaning, “No, no, you can’t … too big … too fat … tiny pussy …” but Sebastian did not waver from his goal. He pressed harder. From my squatting position, I could see the delicious contrast of jet-black cock, red-gold pussy hair and ivory-white skin. This is the stuff of movies. I sat down on the floor and watched the scene develop. Centimeter by centimeter, his enormous black rod slid into her chasm.

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   Each new, gentle thrust was greeted by gasps, moans, mews and whimpers from Nancy – but never a word of complaint. Within the next eight to ten minutes, Sebastian had managed to insert a full nine inches of his cock into my tiny neighbor’s incredibly juicy (the liquid was fairly pouring down his shaft onto my couch) cunt. Nancy’s breathing now changed to tiny, rapid gasps for air. Sebastian again began to push upward with his fuck instrument, but we both saw her body stiffen and a yelp of pain was forced from between her lips. She immediately whispered to him that she was sorry for speaking without permission, but that it hurt; she did not do well with pain, she told him, and asked if he would wait a minute. Sebastian licked at her nipples and murmured, “We are near the end, little cunt; you have almost become my woman. Relax every muscle you can find, and I shall continue. ” As he finished this sentence, he again kissed, licked and sucked at her now-swollen nipples and nearly swallowed one entire breast-end by sucking a huge breath in while the nipple was in his mouth. Nancy did as she was told and relaxed, visibly, every muscle in her body. Her head fell forward and rested on top of Sebastian’s head; her arms fell limply to her sides and she breathed deeply and slowly. Sebastian began a twisting, pushing motion with his hips and I watched, incredulously, as another full inch stuffed its way into her stretched pussy. If I were to have made a measurement here, I would say that a full ten inches of black meat was now pulsing and pushing the insides of her cunt. And Sebastian stopped moving. Nancy had begun to tremble. Her thigh muscles were twitching and her stomach muscles were fluttering.

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   She was now gasping for breath again and had thrown her head back – in, what? Pain? Delirium? Pleasure? The tremors in her muscles increased to such a pitch that Sebastian did not have to move a muscle at all. She was involuntarily fucker herself on his black love muscle. She was cumming, for sure. I recognized the flush that was creeping up her neck and coloring her shoulders. She let out a keening wail that lasted for nearly 30 seconds and stiffened from calf muscle to neck muscle and immediately lost consciousness. This girl honestly took cumming to levels I had personally never observed before. Sebastian’s thighs were soaked with her secretions, as was the cushion beneath them. I wondered for a fleeting moment how I would ever explain that to my wife. Nancy lay there on Sebastian’s shoulder and breathed deep in her unconscious sleep. I took the opportunity to ask a question. “Do you think she can take the additional inch or inch and a half, Sebastian?”“I am certain I would hurt her beyond reason if I tried to force my way into her any further,” he replied. “From what I can feel right now, the opening to her cervix is clutching at the very tip of my cock. While the sensation is delightful, I do not wish to give her the discomfort of pushing into that last bastion of virginity. Do you understand that?”I told him that I did and that I was pleased with his restrictions on himself. A lesser man would have slammed into her and hurt her immeasurably.

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   I wondered what I would have done, had I been equipped with such a member as Sebastian. Sebastian got a strange look on his face and asked me, “Edward, do you think you would like to take advantage of the situation? There is a practice among the Caucasians that we in my country do not readily participate in. I was wondering if you might like to slide your own cock into her ass while she is so relaxed. With my cock lodged in her as it is, I am not sure she would be willing to accept your offering if she were conscious. ”It took but a half-minute to fly upstairs to my office and retrieve a secreted tube of Anal-Eze and to divest myself of my clothing. I stepped up behind Nancy and liberally coated both my rampantly erect cock and her tiny, puckered entrance with the lube. I bent my knees and placed the bright purple head against her opening and pushed. With surprising ease, my entire cock slid into her incredibly hot rear entrance. I was grinding my pubic hair against her ass cheeks in mere seconds. I could not help but smile. I looked at Sebastian and said, “Yes, I used a liberal amount of lubrication. I, too, would not like to cause unnecessary pain to our little fuck slave, Sebastian. Would you like to wake her up now?”He grinned up at me and began to talk into Nancy’s ear. He whispered and murmured to her, all the time rubbing her shoulders and face with his hands. She began to rouse and tried to sit up straight, but with my cock in her ass and my weight holding her in her position, she was not able to.

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  Now, she did scream. But Sebastian cut it off with his hand and told her to relax and enjoy her first double penetration. I felt her stiffen and in response, I pulled my cock out to the head-ridge and thrust it back deep into her. She moaned an incredible sound and placed her hands on his shoulders again, pushing backwards against my thrusting cock. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me,” was all that came out of her mouth, in a definite rhythm, for the next three or four minutes. Then, her head snapped up and she was again lost in the throes of a gut-wrenching orgasm. Sebastian did not allow her to lose consciousness this time, and pinched and tugged at her nipples until they were stretched outward to an unbelievable length. My cock was reaching maximum drive when Sebastian said, “Let’s bathe her in our love juices, Edward. Are you close to ready?”I replied that I was, and he immediately lifted her up, off his cock and I heard an unmistakable vacuum-breaking suction, as the head was torn free of her cunt lips. An inordinate amount of her fluids came rushing down onto my thighs, as he broke free of her. My cock, too, was pulled from its warm repose, and I moved back to see what Sebastian had in mind. He laid her down on her back on the hassock and stood on her left side, motioning me to her right.

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   He then took her left hand and guided it to his cock; I did the same with her right. She immediately got the idea and began to stroke us steadily and almost lovingly, though her breath was coming in ragged gasps and I could still see spasms in her stomach muscles. Within the next two minutes, both Sebastian and I erupted across her alabaster body, raining torrents of clumpy, ropy, gray-white cum onto her tiny breasts, stomach, pubic hair and thighs. She did not stop stroking and milking us until we were totally dry. She began to sit up when Sebastian gently pushed her down with one hand on her shoulder and told her to open her mouth. He then lowered himself just enough to scoop up gobs of our mixed cum on the head and shaft of his monstrous cock from her breasts and stomach, and transferred it to her mouth. Nancy looked up at him with wide-spread eyes and licked his cock clean and shiny black. She sucked the head between her lips, and though she could not get it entirely into her mouth, she licked it clean and left it wet and shiny. Sebastian motioned to me to do the same with the globs of cum still remaining on the blonde-haired surface of her mound. I bent my knees and rolled my cockhead in the mess on her pussy mound, coating it with a thick film of his and my cum. I stood up, but instead of moving to her mouth, I told them I had another idea. I picked up the remote for the VCR and told Sebastian to lie down on his back on the floor. He did and it was easily noted that his cock was nearly as rigid now as it had been when he first thrust it into her cunt-chasm. Nancy allowed me to lift her from the hassock and place her over his cock, facing his feet. I held her hands as she lowered herself down onto his massive tool.

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   He held himself erect and spread her lips as he had before, placing the head against her sloppy opening. I watched her first tense up, then relax completely as she sank lower and lower onto his cock. When she had reached the limits of her comfort, she held herself with her knees. I hit the button on the VCR and fast-forwarded to the very end. As the picture came into focus, we could see the Catholic schoolgirl sitting on that huge, black cock. And from the side of the frame, another cock – white – approached her mouth. In tandem with the girl in the video, Nancy opened her lips and allowed me to slide my cock directly into her mouth. She closed her mouth and began to lick and suck, cleaning my cock of the collected cum of two men – one Black, one white. Sebastian continued to slide his cock up and down in her loose and lubed cunt and Nancy breathed in a sigh of what can only be assumed was true contentment. “Nancy, my little girl next door,” I murmured, holding her cheeks in my hands and looking down into those beautiful blue eyes as my cock slid in and out of her sucking mouth, “here’s your video dream. You’re the girl in the show. You are a fuck-slut. And you love it. Remember today, because it is a very special day for you. ”And I know she smiled around the cock in her mouth as the video faded to black.

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