My step-daughter Stacey


Stacey was 18 when I married her mother, Shelly. She quickly became a great step-daughter. We shared a lot of the same interests and we’d spend time together watching TV, running in the park, or just hanging out when Shelly was away on business. We just enjoyed each other’s company. As Stacey became older, I couldn’t help but notice that she was turning into a beautiful young woman. She had a lot of her mom’s best features including a long, athletic body complete with perfect B-cup breasts, toned legs and a spectacular ass. Stacey, like Shelley, had blonde hair that was styled in a way that served as a perfect frame for her face. On top of that, she had a beautiful smile. Stacey and I remained close over the next 2 years, but I couldn’t say the same about Shelly and I. My world came crashing down one day when I overheard Shelly and Stacey talking. I was working in our basement when they came in the house. I had taken my car into the shop and a buddy had dropped me off at home, so they didn’t know I was home. Anyway, Stacey was grilling her mom with questions. Stacey: “Mom, tell me the truth. You’ve always said there are no secrets between us. ”Shelly: “Stace, you know I love Lee.

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  ”Stacey: “That wasn’t what I asked you Mom. Are you fooling around with your boss or not? I‘ve seen the way he looks at you. ”At that point, there was a pause that seemed to last forever, but in reality was just a few seconds long. Shelly: “Yes, I’m having an affair, but please keep this between us. It’s a terrible mistake and I don’t want it to ruin what Lee and I have. ”Stacey stood up for me and told her mom that she didn’t deserve a man like me, and that I was more of a man than any of the fools she had dated in the past. The conversation went on for a little bit longer, but I was in a daze. I just sat in a corner of the basement by myself for an hour or so. I more or less kept to myself the next few days. Shelly left soon thereafter on another business trip and was going to be gone for a week, which was just the break I needed. It helped knowing her boss was not on the trip with her. Stacey paid close attention to me the day Shelly left. Obviously, I knew why, but Stacey didn’t know that I knew. Anyway, I took her out to dinner. Later, we stopped by the library so she could pick up some books she needed for school.

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   Stacey worked hard to keep my spirits up, which was appreciated. When we got home, Stacey went to her room upstairs to work on some homework while I watched some TV. After about an hour, I made some popcorn. I decided to take some up to Stacey. I knocked on her door, she said to come in, and I took the popcorn to her. She was sitting at her desk. Stacey: “Thanks for thinking of me Lee. ”Me: “You’re welcome. ”I started to walk out, but I decided to stay and spill the beans about overhearing the conversation she had with her mother. I apologized for eavesdropping, then thanked her for sticking up for me. Stacey: “Oh, I’m sorry you had to hear that. I hope you know I meant every word. ”Me: “That means a lot Stacey, more than you know. Thank you. ”Stacey: “You’re welcome.

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  ”At that point, I leaned down and kissed her on the top of her head and I gave her shoulders a nice squeeze. I told her we’d talk more later, but that I’d leave her alone at that time to finish her homework. A couple hours later, I was in my bedroom, getting ready to go to bed. Stacey walked in to say good night. She was wearing a tight T-shirt and boys shorts. She looked amazing. She chatted a little bit, then popped the one question that she had probably come into my room to ask. Stacey: “Lee, if you and mom separate, can we remain friends?”Me: “Of course. I’d be crushed if we didn’t. ”Stacey: “I hope we’re always close,” she said in a near whisper and at that point, she put a hand on my thigh. I was stunned for a second, but then I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I decided to go for broke. I leaned in and we kissed. After about 18 seconds, we broke from each other and Stacey stood up and took a couple steps toward the door. Just when I thought the worst, she reached back for me with her hand.

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  Stacey: “Can we go to my room?”With that, I took hold of her hand and followed her, nervous as ever. Once we reached her room, I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck for a little bit before turning her around and lifting her shirt up and off her body to expose the most beautiful breasts I had seen in my life. Me: “Stacey, you are so beautiful. ”I laid her down on her bed and started to lick and suck her nipples, which were standing at attention. Stacey moaned the sweetest moans every time I touched her nipples, and she ran a hand behind my head to draw me closer to her body. At the same time, I ran a hand down to her inner thigh and I used a finger to run circles.
    I could feel her warmth, which made me hard. I kissed down to her belly button and then reached down to remove her boy shorts. I’m sure I cracked a smile when I saw a beautiful hairy bush. Stacey: “Do you like it? I heard Mom tell a friend that’s what you liked, but that she wouldn’t do it, so I thought …. ”Me: “Baby, you are incredible. ”I lowered my head and began to run my tongue up and down her slit as I ran fingers through her beautiful bush. She was loving every second of it, wriggling her tight little body and then throwing a leg over my shoulder to gain some control of the action. I eventually slid a finger into her tight, wet pussy, then two fingers, prompting her to arch her back. All the while, I kept my tongue in constant motion.

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       I licked her clit to bring her to her first orgasm, which rocked her body and led to an explosive release of juices. I kept fingering her as I moved up to her ear and whispered that I loved her. I removed my shirt and my shorts, exposing my 9-inch cock with Stacey grabbed and softly stroked. Stacey: “You’re bigger than I imagined! You’re like twice the size of my old boyfriends!”Me: “Derek and Andy? You know I never thought they were good enough for you. I just hope they treated you well. ”Stacey: “They were okay, but they never made me explode like you just did. That was amazing. ”Me: “All I know is you’re the most amazing and the most beautiful woman I‘ve ever seen,” and as I said that, I slid my cock up and down her slit, then carefully eased it in, a few inches at a time. Stacey wasn’t a virgin, but she was incredibly tight and it felt so good. We kept looking in each other’s eyes as I worked my cock in a little deeper with each slow thrust. Me: “I love you Stacey. ”Stacey: “I love you  too …. Daddy. ”Stacey had never called me that before, but I liked it. I leaned in to kiss her, then I started to bring her to another orgasm with smooth, deep thrusts with my cock.

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       She exploded in another body-racking orgasm before I ever buried my whole cock in her body. She reached up, grabbed my head, and pulled me in for a passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. Stacey: “Please don’t ever leave me,” she said later as we cuddled in a spoon position. Me: “Never,“ I said as I ran fingers through her nice bush and other fingers over her breasts. I soon made love to her again, the second of 4 times that night. Shelly and I separated that year, but Stacey and I continued to see each other whenever possible. And after Stacey turned 18 and graduated high school, she came to live with me. .