My Mom and the Neighbor


My moms name is Friday she is 36yrs old, 5’ft 4’in tall and weighs a 136 pds. She measures a 36-32-36 And has green eyes and blond hair. Her ass is tight and looks great and her boobs which were artificially enhanced to match her large ass are stiff and beautiful with protruding nipples, look very natural. I am 15yrs old and I am her elder son and my pop kinda ran off. Then she married again when she was 27yrs old had a daughter at 28 and divorced at 29. she then again married a 36 year old stockbroker when she was 31 and had a son at 32 and divorced that odious guy at 35 for a very good settlement . She got a 25,000$ and a old Honda and me my mom my step-sister and brother moved down here to Los Angles.
are now living in this dubious neighborhood filled with junkies ,punks and losers. And I have been attending the school out her and it seems kinda dumb and boring and I don’t have many friends out here. As usual I woke up on this Thursday morning and went to school. Thursdays are usually boring with theory classes all day . So at lunch I bunked school saying I had a very bad stomach ache and left for home to play my PS-2. My mom had given me the extra key for emergencies so I used it and got in. My mom usually came from work at 5pm picking up my brother from his day care and my sister from her ballet class. So I thought I could act normal and get away with what I am doing as I usually turned up before them at 4:30. I came in locked up the doors went up to the kitchen fixed up some sandwiches to eat and took some cola and was pouring it into my cup when the hall door opened .

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   I froze as I saw my mom entering into the hall and right behind her was a guy.
recognized him immediately he was our neighbor who worked at the supermarket next to the beauty parlor where my mom worked. I have seen him hit on my mom a lot of times. He looked like a 60’s rock star with long hair, moustache and a goat-beard. He was somewhere around 5ft9 and had a well build body. He had blue eyes and dark hair and was probably in his late thirties. As they entered in I was shell shocked as I was not only going to be punished but was going to be admonished in front of this total loser whose stupid comments my mom found funny. Our kitchen is placed in such a way that you can look into the hall and the doorway from here but someone at the door or living room can only see us if they come inside. But they seemed to settle themselves in the living room itself so I was safe for the time being. Then that dumbass asked my mom for some liquior . my mom had her strong stuff in her closet so she went away to take it. In this mean time this shithead took some tablets and swallowed it in and used a spray on himself. As my mom came back with the vodka they started drinking and midway he took out some pot which seemed hand rolled and started smoking. He even forced my mom into it saying it would make her feel great and that it was made from some superior shit. As she started smoking he put his hands on her shoulder and pulled her near him and kissed her on the mouth.

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   And my mom started kissing him back and his hands were now harassing my moms boobs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
He freed my moms tits from here blouse and started pinching her right nipple as his mouth slowly moved towards the left breast . he was sucking on to the nipples making funny noises and my mom started moaning. Her nipples were erect now and she held his head close to her tits as he bit hard both the nipples one after the other. My moms hands were now on his zippers and she pulled his jeans down to his thighs and freed his hard throbbing cock from his underwear. His cock got bigger and bigger as she massaged his cock with her free hands while he was kissing her neck . he kissed her once more hard on her lips,  biting down on her lower lips and pushed her down towards his cock. His cock seemed long a 7 incher and when I thought it couldn’t get any more bigger as my mom kissed his penises tip it throbbed and got more bigger. She slowly caressed  his penis for the whole 71/2 inch length with her hands and slowly sucked his cocks hard pink tip. He cried out like an animal and pulled her head further as nearly three quarters of his cock went into her mouth and she chocked on it and pulled back quickly. But  it seems she enjoyed the feeling as she again gagged on his cock trying to take it completely into her mouth. After chocking on his penis three or four times my moms eyes were watery and his dick was dripping with my moms saliva. She now took his cock and made it face upwards as started licking on his balls like a dog. She even tried gagging on the balls as she tried to suck both into her mouth at a time.

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   Now that bastard sat on the couch as my mom on her knees moved near him and he lifted his legs and asked her to lick and clean his ass. She thought for a movement but she started licking around his ass and he forced his ass on her face. She even tried poking his ass with her tongue when he cried out like a beast calling my mom a ‘dirty bitch’.
made my mom stand up and said,”now lets see what you have?”. And my mom stood up and turned around slowly making some movements with her ass and she slowly took down her skirt. She was wearing a G-string panties inside and he pulled her back on the couch . he parted her panties and rubbed her clit as she started moaning . he put his mouth and was literally tearing up her pussy as she cried out and squirted hard on the couch and part on his face. Now I could feel my penis becoming hard after the intial shock of seeing my mom fucked. After she eased away he again started licking her juicy pussy and he opened up her pussy and fucked her with his middle finger and even tried to poke his entire hand in her vagina and even succeeded partly. My mother was again getting horny and ready and unconsciously my hand was massaging my erect cock. He said that he didn’t have any rubber and my mom said that he could enter her but he should pull out when he felt like cumming.
         he parted my moms legs got her panties out and put his penis tip in her pussy. He slowly entered her inch by inch and she nearly took everything in. he started fucking her shouting,”bitch, do you like it?” and my mom was crying out ‘yes,yes,yesss’.

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   He nearly rode her for 5 minutes and asked her to turn around and fucked her doggy style. He spit on her asshole and put his juicy cock in her a**hole and it took her by surprise and she cried out as he kept on pounding in her saying “ I know you like it this way, whore” .  after destroying her ass he turned her around and put his cock in her mouth and made her suck and choke on it saying “do you like the way your ass tastes?”.
He made her lie on the couch and took her the normal way and they were both shouting and moaning. She asked for him to do it  harder and harder while he shouted “dirty little whore you want it harder do you?” and was pounding her non stop at the same time biting of her nipples. And she squirted again once more crying out ”yes,yes,yesss” and I had taken out penis and was shagging hard watching my mom get fucked by this loser. He quickly pulled out his cock from her pussy and shot his load all on her face,mouth & hair and fell down limply next to her. I felt that I was gonna cum so quickly took the cup I filled with the cola and unloaded into it.
After some time my mom got up and went to clean up and this shithead came into the kitchen so I quickly put my cup into the refrigerator and hid under the stove. He came in opened the fridge and drank some water as my mom called him and said that they should get moving as I would come in any time sooner. He say the cup of cola and took it and went to the living room. I felt happy knowing that this punk who sprinkled his holy water on my mothers face was gonna drink my jesus juice.
I got out to enjoy the sceane and he said, ”here is some refreshment”, and gave the cola to my mom. She said it was very nice of him and drank it down it a gulp and kissed him on his lips and they both went out as I stood there in the kitchen staring at the cola cup now lying on the couch……………………………………. .

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