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 I was born nearly 18 years ago in Portland Oregon to a beautiful mother and classically handsome father and I in turn inherited their statues good looks. My name is Jaymee Taylor. I have long brown hair and my my mom's perfect teen-aged body or at least that's what my dad sometimes said. I used to think my butt was unproportionally big for my petite body but that has changed since I started watching MTV, now I think it is my best asset. Being attractive gets you attention unless you live in an area where most girls your age are just as pretty or even more appealing then yourself. That's my life. Whats worse is that outside of my family everyone is quite ordinary or even ugly in a number of cases. My Uncle  Gerry is one man who I would classify as disgusting. I caught Uncle Gerry many times walking around his house with food and god knows what other stains on his clothes. Up to my 16th birthday, Uncle Gerry used to babysit me while my parents went out to town and celebrated their marriage as people in love do. But he didn't babysit as much as order me around like his little slave. I had to clean his 2 or even three week old dishes that were scattered around his kitchen and it was hell, the slime that coated everything gave the room a constant odor that gave me nightmares. When I tired myself from the dishes I would just go to sleep and that was usually the entirety of my being babysat. One night I came out from my room after an hour of sleep to fix a drink when I came to the sight of my overweight hairy uncle beating hammering his fist around his penis to the video of my mom and my dad's wedding. He kept pausing it when the camera had her in focus and he would beat his meat for a few minutes before fasting forward a bit and continuing. Now being 18 at the time I was very terrified but at the same time I was completely focused on his motions I never seen any penis to this day that was as thick as his.

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   That was the first penis I ever saw and in comparison to this day, its still the largest I have seen outside of the porn I occasionally watched in my later years. Day 1 A Kind of Hell Now 18 I only have that image flash through my mind when I see a porn movie and my uncle completely forgotten. I have a relatively amazing life. I get what I want from my dad and my mom can talk about anything I am interested in. My dad promised to buy me a brand new convertible bmw for my 19th birthday next year and as a deal I had to start bringing hot lunches to my less fortune Uncle Gerry across town after I got back from school. Of course I agreed. The first time I came over to Uncle Gerry's He answered his door in dirty wife beaters and and white stained briefs. He said "wow. . . this is a treat, sexy legs and ass what are you selling ill consider buying anything" I laughed it off thinking he was just more talkative to me now that im grown up. "Wow I love how you young girls wear shorts that show soo much god you are hot, sorry did I even get your name?" I giggled and nudged him trying to find a spot on his shirt where it was at least white, "Oh Uncle Gerry you are soo funny I never knew this about you" But what I didn't know was that he had no idea that I was his little brat that he ignored and mistreated years before. "Jaymee?!!!. . " He gulped in surprise.

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   A few awkward seconds later and I pushed the bag of food infront of me, "yes uncle its me, i guess you didn't recognize me did you" I laughed. his demeanor changed. He was taking a lot of awkward pauses as he spoke to me. "Jaymee. . . . . . sorry I didn't know who you were. . . . um. .

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  . I. . . . what are. . . you. . . doing here?" "Dad sent me, I'm coming to your house everyday to bring you food from our place. . . " I noticed his eyes down on my exposed stomach and legs, "I know its quite revealing huh? but girls my age wear these its popular.

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  " "Its. . . soo short" he said as he slowly reached for my exposed thigh with the back of his two fingers and slid them for a brief second from mid thigh to the edge of jean booty shorts. I was quite freaked but I was afraid of causing a scene out of something possibly innocent. He held my forearm gently leading me to his couch and sat me down next to him. "So Jaymee what is this about bring me lunch everyday? is this my brother's idea?" He asked me. I smiled and turned to him excitedly to tell him about my new car. "Daddy is gonna buy me a new car and all I have to do is bring food from our house to yours everyday isn't it awesome?" he scooted closer, "You bring me food and you get a car? wow isn't your life great" he said almost painfully sarcastic. "Uncle you don't know, Ive helped my dad a lot with stuff around the house, who do you think cuts the grass? yeah its me! anyways I need a car . . . " I was surprised as he intently listened while now resting his left hand on my right thigh with his fingers touching the inside of my thigh, "um. . because I.

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  . . " I continued rambling on while his rough unwashed hands stroked soo high on my soft thigh. My voice was breaking a lot during my responses. Luckily he didn't move anywhere further favoring to caress my smooth legs which I felt I should ignore for the sake of my brand spanking new car. After 5 minutes of conversation, Uncle Gerry's face seemed to change drastically, "Soo if I declined the food and told your family that I didn't want any further deliveries, you would not get your car?" He asked with much anxiety. I felt a huge wave of pain and frustration at what I heard him say, almost felt as though I was betrayed some how. "I guess so but why would you do that? mom and dad loves you they want to give you food, and its really a win win situation for the both of us right uncle" I replied with bubbly enthusiasm. Even though I was trying to win his favor I felt a bit more exposed and almost naked with my scantily clad body sitting in the caked dirty couch with my large uncle sexually touching my body. "What if I wanted something from you Jaymee" My Uncle grinned breaking all pretenses and sending fear and panic through my body. I gathered my thoughts quickly, "Uncle No I don't need a car that bad, you are dis. . . you are family you cant want me to. .

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  " I panicked.
"Baby you are my niece so No I wont ask for sex if that's what you think I was gonna say" He answered. Surely rehearsing his response to me a head of time. "But look at you, you are a freaken HOT stunning teenager so maybe we can find a win win situation" I was quite ready to run away. I scanned the door across the room and realized that he might just pull me back down on the couch right there and rape me. I was breathing rapidly imagining him tearing my body a part with his slobbering wet mouth and that monster he has barely concealed in his pants. "How about this, you let me lick those god darn perfect legs of yours until I'm content and you wont even have to take of any clothes, no penetration, no oral on your part, soo practically no sex at all just me kissing your sexy legs and maybe your tummy too" My heart was beating so fast I thought I was dying. I was utterly disgusted by this man, but the images of him pounding me from behind and on top of me crushing me until I was nothing under his growing obese body made me  soo painfully excited. I was in total fear, but it was started to feel almost good. I was almost sure I would decline and run out of the place but before I realized it I had say "Yes" to his deal. I screamed "NO i mean no no no no" in my head. "Baby a deals a deal, now get lay back into the arm rest over there and relax" My disgusting uncle said to me as he pushed my arm directing me to rest my back on the end. I pulled my tiny hoodie over my head and shut it close over my face as I tightened my upper body. I felt his hands rubbing my thighs. He worked slow steady caresses over sensitive parts of my skin.

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   I then heard him take long breaths as his facial hair rubbed against my smooth shins. My legs were raised then lowered as he found different ways of taking in my aroma. "god, beautiful, fuck" were constantly uttered from his mouth as his hands worked my toned thighs. I tried to think about something else, going home. . I saw my moms beautiful smile and my dads warm voice talk to me I saw. . . then I felt his hot wet tongue slobber the inside of my left thigh making such disgusting noises as it made small strokes over me. His tongue on me was such a shocking feeling that It was all I could focus on as I desperately tried to tighten my upper body further in some useless attempt at distracting my senses. I traced in my mind where that thick hot wet tongue was on my legs as it stimulated my athletic legs into a frozen position inadvertently giving my uncle enough room to trace the edge of my shorts leaving hot saliva running down my inner thighs. He started working harder tonguing me and his hot devouring breath penetrated my now shaking cold legs as the tongue bath continued. "God you hot little slut" I heard him say as he took a breath before pulling my right leg high enough to tongue the back of my entire thigh from my slightly exposed but cheek to under my trembling knees.
The wet slimy salvia coated my legs making them sensitive to the drafts coming from the wide open door into the house. "how does this feel Jaymee?" He asked with a sly cheeky chuckle.

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   "Disgusting its mmm gggahhhh god" I didn't realize that I was holding my breath through the experience so far I broke mid sentence into gasps and moans to my overweight uncle's delight. "you are the youngest and definitely the hottest thing I have ever tasted" Before I could comprehend his sentence I was in another heavy breathing and moaning session as I felt him let the hot saliva collect on his enormous tongue before he sent it again on the inside of my thighs. He stopped. A few seconds went by and I peeked out the hoodie to see him smile before diving back down into my thighs making me witness him actually lower his giant head over my legs and sweep his gross alien like tongue over my quivering wet thighs. The sickest feeling started to grow in my stomach as I watched him violate me, feeling his warm wetness move around my naked legs as I watched it dominating me. I was glued to his face licking away at me. I felt him force me to move. I understood that now he wanted me to get on my knees with my ass facing him and my face over the armrest. I reluctantly obeyed. And soon the familiar feeling of gross wetness traced the back of my legs running longer slower strokes almost like they were meant to penetrate my body. After a few minutes I heard an elastic sound and I turned to see him release his gigantic monster of a penis. I immediately started squirming in an attempt to get out of there before he calmed me down. "Dont worry this isn't going anywhere he assured me. In reality he had me so tight in his grasp that he could have raped me right there. But he started beating his meat while I stayed perfectly still and after a few short moans from him I felt the burning heat from his hot white semen shoot all over the back of my legs.

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   After a few more shots on me he used his large rough hands and worked the cum into my skin like lotion to my disgust. I was about to step off the couch when I felt him reach for my waist and pull me into him. I was in panic as I felt my ass touch his belly. His monstrous cock slid past my thighs burning with heat against my skin before he held my thighs closer closing on his penis. I was scared and ashamed of what I was doing but I just let him take all control. He started bouncing me back and forth against him pumping his cock with my long thighs as he quickly reached for my breasts into his large hands pulling my sweater a bit higher over my body to reveal all of my toned stomach. He felt me up with unforgiving squeezes while pumping his cock between my legs building speed. And with a couple dozen more thrust he started spraying me again but this time up towards my tummy landing every where from my stomach to my arms and a bit of my chin when I was looking back at the action. In the instant that he was finished he picked me up by my arm and threw me towards the door before telling me that this was what I was bringing to him every day. He turned and closed the door leaving me cold shivering humiliated at his front door. I turned and got in my moms car and drove home still caked in his all encompassing seman. When I got home, I walked upstairs and into my room. I stood before my full sized mirror and looked over my body. My chin and belly with globs of cum still hanging off my skin and my long naked smooth legs shining like polish from the layer of my uncle's semen my chest raising and falling in rapid breaths as I made my way towards a long shower. Day 2 My choices At school the next day I was completely occupied on the events that happened.

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   I saw his face licking me over, deeper and deeper. When I got home I was breathing quite heavily. I saw the food I was to deliver to him sitting across from me on the dinner table. I went to my room and changed and 20 minutes later I was stepping out of my car and walking towards his front door. When I left the house I was wearing a Grey body tight sleeved shirt with a knee black high skirt but as soon as I got to his house I yanked the skirt off while nearing the corner and was in my black panties that were in fact my favorite thong in my closet. I made my way across the 4 house complex eying the windows to see if I was getting any attention when I saw Uncle Gerry's door open. He appeared in an old Hawaiian button shirt and some ridiculous dirty brown shorts and looked at me in disbelief. "Wow If I didn't see this I wouldn't have believed it, you got my text I see. Very nice body Jaymee" I was shaking terribly as I made my way to him with so much on display. When I got to him I found his hand grabbing a firm cheek and pulled me into his body and hugged me with such sarcasm. I was led into his house for what I imagine was more uncle to niece's butt legs and thighs time. But I was suddenly filled with horror as I came into the living room to find 5 boys who I could only assume were 18 years old.
"Boys this is Jaymee, see I told you this is gonna be special this time. She is my helper for the day. " I was turning to leave when I felt his body close in on me.


   "Look over there. . " he grinned as I turned to see two cameras facing me with the kids just a few meters away admiring me half naked. "you listen to me now girl" his voice raged in my ear. I was now more afraid then I had ever been. It was dawning on me that he had me under his complete control now. "Kids watch this, if kids are bad they get. . " My eyes nearly popped from my face when his hand went full force on to my exposed but cheeks. The kids laughed in unison as my Uncle demonstrated a full slap on my cheeks. Any grown man would drool at such an act but these young boys simply laughed thinking it was the funniest thing they ever saw. "Why don't you boys play the game I taught you with Jaymee" the boys eagerly ran up to me and waited for something while they smiled talked amongst each other. "Jaymee, when I turn on the music you and the boys dance. When the music stops their tongue must somewhere there is skin showing on the person who is it" Though I explained the rules the boys were waiting for the it person to arrive and finally you are here" The anxiety was building as I eyed the boys each claiming stake on some exposed area of my body ready to land there wet little tongues on me. The music went on and the expression on Uncle Gerry's face shook me into action as I started rocking my hips to the tune of baby got back while the boys jumped around me.

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   After 9 seconds the music stopped and almost as quickly as I prepared my body, the boys slammed there faces into my exposed lower body, tickling me with little squirming tongues. The chubby one had my left arm in his hand with his tongue on my forearm while another was on his knees with his face turned sideways resting his warm tongue on my right calve. One was on my upper thigh while another was bold enough to have his whole tongue on the top part of my cleavage while the other rested on the back of my left thigh which I felt the most due to his hot breath on me. "Oh joey you were last, yo have to lick her butt" Gerry said teasingly to the skinny freckled face boy. "The other boys laughed causing there tongues to move quite a bit around my skin. My knees were about to buckle. "Sure its girl Butt that's hot right?" joey laughed as he went from my calves to behind me only to send a long slippery stroke with his tongue from the the top of my thighs over a cheek. I looked over at the camera and felt the defeat utterly. The music started again and again I started dancing. Uncle Gerry pretended to reach for the player making the boys lick me trying to be the first one to land their tongues. Now two boys were in front of me and two behind me while I danced. The music stopped and a boy on each of my arms pulled me down and one had a tongue on my neck while the other had one on my temple. Of course the ones that bothered me were the three that were fighting for a spot licking over my ass and legs for a position. "Boys all three of you lick her butt you all lose this time" he laughed. "Hahah fine with that lets lick the this girl hard!" the chubby one said acting quite macho.

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   Three tongues took turns making thick lines of saliva over my round perfect butt. The game continued for a few more turns with me in different positions taking more and more lickings from these little kids I had no idea about. Feeling them licking me all at once was quite stimulating yet sickening at the same time. I was completely unable to enjoy a moment of that game. The pretense of the game still lasted but it had evolved to whomever can keep there tongues moving on my exposed skin the longest gets to kiss me on the mouth. such games were enjoyed by the kids while I just gave up and fell to my knees letting the boys continue their games while I was finally able to escape in my mind. The whole day my body was used as the center of games. I danced with all the boys who came to my cleavage in height, I was the human chalk board as they drew on my skin and made me use my saliva on my hands to wipe away the slate clean I was felt up in game of nervous where Uncle Gerry told me I had to let them get quite far before I stopped them. But nothing that day was worse then Uncle Gerry asked them to tickle me. I was in pain from there young eager hands groping me from every angle and direction. After washing up around 7pm I was told to take the boys home about four blocks away. After initially rejecting the idea, I succumbed to my Uncle's reminder of the video of me. I was walked to the door and forced tread out into the cold night air. I instantly felt the cold air hit my wet glazed skin making causing goose bumps to form over my body. The boys held my arms to encourage me to start walking.

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   The secluded street turned into a lit alley and I was shaking in fear of being caught in my outfit. I am usually afraid to walk home alone in well lit streets but me in just a short top and such small thong panties out in the open was like I was guaranteed to be chased down and raped. I was now led with my arms in tow of two boys with another pair of arms on my lower exposed back and just under my left butt cheek. There were noises from a lot of homes as we passed. Lights turned on automatically putting me under a spot light as we passed the houses. The groping started on my ass and stomach as we strolled into another adjoining alley. I was so focused on keeping a look out for dangers that I zoned most of the touching on me from my senses. We turned another corner that connected to a small plaza, "Jaymee were here you can go back now" the chubby one said to me as I looked around for people. "You must be so cold, you are shaking" Another said as he gave my right cheek a good slap before turning to leave. The boys excitedly waved goodbye and ran off laughing at me and there great babysitting experience I was to them. I started heading back to my uncle's house. The alleys seemed even more active as I returned down the path. I had to duck a few times behind garbage bins when cars drove in and out. I rounded another corner and my heart jumped in my chest when I saw three men walk out from in front of me cutting me off not realizing I was there. I looked for a place to hide but the street was completely wide open.

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   "Man guys you should have seen the jail bait that was walking through here earlier. She was with a couple of kids" A white bearded man gloated as he rubbed his pants. "No kidding, what was she wearing, tell me it was those skin tight pants those girlies where to them yoga classes. . . ummm Id be ripping a hold in those pants with my boner!" the larger man said with a deep laugh. "No you would have to see it to believe it, I was coming from the garage when I saw her. Pant less! She was in a freaken thong! her bare ass thighs and ass was in clear view. I ran to my balcony and started jerking off when she was strolling by and boy she was a looker. It must be one of those truth or dare games. These boys these days can get girls as hot as them to do anything I reckon. " "No way, shes just walking around in the alley with just a thong? If I saw her I would rip her apart, take her home and never let her go. . . always wanted myself a hot little young sex slave" The large man chuckled.

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   The men were leaning on there dark fence as they discussed how they would fuck me in every excruciating detail of their fantasy. I felt soo much fear and loathing for these men that I was completely frozen. I was just a foot away laying on my stomach with my sides against the fence. The bushes that grew over the fence was just long enough for me to hide more than half of my body. But I was soo close to the men that they could probably see me through the foliage if they turned to their right. The third man had his cigarette extended over my direction and he let loose hot embers that landed softly on my legs and exposed shoulder causing me to clench in pain. The men continued asking in detail how I was dressed.
"She must be like 18-or 18 man she was absolutely young and fuckable. . god I wish we had her right here" The bearded man said as he sent a hot ember towards me causing me yet another painful clench as it landed on my exposed cheek. "We could take her from every hole. triple team that slut until she was broken" the large man spoke as if I he wanted for me to hear his vile words. The only option seemed for me to wait until they were done and returned inside. The air got much colder in the following minutes. One man left inside the house only to return with three thick jackets.

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   "Here, wow its pretty cold out here im freezing, but we don't always get a chance to drink and smoke like this anymore. . right guys" The men cheered as they drank warm in there jackets. I was shivering beyond control with my nearly naked body mostly exposed to the chilly breezes that curved around the contours of my body. I made out the insignia on the jackets of the men, it was the local painters that most the town hired for their summer re decorations. Somehow through the extremely descriptive stories of my rape passed between the old brothers I manage to find peace and I drifted into sleep.   I woke up to a grey sky and still cold breezes. My entire body was curled up against the fence as I weathered the night. The men must have finished and left hours before leaving me in my sleep out in the cold early morning. I slowly navigated my way back to my uncle's house to retrieve my car. I found a note on the door step that read "I expected you back after you took the boys home I hope you are reading this and are safe. . go home and call me tonight. Your car keys are under the mat" I drove home and snuck in before diving into my thick warm blankets for hours. In my sleep I saw myself actually being discovered by the three men while hiding from them.

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   I saw their hungry faces slobbering over me. I saw my body being slammed hard by three giant cocks throwing me from cock to cock like a inflatable doll. I woke up in cold sweats as I breathed uncontrollably. My inner thighs were quite wet, I knew I had orgasmed in my sleep. I was in constant excitement as I thought about letting myself be used by those men. My heart raced as I asked my dad to hire the brothers to come over and paint the game room and I added my room to make the project an all day job. That afternoon after dad and mom left for work I started rummaging through my drawers to find the outfit I had been spotted in that night. I found the perfect black thong and soon had the smallest light blue tank top that cut off just at the top of my abs. I gave myself many looks over in the mirror and admired the effect on my ass in such accentuating thongs it had strings that held the small pieces together teasingly. I waited impatiently on the couch for a quarter of an hour before the door bell rang. I slowly walked towards the door and fought the screaming in my head as I peeked up against the door to see the three men on the other side of the door. I calmed my self down for a few seconds before I turned the door nob and slowly poked my upperbody to the side. The men were immediately reacting to my appearence and slurred a bit, "I camee ahh cuz ahh, I mean were here to. . ahhmmm paint the umm room" is your dad home?" "Oh you are the painters? Yeah I thought you knew where to start, its actually back outside around the back.

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  . . but if you dont mind what I am  wearing you can follow me and Ill take you there through the house" I spoke holding back nervous  trembles in my throat. I stepped back and opened the door and turned to walk down the hall. " My legs were slightly shaking and then I heard the bearded man whisper to the other men, "Fuck that's her, that's the girl I saw last night, I cant believe it, look at that body christ!!" I saw in the reflections as I lead them towards the back, they were all studying my body with a focus that made my body burn with lust. I heard the door close behind me and I knew that they had me now in an empty house all alone in less then swimsuit models wear. "So beardy! I heard you wanted to eat my ass and you fatty? you want me on my knees sucking you and I am not forgetting you chuckles. . . I can take you and your brothers all night like you wanted when you were stroking yourself last night talking about me. " I confidently surrendered myself, "I'm all yours. . . so where do you want me" was my final words before I was put through hours of relentless pounding between the overweight bodies of the Old Lowell Brothers. I got my new car daddy promised me, I still babysit once a week for the boys, I also have a full time "job" in the Lowell painting company, and I love delivering my body to my Uncle's house every day for a full body tongue massage.

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   To Be Continued.



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These escort females are more than simply companions; they are also guides, translators, and confidantes who can assist you in discovering the hidden gems that the Ivory Coast has to offer. Since they are well-versed in the local culture, customs, and language, your trip will be more immersive and enlightening as a result of their presence. Their expertise and insights may assist you in navigating the crowded marketplaces, appreciating the regional food, and gaining an understanding of the subtle rhythms of Ivorian music and dance.
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In Ivory Coast, sexuality is not seen as a taboo issue but rather as a normal and necessary component of life. It is not something that is concealed or humiliated, but rather cherished and respected. The escort females of Ivory Coast exemplify the open and positive attitude towards sexuality that is prevalent in the country. They exude a sexual attraction that is both entrancing and addicting because they are self-assured, sensuous, and at ease in their own bodies.
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Exploring and comprehending an other culture, along with its perspectives on sexuality, is one of the primary goals of engaging in sexual tourism in Ivory Coast. This goal extends beyond the simple pursuit of sexual gratification. Experiencing the titillating beat of African dancing, the intoxicating perfume of exotic spices, and the mesmerising beauty of the Ivorian countryside is what it is all about. It is about making relationships, gaining an understanding of one another's perspectives, and enjoying the variety that exists.
The escort ladies of Ivory Coast provide a one-of-a-kind travel experience for their clients, one that blends the excitement of discovery with the joy of having a travel companion by your side. They are more than just escorts; rather, they serve as ambassadors of their culture, guides to the hidden gems of their nation, and companions for people looking for a unique type of experience. They are the epitome of the country's dynamic energy, exotic attractiveness, and sensuous rhythm, which will make your vacation to Ivory Coast an experience you will never forget.
In conclusion, the Ivory Coast, with its escort females, provides a one-of-a-kind combination of excitement, cultural immersion, and sensuality that is likely to leave an indelible mark on every traveller who visits the country. Therefore, if you are searching for a unique kind of trip experience, one that involves discovering new things, having fun, and making new friends, then the Ivory Coast and its alluring escort females are ready and waiting for you.
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