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Usha – My Lecturer Usha was a lecturer in our college and she handled all management subjects for us in the third and final year of our B. E course. Eventhough we were in the same college we had not met each other in the first two years. I saw her for the first time when she came to handle a management subject in the third year of our course. She was a Malayali not more than thirty years and her looks established that. Then I was the class representative and so I had to meet her often regarding various issues related to the course. In a short time, we both got familiar to each other. Since I had to meet her often in her office room, I was more intimate to her than the other students in the class. As I already mentioned Usha is a Malayali and her way of dressing showed that. Her fleshy arms seen through her short sleeved blouses were the initiators in making me lose my control. Whenever she turned to the side, her waist and navel could be very clearly seen. Her way of dressing offered a clear view of her tightly packed breasts which drove me totally out of my senses. Her bra seen through her semi transparent blouse was yet another stimulant. Since I was personally close to her she would touch my shoulders and arms without any hesitation in front of others while speaking. Gradually she too developed an affinity to me. She called me to her room more often than before and conversed with me for longer times.

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   Her room was air conditioned and the door closer was not working properly and she used this as a reason to keep the door locked from inside always. She would often leave her saree loose over her breasts exposing her cleavage very well. Since I was already enslaved by her gorgeous looks I let the things go without reacting to her behaviors. But at first I thought it was all accidental. But when someone knocked the door, she suddenly set her saree right and went to open the door. She seemed slightly upset because of the sudden knock. Only then I realized that all she was doing until then was purely intentional. It was her colleague Sujitra who was standing outside. After sending her, Usha came back in and locked the door. It was 5 ‘o clock in the evening and almost everyone left the building. We continued our conversation when her pen fell down from the table. She while sitting on the chair leaned down to take it when her saree slipped off her shoulder. When she got up, her tightly packed breasts and the cleavage were completely uncovered and I was astonished. She tried to put her saree back on. I interrupted,” Mam, I thought this was intentional too, wasn’t it?” “No it wasn’t, But….

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  . actually…. . My pen just…fell down…. actually…” she stammered. I continued,”Mam…come on…that’s what I too want from you” “What…. . do…. you …a a a a what do you mean?” she stammered again slowly rising from the chair. “Would you let it fall again? I mean…. . you actually wanted to show it to me right?” I uttered very frankly. “You mean the pen” “No I mean your saree. You wanted to show me your breasts, right?” She was dumbfounded for a moment and then,”Yes…. .

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  no…. . ” She spoke every word with much difficulty. She could not disagree with my words. As she faltered to the side of the table I rose up and put my arms around her and held her tight. At last she gave up all her hesitations and hugged me too. I began sucking her juicy soft and pink lips. They were as sweet as a butterscotch flavor. Then she let her saree fall off her breasts herself. I held her soft boobs and kneaded them when she whimpered, “aaaa…aaaa…. . Sure” I then held her waist near her navel and began kneading it. All this times we kept sucking each other’s lips. I told her to raise her hands and she did my bidding. I licked her soft fleshy arms and came down to her wet arm pits.

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   Her sweat was still fresh and smelt pleasant. I slowly passed my lips over her shoulders, her neck and back to her lips. Since it was an office building, it wasn’t safe to have a proper sex like in a bedroom. So we decided to have a quickie. Hence I did not disrobe her completely. I just unhooked her blouse and left it open. She was wearing a black bra inside her pale yellow blouse. I unhooked the bra and lifted it. When I saw her dark brown nipples I could feel a strong erection inside my undies. I took them between my lips and nibbled them and sucked them hard. She moaned and held my head tight against her breasts. After sucking her soft nipples with the hardest possible bites, I gradually moved down to her navel. I pushed my tongue into it as deep as it could go and tasted it. Once her navel was done, I pushed her on the table. I pulled her saree up from her toes over her thighs to reveal her cavern of hidden treasures.

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   It was really exciting to see her cunt well shaven and her pubes well trimmed. In no time I reached her vulva and started licking it. Her vagina was already wet with cunt juices. I opened her slit with my fingers and my tongue probed her cave. Her well swollen clitoris felt very soft on my lips. I began rubbing my tongue on her vaginal walls. She moaned very softly,” aaaa…. . Sure……aaa…. . aaaaa……aaaaa”. That act of cunnilingus went on for five minutes throughout which she was moaning,” aaaaaa……aaaaa. . aaaa…” She suddenly rose and pushed me back. She then unbuttoned my shirt and undid my trousers and briefs.

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   She pulled my briefs down to my knees, my dick which was already swollen came out with a twitch. Usha kneeled down and began stroking my penis with her fingers very curiously. When my continuously growing cock crossed six inches, she put it in her mouth and continued lapping it with her lips and the blowjob went on without a break. My cock grew to a monstrous size. The way she sucked my penis showed how nymphomaniacal she was. After sucking for five long minutes she released my weapon from her mouth.
    She rose and lay on the table while pulling her saree back revealing her wet pussy with her thighs wide open. She uttered in a very soft tone,”Sure…. come on…. enter me…” I clutched her hips and slowly pushed my shaft into her pussy. My shaft was well lubricated by her saliva and her well lubricious vagina accepted my penis without any resistance. The cave was really deep and I sunk my entire nine inches in it but it was tight around my penis due to vaginismus. Once it was fully in, I began reciprocating it, first at a slow pace. She was groaning,” as I shoved my dick deep into her. Her whimpers continued,”aaaaa….

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      . Sure…. . it…. feels ……. . very exciting……. to be……. . fucked by a……young guy……. like you aaaaa…. . aaaaaa…. . ” I replied,” I always enjoyed masturbating looking at you mam.

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       I never thought I would fuck you and I’m doing it now. I could not even think of bonking with you my erotic Malayali ladylove. But when you showed your genitals to me, I couldn’t just believe my own eyes. Oh mam, how lucky I am!” Saying this I was even more excited and gave the thrusts even more rapidly and violently. Her sexual wails synchronized with my thrusts,” aaaa…aaa…aaa…aaa…aaa……. ” Her breasts jiggled in circular movements as a response to my hard and rapid thrusts and that scene redoubled my already intense flames of love. My penis continued playing on Usha’s soggy vagina giving her the greatest pain of sex. The shag went on for 18 long minutes at the end of which we both reached the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. Usha couldn’t bare the pain and started begging,” Sure…. . pleeeeease…. . it’s eeeenough. It’s eeeeenough……pleeeeease fire your weapon” But I continued without halt so as to make it the most unforgettable sex for both of us. I could hear the rhythm of my balls tapping on her clit.

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       She was convulsing in her sex throes,” Sure……. aaaaaaaaaaa………. . haaaaaa……. . haaaa……. . eeeenough……. pleeeeeeease…. . stop it” The fucking session came to an ecstatic end. My ten inch cock spewed its hot and thick fluid deep inside her vagina. With every drop of my dense semen hitting her G spot, she yelled in a continuous tone,” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Sure…. .

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      ” Her vagina was overflowing with my cum. We both were completely exhausted. Drained of all energy, I stumbled and leaned over her. She received me with her hands open and embraced me tightly against her breasts. We were lying on the table for sometime after which I set myself right and bade her goodbye and left the room when it was 6’O clock. After that incident we made atleast 100 quickies in the next two years but only quickies because we had no other place to meet except her office room. It continued to be a dissatisfaction for both of us. We wanted to have a proper sex atleast once before we separated. My final year was over and I had to leave the college. That long awaited chance which we could not get in the two years came one day. All in her family except she left for a tour and that night she was alone in her house. I had dinner at her quarters itself. After that we both stripped completely naked and enjoyed the most satisfactory sex. I pumped her vagina continuously for 18 minutes before I ejaculated. That whole night we slept on her bed hugging each other firmly.


       I cannot forget that night ever in my life. I left the college two days after that and have not met her until now. I’m badly missing her. All we do now is to have some phone sex whenever we find time. .



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