My High School Crush Becomes A Nurse


My story starts out with me playing touch football with some friends and the score is tied at 14, the next touchdown wins.   I throw the ball to one of my team mates and he crosses the goal line and we win.   I have a meeting to get to so I excuse myself and get in my car and go.
I get in my car and hop on the freeway so I can get there faster.   A car pulls out in front of me and I swerve to miss it and then I hit my head and black out.   I wake up, soar as shit and cant move so I look around to see where I am, a hospital, I then hear the door open so I look to see who it is and it is a nurse.
"Glad to see you are awake" the nurse says.
"Where the hell am I? What the hell happened? I ask.
"Well Mr Johnson, you were in a car accident and broke both arms and both legs. ? says my nurse
"Please, just call me john, Mr Johnson is my dads name. "
I start thinking to myself, this woman looks familiar. A name pops into my head and I say to her "is your name Tiffany?"  "Why, yes it is, how did you know?" She answered back.   "We went to high school together, remember?"  She gets a funny look on her face and then answers " oh yeah, we used to be friends back then. "  I then tell her that I had wished we had been more than friends.   She tells me she had no idea I liked her 'that way'.   "Yeah, nobody knew, I was kind of shy back then, plus you were dating someone back then and I am not the type to break up a relationship over feeling I had.

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"Well I'm sorry, If I had known, we might have been more. "
" I have to go check up on other patients, I will be back later to check up on you and to chat for a little while. ?
When she leaves I get to thinking, what did she mean by, "If I had known, we might have been more"?  Could we really have been more than just friends?  Thinking this I start to get an erection, and with no way to get rid of it.
I lay there for a while to try to get rid of it but the more I think, the bigger it gets.   I think of what things might have been if I had the guts to ask her out six years ago.   We might have been married by now.   After about an hour of thinking this I hear a knock at the door and Tiffany comes in.   She asks me if I want a bed bath now, and I say "sure, I could use one. "
She gets the pail of water and wash cloths. She then sets them next to me on the table.   She helps me off with my gown and she washes my chest and stomach. Her touch is so soft and gentle on my aching body.   I then remember my stiff cock and hope she wont do down there.   She then says, "time to do your private area. "  I try to stop her but she tells me it is her job and takes off the blanket to reveal my hard on.

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    " Well, at least we know one thing works after that crash. " she says.   I apologise and she says no problem, that happens a lot. I know why, she is very attractive.   She puts some soap on her hand and starts to massage my 7 inch dick.   Working her hand up and down, squeezing lightly.   A moan escapes my lips and she works her hand faster.   She then places her other hand on my balls and massages them while stroking my hard cock.   After about ten minutes I am still hard as a rock so she decides she will try something else.   She gets a wet cloth and wipes the soap from my dick and then she leans over me and swallows my dick in one motion.   When she swallows my dick I let out a loud groan. She hears that and works her mouth up and down my dick.   The more noises of pleasure I make, the harder and faster she sucks.   After about five minutes of this beauty sucking  my hard cock, I feel my balls tighten up and I tell her I am about to come.   She then sucks harder, telling me that she wants me to come in her mouth.

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    After another minute of her sucking as hard as she can I cum harder than I have ever come in my life and she swallows my whole load.
After she finishes milking my dick, she rights something on a piece of paper and tells me to call her some time.   She helps me get another gown on and says that she will be back later.   I am there for two months so that the bones can heal, so I get to talk to her more and I also get a few more blow jobs from her.
Part two coming, tell me what you thought of part one


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