My girl is Bi I found out.


Topic: Sarah and Jan make it with me. I went over to my girlfriend Sarahs house for a drink before Christmas.
 When I arrived she opened the door in her bathrobe and I thought that unusual. I took her in my arms and we kissed. I got hard and she put her hand down felt me and said – not now - I have a visitor.
A voice from upstairs called out – who was it as she must have heard the door shut as we were kissing.
Sarah said to me its Jan – you know her – the blonde one who doesn’t have a man at the moment – we are doing some gardening – if you get my drift. I knew exactly what she meant as she has used the term before – she was shaving her pussy.
I pulled her gown open and she was the same as she had been for weeks – she was currently showing a strip there.
I said whos garden and she said Jans.
I said I wouldnt mind having a look – she knows me, and knows we fuck, would she mind.
Sarah said I don’t know – I will ask her we were about to shape hers as she hasn’t been done for months, and has a good growth.
Sarah went upstairs and I waited.
Some time went by and she eventually sang out – its ok – she has relented and wont mind you looking - but no touching.
I had never seen Jan naked before so this was going to be good – she has great body and nice 36C tits.
I went up and before I went into Sarahs room I sang out is it OK and Jan said do me a favour and strip first.


   I want to see you naked – like us.
I immediately undressed in the hallway and said I am coming in but don’t be shocked I am excited.
Jan said I will be interested to see what Sarah get all excited about.
I walked in naked with my 8 inch pole sticking straight out and bobbing up and down as I walked.
Jan said – holy shit – that’s a beauty, and I stopped for her to look me over. Then she said Sarah, you lucky bitch – fancy having that up you – it must be heavenly.
Sarah said it is – I really enjoy fucking him with that cock.
Jan said would you mind if I had a closer look and I walked over to her and she took my cock in her hand and said that is magnificent. God that would be fantastic having that to play with and I can just imagine what its like to suck.
Sarah said we are not here for fucking – lets get your garden sorted – and I then noticed that they had not really started on Jan yet but all the equipment was there.
Jan said what do you like – to me.
I said I love Sarahs strip – we have had tried a couple of shapes and the strip looks great on her.
Jan said and there is not much hair to get in your teeth when you eat her.
I said that’s a point.
Sarah said seeing its Christmas – lets see if we can do something special.

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Sarah then got the electric clippers and cut her hair short, about 3 mm long all over without changing her familiar triangle. Jam giggled as the hair fell onto the floor and said I didn’t realise I had so much.
I said it looks great even now – but I am sure Sarah will make it look better.
Then Sarah said I have an idea – lets try for a Christmas tree.
I said it would be upside down as the base would have to be at the top.
No Sarah said I can fix that and carefully she got a razor and cut the shape and made a  triangle with the base at the top of her slit.
Jan was sitting on the edge of a chair with her legs wide apart and Sarah skilfully shaping her hair and her head was obscuring my view.   Jan moved her head and suddenly her hair and shape looked magnificent.
I said that looks great just like that.
Sarah said one more minute with the clippers and it will look better and she took them and said I hope I don’t cut you – this is tricky.
I said I would kiss it better if you do.
Jan said I would like that and Sarah said I would like to see it happen – in a sort of challenging way.
Sarah completed her work and Jan was exposed and she had what was small Christmas tree shape in her pubic hair – It looked great.
We all admired it and Sarah said it has come up better than I imagined – just as well you have a big patch for me to work on – Jan said don’t worry about you its him I would like to have working on it, look his cock is all soft now and it still looks great.
Sarah said I will go get my camera – you two behave while I am gone.

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As soon as Sarah was out of the room Jan said feel it – it feels wonderful and I am so smooth where she has shaved me.
I did what she suggested and quickly rubbed my hand over the shaped area of her cunt.
In doing so I slipped my finger into her on purpose as she was obviously wet from all the excitement of the shaving.
She said OHHHH that’s beautiful – I would love you to go further than that though.
I licked my finger clean before Sarah returned and she said you are half hard what have you been doing.
I said just admiring the view – Jan said she is aching for a fuck, it’s a pity we don’t have a friend here for her.
Sarah said nothing, but got the camera and took a number of photographs of her handy work. In doing so she had Jan exposing her cunt and each time I saw her wet pink vagina spread open with her fingers and I could see her clit as well. Jan rubbed it a couple of times and said oh god I need somebody quick.
I was getting hornier and ended up bone hard again. Jan took a couple of me like that – she already had some but I didn’t mind. Then reviewed them on the camera and told me to copy them onto her PC.
I proceeded to do that and the next thing I see is Sarah actually going down on Jan – giving her oral. Girl on girl.
I could not believe it, Jan was laying back and Sarah was giving her a fantastic oral session – I had often gone down on Sarah but never realised she was Bi.

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   She and Jan had obviously been together as they were both really into it and enjoying themselves.
I stopped what I was doing and watched – it was fascinating actually seeing a girl was being licked out and watching the pleasure of it on her face. Sarah was using her finger and her tongue in Jan as I do with her.
I started to wank myself – the scene was so erotic.
Jan lasted about 5 minutes before she came, she moaned and whimpered as she went into the spasm of her orgasm and then began her calling out – Lick me darling – lick me hard – make me cum – oh sweet geezus this is heavenly – you are so good at it.   Sarah maintained contact on her cunt and sucked her juices from her well of pleasure the whole time as Jan bucked and shook through the spasm of her orgasm. Then Jan said – that’s it  _ I cant take any more – that was fantastic.
Sarah turned to me and said – well what are you staring at.
I was still wanking and I said that was amazing – I loved it – how long have you two been doing this together.
Sarah said for years – we started in school – and we have never stopped – we have a secret and now you know.
I said I don’t have a problem – maybe now we can go 3 some.
Jan said – darling Sarah, you have told me how good he is – can I watch you two at it. I have had my fun – its time for you two now.
Sarah said well what do you want us to do – I am ready for anything.
I stood there and Sarah walked over and got down and took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to give me great hand and mouth job, similar to what she did to Jan only on my cock.

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   The warmth of her mouth on my cock and the firm lips as she stroked it with them and her tongue rubbing the rim of my glans together with the gentle hand grip on my cock as she stroked me as I do when I masturbate  was as good as she ever gave me.
Jan was transfixed and watched her every movement – God she said that looks fantastic – how does it feel having that wonderful cock in your mouth.
Sarah disconnected and said OK you have a go – he is all primed for you.
Jan didn’t wast a second as she came toward me she said can you tolerate a novice _ I am a cock sucking virgin.
I said I wont mind at all –
Sarah said now listen to me – he wont mind me telling you how – he will just enjoy every moment.
Start by licking along the underside of the cock, Then concentrate on running your tongue over his glans – that's the top of it. - you should be able to sense him tense up a little bit.  
Tense me up – it nearly sent me through the roof – it felt fantastic. I moaned with the sensual delight of her tongue rubbing the rim of my cock head.
Jan said I think I got that right, as I held her head to steady myself – my knees nearly melted.
God that's fantastic. Now slip his cock into your mouth, just gently close your mouth allowing your lips to engulf his cock, and treat it like you would a lollipop.
Don't suck it hard as it will make your cheeks sore and it doesn't affect him much. Now wrap your hand around the shaft of his cock.
Now lick around the little corona ring and the immediate underside of the head where the join in the top is.

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   It is the magic area. While you are moving up and down on the cock, you can fondle his balls with your other hand – they all like that – but not too hard.
I was standing there with my cock in Jans mouth while my girl friend  Sarah was giving Jan the expert instructions of how to suck me off and I was enjoying every moment of Jans oral seduction and listening to Sarah tell her what to do. As Sarah talked I motioned her to come to me and I sucked her nipples and fingered her as Jan was sucking me. It was my first experience as a 3 some – and theirs too.
The sensation was every bit as good as Sarah who has blown me numerous times. Jan was a natural and I was in seventh heaven, what with my cock in Jans mouth and my fingers in Sarahs cunt and playing with her tits at the same time – she was enjoying it too – she looked into my eyes and we both knew we were in sexual heaven.
Jan sucked well and was really enjoying herself and would stop and tell Sarah how good it was. Sarah said you will have to make up your mind shortly – do you want him to cum in your mouth or do you want him to jack it off and spurt it somewhere on you or what.
Jan said I want to swallow – I want him to cum in my mouth. I have never tasted cum and I want to try it. I have had it up my cunt but never in my mouth.
Sarah said ok then do you want him to tell you its cumming or just to cum. I can tell now when he is getting close, so get ready for it, this is your first time you may not realise when he is about to spurt.
She said I want to know – I want the full experience – I don’t want it to be too much of a shock and gag on it – I want the full treatment.

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I said ok that’s fine by me – when I am close I will tell you and I should cum within a minute or less.
The three of us engaged in or sex play and Sarah started to cum as I fingered her G spot.
She moaned and groaned and helped herself cum on my finger. I had done it to her often enough to know where she liked me to stroke her. She hugged me and forced my finger into her as she came and we kissed as she shuddered against me as each spasm of her orgasm overwhelmed her.
Jan said shit that was a beauty – I can tell even from down here, and you got harder as she came – I love it.

    Jan kept sucking on me and Sarah moved away and sat on the edge of the bed – as her breathing was still heavy.
    I then tried to accelerate my orgasm concentrating on Jans oral expertise and within a minute or two I knew I was on the way to filling Jans mouth with my baby juice.
    I said ok baby I am almost there – you have done it well – I am about to cum.
    She looked up into my eyes and I blew my first load, which spurted well into her mouth. She swallowed involuntarily as my hot steamy sticky cum hit the back of her throat. The second spurt was better and she got that on her tongue and the third and fourth one as well, and she has so much in her mouth it was leaking out the edges and she looked absolutely beautiful as she smiled and fingered her tits and she continued to suck and swallow and a few drips ran off her chin onto her breasts. She looked fantastic.
    Once she realised I had no more wonderful cum for her and she had emptied my balls she took me out of her mouth and said that was one of the best experiences of my life – even better than my first fuck. We have got to do that again.


    Sarah said not before he fucks me – I am as horny as hell even though he just got me off. My cunt is screaming to be fucked.
    I went to her and we kissed as my now flaccid cock tried desperately to harden again ready for her. I firmed up but it wouldn’t harden enough so she went down and sucked my cock and within a minute I was hard again and she lay on the bed and I started to fuck her, missionary.
    We fucked for a few minutes and Jan was watching the both of us and fingering herself.  Sarah said well seeing we are into 3 way I will get on top and Mike can do oral on you while I use his cock to fuck with. This will be something new for all of us.
    I got off Sarah and she got on top of me and slipped my cock into her, facing me, then when she was happy with the position we were in she told Jan to get up and position her cunt over my mouth. Jan did exactly as she was told and I looked up to see her newly shaven pink cunt open and moist and ready for me to lick her out.
    Jan was now fucking me cowgirl and I was sucking Jans cunt. The first time a guy had done it to her, but I soon learned from the way Jan moved it was not her first time like this. Sarah and Jan had often had oral sex together I learned. We were a true three some now. Jan and Sarah were facing one another and Sarah stopped fucking for a minute and the two of them began kissing like lovers. Both were holding each others nipples with one hand and holding each other tightly with the other.

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       The moaning and groaning was amazing and as I had my mouth full of cunt I found it a bit hard as Jan was down on me hard, getting my tongue into her cunt as far as I could.
    I could taste Jans juices now quite strongly, she had been sucking me and making herself really wet and now with her kissing Sarah they were beginning to flow – and I was drinking from her pink cup of sexual delight and enjoying the musky taste of her cunt and juices. She didn’t last real long and she came right on my face, pushing herself hard down on my mouth as I tried to lick and suck her juice and not miss a drop. She tasted slightly different to Sarah but then Sarahs cunt juices varied a lot too. I didn’t mind it was awesome, a cunt wrapped around my cock and my tongue deep inside Jans cunt, I was in heaven again.
    This 3 way sex was great, I think we would be doing this together quite often now. I may end up with two bi-sexual women to handle regularly.  
    Sarah came shortly after that and drove herself hard on my cock and said to me how long? and I said give me a minute of that and I will blow you onto the ceiling.
    Sarah did what she knew to do well, and I came again with a rush of cum. That was twice in the matter of an hour. I grunted four times and each time I filled her time and time again out of the finest cunt filling funnel that exists. I have no idea how many loads of cum my cock had ejaculated but it must be thousands of times now, as I have been cumming regularly for over 18 years and it still performs perfectly.

    She got off me, and I said come on lets shock Jan, and Sarah said watch this and she came up to me and put her cum filled cunt over my mouth and I sucked her out – the mix of my cum and her cunt juice is amazing.
    Holy shit Jan said – how can you do that after you have cum in her.
    I said it was a bit rough the first couple of times because I had never tasted my own cum.

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       After a few goes - now its easy – I can now enjoy the taste and smell of her and the mixture of our cum juices without a problem – one day I might get to compare the two of you.
    Sarah looked at Jan and winked – I think I am now going to be a regular partner for future 3 way performances from here on. I cant wait for our next experience.
    There is more to this story and I will continue after our next three way session together. I know that we will all be enjoying the pleasures of our naked sex orgies regularly now.