My first time


March 26, 2006
well it all started at the beginning of february Sara (my sisters friend) and me started hanging out a lot, flirting, making-out.   My mom even let us sleep in the same bed.   I had a girlfriend through this whole time but that bitch is another story.   On march 26th, 06 i was taking a shower and my sister and Sara came in to have a smoke with me.   none of us being legally able to smoke. i was only 18 and Sara was 18 and my sister was 15.   I finished first, then my sister so she left the bathroom.   Me and Sara were messin around and I pulled her fully clothed into my shower.   She started playing with my dick and stuff then she got out and dried off and put sum different clothes on and then came back.   She was sittin by the shower and we were making out and she was like should i go get one.   I was like yeah.   This was my very first time.   She did not know that.   She came back with the condom and i turned the hot water off so it was cold running so i could finish my shower when we were done.   She pulled off her jeans and i walked up to her and we started kissing and i put my hand on her crotch and was playing around teasing her through her thong.   Then i picked her up and layed her down on the bathroom floor pulled her thong off and started playing around and fingering her.

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    By the way she gives the best blow jobs ever she had given me many before we had sex the first time.  i stood up to lock the door and shut the light off she sits up and starts sucking me off and im holding her by her pony tale and moving her head back and forth until i almost come then i get down and shove it in her and we are fucking and i start to come.   I have a condom on so i dont pull out and she starts cumming too and she crosses her ankels and only lets me go in slowly.   After her body stops shaking from her orgasm i start picking up the pace and pretty soon i start to get the feeling of an orgasm creaping up so shove it in one more time really hard to push it over the edge and i pull out quick and rip the rubber off and start cumming on her stomach as we are both in the middle of our last orgasm my phone starts ringing.   Its my girl friend.   I ignored it.   we finished up and she cleaned up and i finished my shower.   My sister never knew what happened.