My eventful english project


I had been friends with Bex for a while. . . we had told eachother everything since the beginning of high school. I guess i had always been attracted to her, i just lied to myself that i wasnt. I could never tell her how i felt because she had a boyfriend. He was useless and always hurt her, and everyone told her that. After a year, they eventually split up. When they split up we began to get even closer to eachother. We chose to work with eachother on an English project. This involved her coming round my house. The night we had chosen to do our project, my parents were out. We hadn't done this on purpose or anything like that. As far as we were both concerned we were doing our project inocently. She walked home with me after school. That afternoon we messed around on the computer emailing various friends and just having a laugh.

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   After dinner, Mum and Dad left, leaving us alone. We decided to work on our project in my room as it was alot more comfortable than the kitchen. We started doing the project, and everytime she leaned over to type on the computer i couldn't help but notice how low-cut her top was. I had a clear view of her bra everytime she bent over. I tried to look away, but the urge to look over powered me, and i looked down her top, seeing her small tits compressed inside the yellow bra she wore. She had a rather petite body, as she wasn't 'fully developed'. The night went on, and it came to 8 o clock and we were both getting fed up. I was trying to cover up my large erection from seeing down her bra, and seeing her white panties as she bent over to pick up a piece of paper she dropped. she got up from her chair to stretch her legs, and i swivveled my chair around to face her. " God, i never knew this would be so boring" i said to her. She smiled back at me. She then slumped down on the bed. I layed down next to her. Then she asked me the question i dreaded her asking me- "Do u think im attractive?" of course, i had no idea what to say. I replied yes, and asked her what she thought of me.

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   She didn't reply, she just kissed me on my lips. "What was that?" I asked, not knowing what else to say. "The only way to sum up how i feel about you," she replied. She rolled on to me and i put my arms around her, asking if this was what she really wanted. She never replied, she just took of her top, to reveal her full bra, holding her beautiful small titties. I unzipped my jeans, and she rubbed her hands over my cock. It made me so horny. "Shall i take it off?" She asked, pointing to her bra. I said no, as i started to undo it. I had never been this close to anyone before and my body was shaking. I never dreamed i would ever see Bex naked. I took off her bra, to reveal her perky tits. Her nipples were so small and perky.
    i rubbed them with my fingers, and then i took off my boxer shorts revealing my hard, hairy cock. "I never imagined it so big" She said.

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       I pulled off her panties and shoved my fingers up her small pussy. She let out a groan. I then placed my mouth on her erect nipples and began to suck hard. God they were so tasty, they turned me on so much. I moved my mouth as far up her tits as i could. they were just so small and sexy i couldnt believe it. she moved her head down to my cock, and began to give me a blowjob. Id never had one before and god it was the best feling id ever had. I could feel her nipples rubbing against my legs as she did it. I felt my self orgasm. She pulled her head up, her mouth covered in cum. I then moved down to her clean, tight pussy and licked it like a lolly. She groaned as loud as she could. Then i put my dick in her twat and moved on top of her. I placed my hands on her tits and rubbed them, her nipples getting harder.

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       I then pushed up and down until i cummed all in her pussy, leaving her and me in heaven. She then got on top of me and gave me a handjob. We then embraced eachother and snogged for 18 minutes until our tongues were numb. She then started licking my hairy balls, wiping her wet pussy on my knees. Foor the next year, she came round when ever she could, and we both masturbated eachother and had as much sex as possible, our parents not knowing. .



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