My dirty boss


Topic: 1Today was a rough day at work.   Everyone was behind, my boss Myra was in a shit mood because she was trying to get out ASAP, and nothing was going right.
 Myra is 29, a redhead kind of punk/aternative looking girl, but always dresses office appropriate.   Though she obviously had a hot date to get to today and wore a one piece dress that showed off her nice C-Cup titties just perfectly.   I went to her with a problem near the end of the day.   Talking to her, my eyes were drawn to the sexy cleavage she was displaying.   "Well you will just have to do it the way I want" she said.   Looking back into her eyes I knew she had caught me staring.   "I'm sorry, you're right, we'll do it your way. "  With this she stood up and said, "We need to talk".
Following her to the meeting room I could tell she was pissed.   She let me in first and closed the door hard behind her.   "Listen, you are lucky I don't have you in HR after the way you looked at me.   And, I know what you did with Dawn a couple of months ago.   I over heard her bragging about it. "  She got in my face, giving me another glimpse of her gorgeous globes.

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    "But I'm a fair woman, you got a look, so I should get a look.   Take off your fucking pants!"
I quickly dropped my pants and undewear revealing my semiaroused cock.   "That looks nice, but can you actually use it?"  I started to speak, but she quickly silenced me.   "I don't have time for you to talk, just sit there and take what i've got for you"  With that she got on her knees, and began to suck and lick my shaven cock and balls.   Quickly gobbling me up, and stroking my dick as she took more of me in her mouth then any girl I have ever been with.   I silently prayed she would get out of her clothes but she was hell bent on finishing me with her mouth.   Sucking, bobbing up and down, faster and faster, taking her lips off me only to tell me "Fucking cum already you bastard!  I need to taste it"  With that I blew my hot load into her waiting mouth, as she licked every last drop off of me.   After tucking my cock back into my pants for me, we walked back to our desks and clocked out.
 I watched her as she strutted down the hallway, out to a waiting car, and quickly kissed the man inside.   I laughed know my cum was still on her breath, and her glance to me told me she wanted more. . .



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