My connection with Amber


Connection was never our problem. . . . . . . . . . . . .
The sensation of Amber’s warm body awakes me.   Soft moist lips meet mine with a tender kiss.   The sweet scent of her hair filling my nostrils as it passes.

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Gentle kisses feel like a million tiny shocks as Amber moves down my chest and over my stomach without a word.    Her warm hand soon finds me, arousing me as she continues kissing my tightening abdomen.    Ignoring Ambers attention is never an option. Her palm slides over my swelling member and the warmth of her mouth soon envelopes me sheltering my excited cock from the coolness of the room.
Amber’s body moves over me, covering my body, her smooth warm thighs brush my face.   Even in the soft shadowy light of the room her gift is visible before me, softly glistening indicating her arousal even now.
As Amber’s mouth rhythmically strokes me, my hands grasp her athletic hips , directing her gift to my waiting mouth.   Softly my mouth meets Amber’s moist swollen lips my tongue entering to savor her sweetness, a small shiver perceived from within her at my first passing.
As I begin exploring, her mouth continues to work its magic and her soft moans begin causing my breathing to quicken.   Amber’s soft moans have always excited me, with tonight being no exception.
 As our passion increases, striving for that perfect crescendo, she pauses, only for a moment.   Just long enough to raise her head, whispering “soon my love…… soon”, and return with determination to my cock.   
As I feel my sack tighten, warning of the eruption soon to come, Amber’s passion reaches its pinnacle.   Moans vibrate around my shaft sending me over the edge just as her dam of passion releases above my waiting mouth.
Our thirst quenched for the moment we return to embrace one another, mouths meeting once more in a tender but deep kiss.

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    Bodies pressed tightly together, I roll Amber to her back, covering her body now much as she mine before, our kiss releases.
Amber’s legs part welcoming me, inviting me to join, and I accept.   Our eyes meet.  Even in the dim light of the room we see each others thoughts.   As our eyes dive into each others soul and I enter her.  
Our bodies joined we begin a rhythmic motion, slow at first almost as if a waltz, the tempo ever so slowly increasing, our breathing keeping time.  The moans I cherish so deeply return as I thrust deep into her.   With every thrust she sends a response that excites me, intensifying my desire to have her, to fulfill her more and more.
To this point Amber’s hands have firmly held my ass as if conducting the rhythm of our dance. Without warning Amber’s grasp releases moving to my hips and quickly rolling me to my back.  Now on top the tempo of the dance is to be hers to control.
Straddled above me, firmly impaled, she rises.   As the dim light of the room again manages to outline her curvaceous form, her arms raise and fingers run through her hair as if stretching from a long sleep.   Softly Amber whispers …. .

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   “Now I dance for you. ”
As Amber begins to move her hips above me her arms gracefully move first over my chest then down.   As her hands reach the area where her thighs meet my abdomen they move to her body in one fluid motion, over her belly, climbing her breast and again thru her hair.   Ultimately she stretches again as if reaching for the heavens, all the time her hips moving seducing my manhood.   Her motions repeat, each time resulting in increasing my desire for her.
My hands like magnets are drawn to Amber’s body.   Finding her thighs I close my eyes, letting my hands paint the picture in my mind of the body I love and explore.   All the while Amber continues her dance with a hypnotic rhythm that can not be ignored.
As my hands find her breast and the erect nipples they display, Amber’s rhythmus movements increase in speed.   The rolling of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger solicits moans from deep within her.   As she grabs my hands, squeezing them firmly to her breast, I respond by tightening my grip securing her in my grasp.
With my back arching to meet her, thrusting, lifting her, Amber’s grinding, pagan dance becomes overwhelming.   Our moans resonate in the room.   Bodies and minds totally synchronized with but one goal, for our soles to fuse in one overwhelming display of passion and lust.
With that the eruption begins.

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    Bodies arched, my seed flowing like lava into Amber as her release mixes to complete the formula that is the result of our love.   Spasms engulf us for what seems like an eternity, eventually subsiding to periodic aftershocks.
Exhausted from the climax of our mating ritual, Amber falls onto my still heaving chest, her head rest on my shoulder her warm rapid breaths dancing across my chest.   My arms embrace her, my only thought being the gift of her that has been bestowed on me by the gods.
A far away sound begins to increases in intensity.   The sound, now clear, is the annoying sound of a phone.   With frustration I raise the receiver, “Hello”.
Amber’s soft voice returns, “Darling, I know it is so early but I just had the most vivid…. ”  Almost in unison we both say “DREAM”.    As we begin to discuss our experiences a single question echoes in my mind ………. .



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