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My brother and his wife had dated for years. His girlfriend was hot, but her little sister was even hotter. She was 12 when my bro and her sis started dating, and at 12 she had huge c cup breast. I was divorced and my brother lived with me in an apartment so Shenna and I became buddies. Even though she was 18 years younger than me, she was the object of my masturbation. After a long courtship, my brother finally married his girlfriend.
The wedding was beautiful. I was the best man and Shenna was the maid of honor. After the ceremony, the bride and groom left for the honeymoon. Shenna was now 18 and time had only enhanced her beauty. After everyone had left, we were left with the clean up, Sheena had changed from her low-cut brides maid dress into a solid white tee and tight short cut-offs with bare feet. I walked around with a hard on most of the night. After a while she started complaining that she was exhausted. After whimpering for about an hour her Dad asked if I minded running her home, cause they still had a few more hours work to do. Of course I told him I would, and walked toward Shenna and she grabbed my arm and we headed out the door to my truck. Now like I said I have always lusted over Shenna, but I had never ever did anything out of the way with her.

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   We had cut up and horse played but nothing sexual, so I thought nothing of her taking me by the arm.
Once in my truck we headed for her parents house. Shenna asked me what I thought our siblings were doing, I told her it was their honeymoon so they were probably at the hotel consumating thier marriage. She smiled and looked out the window. Then she started squirming with her shirt, and before I knew it she tossed her bra on the dash. I hate those things she said. I turned and her breast were being hugged by the thin cotten tee, and her nipples were hard and sticking out from her ample breast. My cock instantly sprang to full erection and I could barely drive.
Once we got to her house we went inside and she went straight to her room, I will be right back, she said as she entered the room. I sat down and turned the TV on. Due to the long courtship of our siblings, our families were real close and we always made ourselves at home at each others house. I was flipping through the channels when I heard Shenna come into the room. I looked up and almost fainted. She still had on her tee but instead of her cut offs, she now had on a black and red silky thong. I sit up and just stared at her, she flopped on the couch beside me with a smile.

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   I feel much better she said, I could do nothing but mumble. Her nipples were clearly visible throught the tee, and her strands of her pubic hair were sticking out from the fabric of the thong. What is wrong, she asked. Nothing, I quickly snapped, putting a pillow on my lap trying to hide my throbbing erection. Sheena shifted and laid her head on the pillow, and kept trying to get comfortable. "We are going to have to do something with these lumpy pillows" she said as she threw the pillow on the floor. Then she laid her head directly on my confined erection. She giggled, "That lump wasnt in the pillow, it is in your pants" She sat up on her knees, "Jeff, am I making you horny?", she asked. "Well, by the looks of my pants you are" I replied. She looked down at my cock, and then got up and went back into her room. I thought I had really blew it. After a couple minutes she returned wearing the sexiest teddy I have ever seen. "This is just like what my sister was wearing for your brother tonight, what do you think?" She asked. "Your sister could not look as good in it as you" I answered with that she came and knelt down infront of me and began unzipping my pants, without any help my cock sprang free. She grabbed my cock and lowered her lips.

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   Her tounge circled my cock head, the she took my whole length into her mouth. I laid back as she gave me the blow job of a life time. She gobbled at my cock like a hungry cat to a bowl of milk. Before long I was on the verge of empting my balls in her thoat. "I am fixing to cum, Shenna" I said. She just sucked harder and cupped my balls, and squeezed them softly. I placed my hands on her head and pushed her head down as my cock jetted cum deep in her throat. When she looked up at me she was smiling and my cum was running out both sides of her mouth. She then stood up, and slowly took the top of the teddy down. Her tits were at least a D. They looked like two perfect tanned melons, no sag what so ever. Her nipples where hard and dark brown, they stuck out a good quarter inch, smooth and hard. The teddy lowered futher revealing he flat tanned tummy with a gold stud in a belly button that made Shania Twains look like a hole in the wall. Then the jack pot, she lowered the teddy and revealed her pussy. Her juices glistened like early morning dew, on her black pubic hair, she turned showing me her perfectly rounded ass and long legs.

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    She then took my cock in her hand, it had returned to full erect from her seductive strip tease, and guided it straight to her pussy. She was tight, not a virgin, but tight. When she had all of my cock inside her, she looked at me and said, "I have wanted this cock since I was 12, now show me it was worth the wait" With that I picked her up and laid her on her back with her legs on my shoulders. I began fucking her with all I had. I pumped my cock in and out of here like a well oiled piston, the cummed over and over again, I then let her legs down and turned her over on her stomach. I place my cock in her pussy from behind. I grabbed her hips and pounder her pussy even more. Out of breath, she turned and asked me to please dont cum in my pussy. I agreed and continued to pund her. I was proud of my stamina. I fucked her for 43 minutes solid, never slowing down. On the 45th minute I had to cum. Sheena I have got to cum. With that she quickly pulled away and turned over and grabbed my cock. She began jacking me off over her breast.

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   "Cover my tits with your cum", she begged. On demand I released another heaping amount of cum on her tits. I have never been one for "Kinky" stuff but her tits covered with my cum was just too much. I began licking my cum from her nipples and tits. She came twice more during my cleaning.
Now Sheena has gone to college, but on her holidays, we always find time to have some erotic fun.



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