Movie of a lifetime


My friend used to come over and we'd hang out and watch TV or go to the movies or whatever.   We used to have fun.   What she didn't know was the erotic fantasies I used to have about her.   She was sex on legs and everytime I used to see her I used to have to jerk off either while I was in the bathroom or as soon as she had left.
Well one night she came over and I had cooked.   We'd had wine with our meal so we were both pretty relaxed.   She'd chosen the movie and we'd grabbed a couch each and were laid out and enjoying the movie.  
The movie was a little more sexy than she thought and as we were watching it started to get really hot.   I took a glance at her and she didn't seem fazed by it but I could feel myself getting hard.   I grabbed the cushion and put it on my lap pretending to hug it.   The movie got worse and my hard dick was pressing against my jeans making it really uncomfortable for me.   I tried moving to give it a little more room but it made it worse with the fabric rubbing against my dick and I winced.   She looked over and asked if I was OK.   I said yes I was fine.
She asked if I had any popcorn because she was hungry and I told her where it was in the cupboard.   She said it was my place so I should go get it.

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    There was no way that I could get up and let her see that I was as hard as hell so I said that I was tired and if she wanted it she would have to get it!
She complained but got up and did the popcorn.   While she was out I made another attempt at adjusting my position so that it didn't hurt quite so much.   I tried thinking of something really boring so that my hard dick would go soft again but the movie was paused at the scene where the woman was gently kneeding the guy through his boxers.  
I thought that maybe if I could pop the top button of my jeans it would give my dick a little more room to breathe - it did that ok the head of my dick poked out of the top.   It already had some precum on it so I wiped it off with my finger.   I heard some noise so i put the cushion back on my hard dick and pretended to be watching the screen of the TV.   She went to sit down on the other couch but then changed her mind and came and sat on my couch.   She told me to move my legs so she could sit down.   With great difficulty I did.
We carried on watching the movie and it got worse.   Surely this was as near to porn as you could get from Blockbuster!
She kept looking over at me and eventuallyt he movie finished.   "Are you going to make me a drink or do I have to do that for myself as well?"  she asked.   "No, you have to do that for yourself as well,"  I replied.
Then she shocked the hell out of me.   She said that she wasnt' going out again because she wanted to watch this time if I was going to play with myself!  I was shocked and asked her what she meant.

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She pulled the cushion away and said, "that's what I mean!"  I was so embarrased and tried to pull the cushion back and then she shocked me once more.   She said that I was obviously as hot as she was and why didn't we have a jerk off.   I was speechless, was she for real.
She undid her jeans and slid them down her ankles along with her underwear.   Her pussy was wet as hell and my dick poked even more out of my jeans than before.   She inserted her finger into her pussy and spread some of her juices over her clit and started to rub.   Holy cow was this really happening.   She told me that the person who came last was the winner and the person who lost had to do what the other person told them to.   Hell I could do that!
I pulled my zipper down and eased my jeans to my ankles and then my boxers.   My dick shot out like a gun from a bullet.   I heard her take a sharp intake of breath.   She looked at my 9 inches of meat and started rubbing her clit even more.   I started to stroke my uncut dick, rubbing the foreskin up and down.   Man I could feel my balls tighten already.   Watching her sink two fingers into her pussy then rub her clit with her other hand was too much and I exploded with a loud groan.

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    She smiled and then shouted, "oh god yes," and she came all over her hand.
I gave a nervous laugh and went to  pull up my boxers and jeans.   She caught hold of my hand and told me that she'd won so I had to do anything she told me to.   She told me to take all my clothes off while she took all her clothes off.   Her tits were sooo nice I just wanted to touch them.   then she went to her bag and led me to my bedroom.   she lay me on my bed and and before I knew it she had handcuffed both my wrists to the headboard of the bed.   She then said I was not allowed to say a word until she took the handcuffs off or there would be a punishment for me!
She climbed onto my face and sunk her pussy into my face.   I licked her clit and then she moved so I could lick her pussy.   She kept gyrating her hips so that I alternated between her pussy and clit.   She started to move quicker and her breath started to get quicker too.   and then she came all over my face.
She moved down the bed and by this time my dick was rock hard again and was swaying in the wind.   She ran her tongue over the head of it and then gave little kisses all down each side.   She cupped my balls in her hands then sucked them, then left a trail of saliva back up to the head and placed her mouth over the head of my dick.

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    I had never met a woman who could take me all in her mouth because of my size but hell she couldn't have had any reflexes in the back of her throat because she sucked me to the base and back up again without even gagging.   She did that a few more times and I started to move my hips backwards and forwards to fuck her mouth.   She took her mouth off of me for a second and inserted her finger into her mouth and then put her mouth back on me.   She then inserted her finger up my ass.   God I'd never had that done before and holy shit it felt good. I was torn between feeling guilty because it was up my butt and liking it so much.   It didnt' take me long to shoot my load after that and she drank every drop of it.
she then came back up to my head and for the first time she kissed me.   She sucked on my tongue like she had sucked on my dick and then she undid the handcuffs.   I'd never felt like this before and I was so horny I was hard again.
I stuck two fingers up her pussy and she started to grind against them.   I kissed her hard while I did this and she grabbed at my dick and started to jerk me off.
I turned her over so that she was on her knees and I eased my dick into her pussy. All this time no one had said anything.   there had been quiet moans but everything had been supressed until now.

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"Oh god yes fuck me hard, ram that big black dick up me, oh god yes, yes, fuck me, ram me, come on ram me. "  I'd never had anyone talk to me like this before either.   So I joined in.
"do you like my dick?  Do you want more eh?  Come on baby cum for me, cream for me baby," all the time I was fucking her pussy hard so that my balls were slapping against her ass.   I slid my hand around the front of her and started to rub her clit.   She started to scream and she came hard but I was far from finished.   I flipped her over again and put her legs on my shoulders and I rammed her from the front.   She was begging me to come but I wasn't ready yet.   If this never happened again I was going to make the most of it now.   She came again and her whole body was covered in sweat.   Then she rolled me over and she sat on top of me.   She was grinding her hips on my hard dick telling how good it felt and how I was making her wetter than she'd ever been before.   She'd slide me almost out of her and then bang back down on me.   This woman knew how to fuck.   She came another twice before I could feel my balls start to tighen, I was going to come but not like this.

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    I flipped her over onto her back and lay on top of her shoving my dick quickly back in to fill her pussy again.   Two big thrusts and I was done.   I filled her hole with my juice and she came again too.
I lay there on top of her with my shrinking dick still inside her.   I kissed her more softly now and said, "what have we done. "
She gave a giggle and said, "I dont know about you but you've just forfilled my fantasy that I have about you everytime I'm alone without you. "
I told her about my fantasy too and how I used to jerk off thinking I was fucking her.   She giggled and we both fell asleep on the bed, naked.
When I woke up she was still sleeping but there was a part of my body that wasn't sleeping, I rolled over and
Now you don't expect there to be another one so soon do you?  Just wait and let me know if you need part two.