Topic: moss “Well,” Tony began, glancing over at Claire. “This is it. ”
Claire knelt down and dipped her hand into the water. “it's cold!” she shivered, jerking her hand back out.
“Don't worry, we don't have to swim for long,” he reassured her, kicking off his shoes.
Claire glanced up at him, then stood, grinning. “You know, we could have just rented a motel, like I. . . ”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, enough of that,” Tony interrupted her. “This place is ten times better than a hotel, I promise you. It'll be well worth the cold.
Claire shook her head, and began stripping away her tank top. Tony watched out of the corner of his eye as her hands grabbed the base of the shirt, and rolled it up over her stomach and breasts, and finally her head.
“That's nice,” Tony noted, nodding at the light-pink bikini top that now served as her covering. “Have you worn it before?”
“Just bought it yesterday,” Claire smiled, almost with a blush.

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   “You know, special occasion and all. ”
And what a special occasion it was; they were about to celebrate their mutual loss of virginity, and this creek served as a perfect setting. Well, Tony thought so. As he mused about the hours ahead, he himself began to strip, beginning with his shirt.
Just before the white cloth rolled over his field of vision, Tony caught a brief glimpse of Clair that has stuck with him to this day. Her head was nodded down, looking toward the ground as she fingered the clasp at the top of her jeans. The white veil covered his love, and when it was finally removed, there was a beautiful triangle of pink peeking out from the now-unclasped jeans.
She unzipped the pink. As Claire wiggled out of her pants, she couldn't help but feel the intent, yet welcome gaze of Tony. Often times at school she would feel the lustful eyes of some guy checking her out, at which point she would break conversation and retreat to another room.
Yet with Tony she was somehow different; here, alone in the woods, Claire felt more than willing to stoop down, remove her pant legs, and trace her hand along her outer thigh as she stood. She could taste Tony's desire, and she looked up to find her own.
He was ripped, and Claire liked that. I mean, he wasn't like a pro-wrestler, or anything. But Tony had some real strength in him, and he seemed almost regal in stature.

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“Ready?” Tony asked once they were finished undressing.
“Mmhm!” Claire smiled at him.
“All right, let's hop in. ” Tony splashed into the deep, waterhole upstream. Claire was a bit more cautious, and wisely so, because the frigid, rushing stream now robbed him of any heat (and turn-on) he'd received before.
“Allll Ririrght,” Claired chattered, “Ninext time Ihay choose the locahaytion”
“Come onn,” Tony waded upstream. “Just around the bendnd it gets shallower. ” They waded on through the cold, rushing water.
The rumblings of the water grew louder, Claire noticed, as they moved farther upstream. “What is that?” she asked
Tony just grinned, and took her hand as they shallowed at the bend.
“My god,” she shivered, still cold. “It's beautiful. ” She squeezed his hand.
“Better than a hotel?” he nudged her, turning from the waterfall to face her.
“Thank you Tony,” she turned to him, and came up close.

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   His arms wrapped around her waste as her arms wrapped around his neck. And there in the cold, they were somehow warmed by the simple touch of two lips, of breast upon chest, and of arms intertwined.
“There's a cave behind it too,” Tony grinned, obviously thinking of the next step.
“Well, let's see it,” Claire complied, and they turned to face one final pool of frigid water.
It was quite deep; having a waterfall pounding into you will do that to any pool. It was deep enough to swim in actually, so they swam through the pool, underneath of the waterfall, and arose in a small cavern of moss and light refraction.
Tony pulled himself up onto the moss-covered ledge which sat about a foot and a half above the water. “Here,” he reached back down into the water. With Tony's (ripped) help, Claire pulled herself belly-first onto the ledge, which, she noted, wasn't actually cold.
“This moss is nice,” she noted once she sat up. Once she sat up, she chuckled and laid back down, taking in the sensation of the moss and imagining herself in a luxurious hotel room. Light from the waterfall bounced playfully around the walls, and she thus found herself in an almost playful mood.
“How do you want to do this?” she asked Tony, who had positioned himself face down beside her.
“'Do this'?” Tony asked, mockingly. “And I thought guys were supposed to be the sex-driven ones.

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   You don't want to relax a little bit?”
“Well,” Claire bit her lip and leaned on her side to face Tony, “I can't be sure, but I think it'll be very relaxing with you lying inside of me. ”
“And on that note. . . ” he gave her a strange look. Then they both chuckled. “Here,” he said, placing his hand on her stomach. Slowly but surely he traced the curvature of her side, glancing her breast and arriving at her neck. Then he took her neck in his hands, leaned over and kissed her, ever so gently.
So it began. He felt her hand touch up against his chest, and her other arm wrap around his neck. He kissed again, now taking both hands and gently pressing against the sides of her breasts. She moaned in agreement, intensified the kiss, and wrapped both arms around his neck.
They felt each-other, settled into the other person's crevices. Tony made a full sweep over Claire's breasts, continuing it up over her outstretched arms.

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   In time Tony looked Claire in the eyes, and received her unspoken permission to move further.
A kiss, a brush. Tony lifted her slightly up off of the moss, and untied the bikini strap that separated their skin. “You're very. . soft,” he commented as his hands and chest explored her unbridled femininity.
“I'll take that as a compliment, ooh,” Claire moaned as Tony's hardening bulge pulsed against her bikini bottom.
    She looked him in the eyes, then was compelled to close them as his hands wandered over her breast once more. A kiss, a nuzzle; her hand ran through his short wet hair. A squeeze, she teased him as his bulge pressed deeper into her legs. A breeze of her breast and she fell deeper into his embrace.
    Tony himself closed his eyes as Claire's hands meandered down to his crotch. His penis flared through the swim trunks as she grabbed and massaged it. Soon he felt her fingers slipping beneath the lip of his trunks, and she took him skin on skin.
    Well the trunks didn't last long; soon they were separated only by the thin pink bikini bottom that wouldn't last long either.

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       Claire returned her arms to encircling Tony's neck. Soon they moved along his back, to his side, and over the mossy floor. She took fist-fulls of moss as Tony's penis pulsed hard against her, making her squint.
    “Tony,” she whispered, looking into his eyes.
    After about a second, Tony slowly nodded, and proceeded to trace his hands down to the bikini. At first he simply brushed over it, massaging her clitoris and labia. He pressed gently but firmly; Claire closed her eyes once more. Soon he came at her pussy from the top, fingering and playing with it, and eventually he removed the bikini bottom, and pressed his manhood against her once more.
    “Mmm,” she smiled, nuzzling his cheek. “This is it. ”
    “Yeah. . . ” Tony trailed, rubbing his penis against her lips ever so slightly. “Are you ready?”
    Claire nodded.

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       And with that, she opened up, Tony rose up, and entered in.
    The sensation was surprising – she had thought it would be more orgasmic than anything – an outer sensation. Yet the primary thing she felt was the joy of wrapping herself around Tony' penis, of being filled by his strength and manhood.
    She felt relaxed, willing to let go of fear, and anticipation, to just lay there in the moss, both surrounding and surrounded by Tony. As he began to move inside of her, she smiled and closed her eyes, grateful for this moment.
    Tony covered her breasts once more as he pressed deep into her. He could feel her delightful response through his shaft as she squeezed and rocked, gently soliciting the fluid from within him. In time, he thought. Minute by minute, they continued, gently and slowly moving together toward the end.
    Enwrapped by his muscular embrace, and continually eliciting his strength within her, Claire's emotions peaked. She was in love, both literally and emotionally, and her body began to swell with the feeling. slowly in, slowly out, she fell in rhythm with the shouting waterfall. Squeeze him gently, squeeze him tight, she knew that the end was nigh.
    Finally, with one deep thrust, and one tight squeeze, he came, and her arms fell down off his back. The moss was soft; the love was thick.

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       And grabbing another handfull of moss, Claire couldn't help but feel at home in this place, as though they were a living extension of the cavern. Tony caressed her some more, Claire nuzzled him, and they relaxed together in the hollow behind the falls.



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