More Than She Bargained For


Ashley tapped gently on the hotel room door. It was only her second day at her new job as a hotel maid and she was still nervous. When no answer came from within she opened the door with the pass key. The room was dark and she fumbled for the light switch. The lights flicked on and startled her as she realized that a man lay in the bed before her.  "I'm so sorry," she stammered. "I just needed to see if you have any laundry. " The man sat up slowly, pointing sleepily to a pile of clothes tossed in a heap on the floor near the foot of the bed. The girl walked forward slowly, like a ghost. The sway of her slim hips caught his eye and he opened his eyes wider to take her in.  Her hair was the color of pale honey and slithered down her back like rich silk. Her skin was pale except for two red spots of embaressment high upon her cheeks. Her lashes were long and sooty and framed pale blue eyes. Her lips were a pale glossy pink, full pouty lips that looked as if they were made for kissing. She wore the traditional maids uniform which only showed off her long legs and tiny waist. As she bent to pick up the clothes he could see the thinnest scrap of black satin molded over the firmest little ass he had ever seen.

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    His cock lept up against the bed sheets like it hadn't seen pussy in years. At least not pussy that young and sweet. Before she could get to the door he cleared his throat, causing her to turn and glance at him.  She looked at him warily. Good, she didn't look like an old pro at this game. Using innocents for pleasure was a real thrill for him. And he knew that if the money was right, any cute little girl was ripe for the picking. "How would you like to earn a little extra cash, sweetie?" He spoke in a whisper so as not to scare her off.   She wrinkled her forhead, "How?" He laughed to himself. Good God she was so niave! He could feel his dick throbbing as he patted the bed.  "All you have to do is spend a little time with me. You'll have alot of fun and have a couple hundred extra dollars in your pocket. " Ashley turned bright red as she realized what he was suggesting. She wasn't a prostitute by any means! But as much as she wanted to stomp out the door and get mad she was a little intrigued. He was an attractive man and the extra money would come in handy.

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   It wasn't like she was a virgin. But sleeping with guys she had known for sometime was entirely different than sleeping with a stranger for cash.   He pushed the sheet aside, exposing his nine inches to the girl. He could see her eyes widen and could almost smell her pussy dampness across the room.  She slid closer to him, knowing she was a slut for even considering it but the allure of a couple hundred dollars and the sight of that huge cock was hammering away at her resistances.  She made her way to his side and knealt there, slowly, ready to run at the slightest unpleasantness.  He cupped his hand around the base of his shaft and offered it to her. She took it into her mouth and sucked it to the back of her throat. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her face up and down on his pole.  For over half an hour he fucked her face, barely leting her catch her breath between strokes. Her pussy juices soaked through her thin panties and began to pool down her leg. She had never sucked a man off this long. Usually she gave it a few licks and then let him pleasure her. But seeing as he was paying for this, he obviously intended to get his moneys worth out of her.  She was startled as he tensed inside of her mouth and realized at the last moment that he was cumming.

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   She had never had a guy cum in her mouth before and wasnt too sure if she would like that. But as she started to pull away his hands only clamped tighter round her head and she was forced to stay there as he shot his loud down her throat.  She tried to not swallow but the sheer volume of it caused her to gulp and winced at the bitter saltiness. She gagged but it still flowed, running down her chin when her mouth was filled.  He pulled out hastily and glanced down at her. Her eyes were wide in shock and her face was splattered with ropes of cum. She started to back away. Obviously she thought that he was done. But he had only begun.   He grabbed the front of her uniform and pulled it down, exposing two pale puffy pink nipples. He bent and grasped one between his teeth, nibbling at them. He roughly shoved her panties aside and stuffed his cock into her tight hole.  Asley gasped and pulled away, never had she been handled so roughly in bed.
    And she had never rode a dick this big.  But he fucked her furiously, not caring whether she enjoyed it fully or not.

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       He wasn't paying her to get off. He was paying her for him to get off.  For over a hour he fucked her pussy til she was like a rag doll, tossed from side to side. She had since given up fighting and focussed instead on the fact that when he was done she would have the money and the knowledge that this would be her first and last pay session.  Before he could cum again though he pulled from her suddenly. But just as she was starting to think that he was done he spread her cheeks open wide and plunged into her virgin ass.  She screeched in apin and shame as she felt the tender skin tear. There was no gentleness as he fucked her ass, plunged his full length into her. It felt could to feel her react. It got him even harder the more she fought.  He buried his hands in her thick hair and yanked her head backwards, smiling as he saw the fresh tears spilling down her cheeks.  " What's a matter baby? Ain't I paying you enough? I figure since I'm paying you so much I should at least enjoy every hole you have!"Ashley tried to bat him away but as she moved her arms she only lost her balance and fell face down on the bed and suceeded in shoving his cock even deeper in her ass. She felt him lean over the side of the bed and moaned in fear as she felt him yank her arms behind her back and tie her wrists together with a silky strip of material. Never had she been afraid during sex but now she was terrified. Her first thought is that her manager would come looking for her but that was forgotton as she realized that since she worked the night shift that her manager was asleep as usual in the office and would only come out if someone wanted a room.

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       And even then he would n't look for her, he would just go back to sleep. Until morning, she was at the whims of this man. And it was her own fault.   He finally came in her ass after another hour of sex,  laughing when she passed out still impaled on his cock. Perhaps she thought that sleep would end it. But he would only let her rest for a few minutes til he was ready again. Then he had more surpirises in store for his little slut for hire. .