Moon Pool


The water made our bodies feel like smooth silk, sliding against our naughty bits as we moved ever closer together in a swirl of moon sparkled water. Kissing and sucking at my dripping, pert nipples, he pulled me close and slid his throbbing hot probe deep inside my freshly shaven slit. Wrapping my long legs around his hips, Stephen held my tight ass and continued making waves, while thrusting his cock inside me like a natural douche. Carrying me along through the water, his cock still keeping my twat hole warm, he pushed me up against the metal ladder, telling me to hang tight on the railing. I grabbed on just in time as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders, and wrapped his hands over mine. Using the railing as leverage, Stephen thrust his meat deeper and deeper inside me, as I laid my head back, moaning and yowling at the stars.
We locked our eyes in a lust-filled gaze as the moon cast its magical spell on us. I purred as it splashed its golden glow on Stephen's face. Hungry for his hot, thick cum to fill my cunt cup, I climbed the pool stairs with Stephen close behind and quickly hopped up onto the picnic table.

Hanging my ass off the end, Stephen continued where we had left off in the pool.
Grabbing my ankles and holding them in the air, he slammed his aching fuck stick so fast and hard inside my dripping wet slit that I suddenly began to pee, which made him fuck me even more aggressively, as if the smell and heat of my pee had turned him into a crazed, wild beast. The moon glistened off my naked, wet body as I laid helpless across the picnic table, submitting to Stephen's beastly hunger, my hole ready to be devoured by his uncontrollable cock.
The world slipped away while we climaxed, and we came together under the soft blanket of the moon and stars. Climbing back into the pool, Stephen then pulled me close, and held me tightly in his arms as the moonlight bathed our bodies, merging us together as one soul. . .

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Cyprus is a treasure in the Mediterranean Sea because of its rich history, beautiful beaches, and exciting nightlife, but it is also noted for its varied and welcoming population. The burgeoning transgender community reflects this variety, and in particular, the escort shemales in Cyprus, commonly known as Cyprus TS escorts or escort ladyboys in Cyprus.

The adult entertainment business frequently uses the word "shemale" to refer to transgender women who have made the male-to-female transition but have opted to keep their male genitalia. Many members of the transgender community, however, find this word to be highly insulting and demeaning. Women who transition between genders are referred to as trans women, trans women, or transsexual women.

Transgender people in Cyprus have widespread acceptance and legal protections. Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004, and EU law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identification. This has created a welcoming environment where trans women may feel comfortable being themselves.
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To protect both the escorts and their customers, Cyprus has strict regulations in place for the escort business. Transsexual escorts, or TS escorts, provide customers with companionship services, such as attending social events, dining with, or travelling with the client. Companionship and emotional support are also major components of these services, not only sexual interactions.

Beautiful, smart, and charismatic best describe Cyprus's TS escorts. Their unique experiences and perspectives make them intriguing companions. They usually have a command of more than one language, an understanding of different cultural norms, and a knack for putting people at ease. People who want to experience what it's like to be in a trans woman's company and hear their perspective pay for their services.

Even while the legislation provides safety and recognition, it is also important to treat all escorts with dignity and respect, especially transgender escorts. Not only is it impolite, but it's illegal, to use disparaging names, refuse to recognise their chosen gender, or regard people as simple objects. All escorts should be treated with the utmost politeness and courtesy.

Finally, the TS escorts of Cyprus are an example of the island's commitment to diversity and tolerance. Hiring a TS escort may be an amazing adventure, whether you're a visitor or a native. It is essential, however, to approach such encounters with respect and understanding, seeing escorts for what they are: trained professionals who also happen to be attractive women.

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