Midnight Snack


Night had fallen for ACDC Town and the lights were out, and children were sound asleep. Parents were just finishing up a few chores before making the trip to bed themselves. A few streetlights were on as some denizens walked along in the night. Inside the Hikari household, Haruka Hikari was resting on the couch with a bit of wine in her hand, feeling the effects of having a few friends over. Her son, and hero of Electopia Lan was already sleeping. Haruka sat with a sad face, reminiscing about fond times that she just had. Oh it was quite the get together with her girlfriends. Mrs Sakurai and Ayano had been over and the group chatted for hours while sipping some potent wine that the former brought. It felt good to just hanging out after taking care of the houses and their children for so long. Many topics came up, before settling on their love lives. Talks of how the husbands provided both financially and romantically became the main focus for the next while. The women laughed, but inside Mrs Hikari felt a bit of loneliness, since her husband was often away because of his job. Eventually, more interesting topics came up. Mixed with the amount of wine consumed, the women began to feel hot. Mrs Sakurai and Ayano however left, bidding Haruka farewell with smiles on their faces, not even bothering to hide what was going to happen next. Once again, Mrs Hikari felt lonely, and now she was feeling aroused too.

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   Oh how she longed for pleasure! Granted she could masturbate or the like, but at heart, she was always a bit dirty. During the few times that Dr. Hikari was home, the two would have rampant sex. Many things happened, but what Haruka loved more than anything was a cock in her mouth. Suckling on a hard rod until it burst in her mouth or on her face with thick, ropey cum, that was her true fetish. Mrs Hikari’s eyes began to glaze as her desire for cock climbed. However there was one problem, she couldn’t get any! Her husband was away and she wouldn’t dare go after another man. She grumbled while gently dragging her hand along her violet shirt, rubbing her large breasts to a point where her nipples began to poke. “Oh what do I do?” she groaned in her thoughts, There is no man around here, the only person closest to that is Lan. Her eyes widened, and her body tingled. She shook her head. “No! He my son! That just horrible!” she scolded, but her lust was now tenfold. She argued in her mind, but her body was causing her morals to falter. Her need of a cock in her mouth was vital, she would go insane without one. “Ohh it wrong, but I NEED this!” she shouted, coming to a decision while standing up.

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   She walked away from the couch, silently moving along the living room since she had no sandals. She came up to the stairs, took a breath and slowly crept up. One step after another, each passing second was agony to the horny adult. After an eternity, she was upstairs, and by Lan’s room. Lucky for her, the door was open. She let out her breath and slowly walked inside, carefully moving to his bed. She looked to the computer and saw that his PET was off. Haruka nodded to herself, and put her delicate fingers under the covers. She looked at her son, sleeping blissfully. Mrs Hikari smiled, noting for the first time how handsome her son was. He was brave too, saving the world from peril many times, a hero to everyone. She slowly pulled the covers back while nodding. Even if this was wrong, Lan deserved a reward for his efforts. After a minute of careful movements, the covers were pulled back to Lan’s ankles. Now for the next part.

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   Haruka’s hands went to her son’s shirt and pushed it up a bit, revealing Lan’s slightly toned belly. Finally, her hands went under his waistband and began to pull down. Her fingers slid to his sides, helping her carefully reveal her son’s lower abdomen. Seconds passed, and more flesh was revealed. Mrs Hikari gasped when she was finished, gazing upon Lan’s penis and testicles, well sized for a boy his age. “Mayl is going to be one lucky girl. ” Haruka thought as she licked her finger, and began to work her charms. Mrs Hikari lifted up her son’s cock head with two fingers and began to run her other finger, the wet one up and down the backside. She did this for a while, and smiled when she felt Lan’s dick began to swell. Longer and thicker it became, to the point where she could wrap her fist around her son’s cock and still suckle on the head a little. Mrs Hikari was filled with joy as she slowly began to move her hand up and down, masturbating Lan for a bit, which caused his breathing to rise a bit. She didn’t worry about waking him, her son was always a very heavy sleeper. “Wow, I’m actually doing this, jacking my son off!” she thought, “It’s so wrong, but I love it!” She kept this up, and after a while, pre cum formed on the tip of Lan’s cock. “This is it!” she thought while removing her hand and putting it at the bottom of her shirt, “Lan, as of now, I’m no longer your mom, I’m just a dirty whore who loves to suck cock, even her own son’s. I’m a slut.

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   Plain and simple.
    However, I’m not just any slut, oh no. This body of mine, it belongs to you and your daddy, and with it, I’m going to give you two studs endless pleasure!” With that, she pulled up her shirt, springing her bountiful tits free from their braless prison. Her jugs bounced in the air as she slowly moved onto the bed, positioning her mouth over her son’s dick. She went down, engulfing the whole thing into her mouth as she began to suckle. Up and down she went, sucking Lan’s cock for all it was worth. Oh the taste of it, how invigorating. She popped it out and began to lick his dick like a lollypop, swirling around the tip of the head with her tongue’s end. Haruka heard a groan from her son, and smiled while jacking his cock. “Get ready Lan!” she thought, “Time for the end!” Her hands went to her breasts, spreading them apart while she lowered them to her son’s member. Slowly, she put the monster between her globes and closed them tight, preparing for her favourite technique, tit fucking. She slid her chest up and down, groaning quietly as Lan’s dick swelled a little. Pre cum leaked onto a tit, signalling the end was near. Haruka too was feeling her own orgasm building as she continued her fucking. Their breathing picked up, and they groaned in unison.

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       Mrs Hikari squeezed her legs together as her pussy exploded with juices, soaking through her panties. During this, Lan ejaculated with immense force, shooting gobs and gobs of white cum. Haruka opened her mouth as a few shots landed inside, the rest flew into her hair and onto her large breasts. She swallowed it, relishing the taste before releasing Lan’s dick from her breasts, carefully pulling his pants up and putting his blankets over. Mrs Hikari began to walk out, her own juices leaving a wet trail as she looked back. “Wow!” she thought while bringing up her hand, some of her son’s cum present on her fingers, “I did it,I got myself off to my own child, I should be ashamed of myself. ” She stared at her hand for a moment longer, then smirked. “But it was so liberating,” she stated mentally, “And I know Lan enjoyed it too, though he was probably thinking of Mayl. ” Haruka shrugged her shoulders, “Oh well, either way this is definitely a night I will remember. ” She licked the cum off her fingers and slowly closed his door, before wandering off to her own room for a well deserved sleep. .



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