Mid Afternoon Break


Down on the street in front of her office building, Constance hailed a cab and gave the driver and address on the near north side, and while it was only a ten minute ride, for once they weren't caught in Chicago's brutal afternoon traffic!!! Even though she had visited the majestic brownstone many times, she still had her usual shiver as she climbed the stairs leading to the front door, where upon she rang the chimes and waited for and answer!!! A voice coming from a small intercom on the door jam asked evenly, "Who is it, please!?!" "It's Constance Walker," she replied into the tiny speaker, "I have a two thirty appointment!!!" The intercom went dead, but within a matter of seconds the lock buzzer in the door hand went off, which just gave Constance enough time to open the door and step inside!!! Almost immediately a young woman in a tiny French maid's outfit appeared out of nowhere and escorted her to the front desk!!!"Ahhhhh, Miss Walker," the regal looking woman behind the desk fairly gushed, "it's so nice to have you back with us, it's been how long, three months since your last, ahem, session!?!" "That sounds about right," Constance replied, "it's been so busy back at the office, you know how it is," as her voice trailed off!!! "But of course," the woman replied, "but now that you are here, how may we serve you today!?!" Feeling a little embarrassed, Constance looked down at her shoes and in a soft voice replied, "Well, uh, I think I'd like the medical room, you know, and exam with a doctor and nurse!!!" "Mmmmm, a very good choice," the woman replied softly, "let me check to see if the room is available or not!!!" Nervously Constance shifted her weight from one foot to the other while the woman spoke softly into the telephone!!! "I have good news," she replied after replacing the receiver, "everything is ready to go, so if you'll follow Mimi she'll lead the way, and please, enjoy yourself!!!"
While following the same woman who had met her at the front door, Constance couldn't help but marvel at all of the detail that was put into every fantasy room in the old brownstone, so when entered the "doctor's waiting room", she wasn't in the least bit disappointed at the degree they went to make it feel like a normal medical waiting room!!! The little French maid then ordered her to sit down and wait, as the nurse would be with her shortly!!! With her nervousness growing by the second, she paged through two year old news magazines while waiting for the nurse to appear!!! Her impatience was becoming palpable, when the door burst open and a pretty blonde nurse appeared and offered, "Please come in, the doctor will be with you in a few minutes!!!"Constance followed the nurse into and examining room replete with a table with stirrups and all of the necessary instruments for a gynecological examination!!! "I'll be your nurse during the exam," the woman said a matter of factly, "and my name is Helen Jones, but I like to be addressed as Nurse Jones, now if you'll please step behind the screen and remove all of your clothing, the doctor will be right with you!!!" After she had removed her all of her clothing, Nurse Jones handed her a paper gown and said, "Put this on and then get up on the table!!!"
After Constance was safely up on the examination table, Nurse Jones said, "Before the doctor checks you over we have to complete this medical form, I'll ask the questions and you answer them, okay!?!" "Uh sure," Constance replied while thinking how incredibly realistic everything was!!! "First off," the nurse asked, "How old are you!?!" "I'm forty eight," Constance replied quickly, and anticipating her next question threw in, "and I'm five feet seven inches tall and weigh 141 pounds!!!" "Mmmmmm," the nurse hummed, "those are pretty good numbers for someone your age, do you work out!?!" "I ride a stationary bike thirty minutes each morning before work and I do watch what I eat," Constance replied with a pride!!! "That's good," the nurse replied, "now do you have any problems with urination or bowel movements!?!" "Nope, everything seems just fine," Constance replied!!! "What about your nipples, any kind of discharge," the nurse continued on!?!" "No, they're just fine," she replied!!!" "I couldn't help but notice that you have very large breasts, do you perform monthly self exams," the nurse asked softly!?! "Uh, usually," Constance replied, "but I must admit that sometimes I do forget!!!"
"Now you know better than to skip your monthly exams," the nurse admonished her, "so while we're waiting for the doctor we'll do a quick check, okay!?!" "Uh, you're the nurse," Constance replied softly as they were finally getting down to brass tacks, "sure, go ahead!!!" After putting down her clip board, Nurse Jones casually pulled up the thin paper dressing gown and began gently kneading her full ripe breasts!!! "Hmmmmmm, they seem to be just fine," the nurse said absentmindedly, "and by the way, what size bra do you wear, it would seem that you need a lot of support!?!" It was plainly evident that Nurse Jones was doing more than a normal breast exam, which naturally caused Constance to shudder slightly when her nipples were being tweaked, but she gamely answered, "I-I wear a size 38D, and I always wear an under wire model!!!" "That's good," the nurse replied softly, "we'd certainly hate to see them get saggy do to lack of support, and by the way, the chart requires that we check your nipples for sexual response, is that all right with you!?!" Small beads of sweat had broken out on her forehead, but in a thick voice she asked, "How do you do that!?!" "You mean what method do I use to check your response," the nurse fired back quickly!?! Without answering, Constance managed to nod her head while using the back of her hand to wipe the moisture from her brow!!! "Oh that's easy," Nurse Jones answered almost gaily, "we do it just like this," as she let her mouth engulf one of Constance's already hard nipples and greedily sucked on it!!!" It was like and electric shock had run through her, and almost involuntarily she gasped and moaned, "Ohhhh my, that feels wonderful, you don't know how longs it's been since they've been sucked on, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Constance softly caressed the cheek of the young woman, and was just about to compliment her on her incredible oral technique when the door to the examining room burst open and Dr.

Vixon strode in and asked, "So, how's our patient doing!?!"
Nurse Jones reluctantly released the hard nipple and sighed, "She's doing just great, doctor, and from what I can tell her sexual response is outstanding!!!" "That's wonderful," the doctor said with a broad smile, "so, shall we get on with it!?!" Nurse Jones placed each of Constance's feet in the stirrups and gently spread her legs wide apart while the doctor slid between them on a rolling stool!!! "My, my, you certainly have a hairy vagina don't you," Doctor Vixon intoned while gently probing her opening, "I think for the sake of hygiene it would be a good idea if we shaved you smooth, don't you!?!" "Anything you say, doctor," Constance replied weakly, "I-I've never had it shaved before!!!" "Well don't worry about a thing, dear,"' he replied heartily, "Miss Jones and I have shaved literally hundreds of vaginas and we haven't lost one yet!!!" Nurse Jones laughed out loud at the doctor's little joke, but seconds later she appeared at the doctor's side with a razor, a pan of hot water, and a bottle of warm oil!!! "Now Connie," the doctor said smoothly, "Nurse Jones will prepare you with the oil, so just relax while she massage it in, okay!?!" Sweat drops again formed on her forehead as the soft hands of Nurse Jones worked the warm oil into the thick blanket of pubic hair that ran all the way from her navel down to her tight little ass hole causing her to stammer, "W-what ever you say, doctor, ohhhhhhhhhhh that feels so nice!!!" While the nurse continued massaging her now dripping vagina, the doctor took a soft cloth and dabbed the sweat from Constance's forehead while casually cupping her large breasts with his other hand!!! With her breathing was becoming increasingly labored, the doctor nodded to his nurse who slid out of the way allowing him to retake his position between her legs with razor in hand!!! "Now try and relax, dear," he intoned softly, "the only way you can get nicked is if you make any sudden movements, understand!?!" "Y-yes," she gasped as he gave her a quick five second fingering, "I-I understand, oh fuck does that feel good!!!"
"How does that feel," Doctor Vixon asked softly while shaving away the last vestiges of her pubic fur, "you're clean as a whistle!?!" "It feels cold," Constance replied while trying to get used to her new feeling of nakedness!!! "You'll get used to it," the doctor replied, "now, lets get on with the rest of the exam, are you ready!?!" "Yes," she whispered, "anytime you're ready!!!" A shudder of anticipation ran through her as she waited nervously for the exam to begin, and her feelings of anxiety were well founded when the doctor said softly, "Look in my hand dear, I'm afraid we're going to have to probe your vagina with this," while holding up the biggest black dildo she had ever seen in her life!!! "No, please," she pleaded weakly, "it'll tear me apart, please don't hurt me!!!" "Now you know it's for your own good," he replied gently while running the head along the length of her dripping crack, "so relax your muscles and don't struggle!!!" "Oh, god," she moaned as the gigantic head forced its way inside of her, "i-it's too big, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, I'm fucking cummmmmmmming!!!" "Please be careful, doctor," Nurse Jones said softly, "not too much at one time!!!" "Don't worry," he said with a chuckle, "just look at her, she cumming like a cheap whore with a crack habit, she can take it, now please, take care of her breasts, I'm sure they need some more oral attention!!!" The faithful nurse nodded her head in agreement before dropping her mouth onto the huge nipple and greedily sucking in!!! The invading monster that had impaled her was so thick that all Constance could do was lay quietly and let it ravage her defenseless pussy while the doctor slowly inserted it all the way up to its full ten inch length!!! "There now," he said softly, "all in, how does that feel, dear, are your orgasms good!?!" "Her head was rolling from side to side on her shoulders as orgasm after orgasm careened out of control through her incredibly packed pussy and is was all she could do to gasp, "I-it hurts so gooooooooooood, I'm fucking cumming all over the place, oh god, I'm cumming again and again!!!"
Thirty minutes later back in her office.......... "So how was your walk," asked Jenny, "feel refreshed!?!" With a glow on her face that was absolutely radiant, Constance replied, "Rejuvenated, Jenny, absolutely rejuvenated!!!"