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Breaking the kiss and putting her finger to my lips, pushing my head back to the pillow, she crawled onto the bed, straddling my chest. She smiled wickedly down at me as she rested her feet on either side of my head. Her hands began gently stroking her thighs as she let out a soft breath, relaxing a bit on top of me. I watched as her fingertips slowly made their way toward the crotch of her panties, alternating between the motions of her hands and her emerald green eyes. She whimpered slightly as her fingertips finally made contact with her panty-covered pussy, then began running the fingers of her right hand slowly up and down, her left hand behind her on my leg to support her as she leaned back. After a little while of teasing herself like this, she opened her hand and pressed her palm against herself, rubbing more deliberately. I tensed, pulling against the scarves that bound my wrists, whimpering quietly in frustration. She smiled at this, then brought her finger to her lips, telling me to hush.

Returning her hand to her panties, she moaned softly as she rubbed herself a bit more quickly than before. She leaned forward a bit and reached up with her left hand to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple through the boustier, illiciting a quiet gasp. I again bit my lip, wanting badly to be the one to pleasure her, but she just looked down at me and winked. After pinching her nipple a second time, she lifted her ass up off my chest and slipped her panties down over her hips, slowly peeling them down her thighs, then lifting her feet from the bed and pulling them the rest of the way off. She then held them to my face for a brief second, letting me smell her, before tossing them to the floor. I saw that she had shaved herself smooth sometime during the day, and desperately wanted to feel the smoothness myself, as she leaned back again, sliding herself higher on my chest. As she resumed touching and teasing herself, she was close enough for me to smell her, and see the moisture building on her outer lips. She continued staring into my eyes as I watched, every few seconds a sigh or a whimper escaping her lips.

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  Soon she tired of teasing herself, and spread herself open with two of her fingers. She gasped then moaned as her middle finger made contact with her clit, then began rubbing in slow circles. I licked my lips as I watched her fingers, occasionally glancing up into her eyes, which were beginning to glaze over with pleasure. "Mmmmmm. . . " was the closest thing to a word she had said in over an hour, as her fingers picked up the pace on her clit, once in awhile slipping downward to circle her ever-moistening pussy. Now, as she slid the tip of her finger inside her, she tensed and arched her back slightly, moving it in circles inside her. Moaning, she slipped in a second finger along with the first, and pressed them further inside of her, until they were buried to the knuckle. Moaning more loudly now, she began fucking herself with her fingers, at first slowly, then building speed. She used her thumb to rub her clit in quick little circles, finally closing her eyes and laying back on my legs. Using her now free left hand, she pinche her nipple harder than before, her gasps and moans becoming louder and longer. Whimpering, she slipped her fingers out of her and used them to make very quick circles on her clit. "Oh baby, I'm gonna come. .

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  . " she moaned as she continued pinching and twisting her nipples thru her boustier. Her whole body tensed as her orgasm overtook her, moaning and writhing ontop of me, mere inches from my face. She cried out more loudly, and was now frantically rubbing her clit, as I could feel her wetness running down onto my chest. "Oh. . . fuck. . . " she practically screamed as she continued coming ontop of me. Gradually, her moans became whimpers, as she came down from her high and began relaxing, her fingers still toying with herself. Finally, she sat up again, smiled down at me, and whispered, "Well, was it good for you, baby?".



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