Still she hesitated, until she decided to trust hisinstincts. He had always known exactly what would pleaseher in the past. He always knew theperfect time to put atongue in her ear, or when to put a finger in her ass-holeto make her cum over and over. She quivered in anticipationjust remembering the feel of his tongue on her clit, twofingers buried in her dripping pussy, and one just slightlyinside her asshole. Noone she had ever known could eat herout as well as he. That's what made him so good in bed,that's what always kept her coming back. He watched her from the corner of his eye while hemixed the drinks until he saw her shudder slightly thenbegin to slowly unbutton her white low cut blouse. He felthis skin-tight faded jeans begin to bulge as he thought ofthe surprises he had planned for her tonight. After she hadpeeled off her black mini-skirt she stood in the middle ofthe living room displaying her long, perfect legs, her tightass, her silky, flat stomach, and a pair of tits other womenwould kill for. Her beautiful flesh was wrapped in blackfish-net hose held up by a lacy black garter belt. As usualwhen she visited him she wore no panties. She had left herfilmy bra on that barely held in her magnifecent breasts. He happily noticed it had the nipples cut out, which wasperfect for the upcoming events. She had definitely dressedfor some action tonight. He doubted that she was expectingthe things he had in store for her though. He walked over to where she was sitting on the couchwatching MTV.

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  "Nice outfit. I love looking at you. What size brado you wear?""34C. I'm glad you like it. I bought it just for you. "This with a mischevious grin of her own. "Sure you did. " He sat next to her and handed herthe drink. "I really like the nipple effect. I might noteven take it off tonight. "She grinned wider. "What if I want to take it off?"Time to lay some groundrules. "You will do anythingand everything exactly as I tell you to. "She took a drink. "I will, will I?""Exactly as I tell you.

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   You trust me, remember?You will not initiate any contact, you will ask my permissionfor anything you might desire. I won't punish you unless youmake it necessary. "She was curious about the commanding tone in his voice. Curious and strangely excited. Even though she had never doneanything involving intentional pain before she felt her crotchbecome slick despite the apprehension his words created. Shehad never seen this side of him before and wondered againexactly how well she really knew him. They had dated formany months a few years ago and spent almost every waking,and sleeping, moment together. She remembered that there hadalways seemed to be something he was holding back. Not onpurpose; he willingly shared of his thoughts and emotions,but she had always felt like there was some part of him shedidn't have access to. Possibly something that he wasn'teven aware of. Perhaps this was that something. Perhaps hehad been doing some exploring on his own during the yearsthat she would only come by every few months for glorioussex. As she had these thoughts she finished her drink andwatched him watch TV. He was wearing his favorite pair of jeans that fithim like a glove and she had noticed as went to make moredrinks that he was wearing nothing underneath. He had onthe white cotton shirt she had bought for him when they werestill going out and that really emphasized his fit, trim torso.

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  He wasn't the most gorgeous man she had ever fucked but therewas something about his looks that made her, and most otherwomen, stare. He stood between her and the TV as he handed heranother drink, his bulging crotch less than an arm's lengthaway. She licked her lips and stared. He ignored her stare. "I can't get enough of thesight of your nipples peeking out of that bra. I could cumjust looking at your body. ""You better not. I want to feel your hard cock. "She reached out and ran her hands up the outside of his legsfrom the knees to his muscular ass. Then she slid them slowlyaround the front and kneaded the bulge she happily noticed grow. He took hold of her wrists and held them firmly. "You forgot to ask permission. " He ignored her ashe sat down. Again she wondered at his commanding attitude. Theysat in silence until they had finished their drinks.

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   He hadlit a cigarette for her and when she put it out he stood. "Go into the bedroom and lay on your back on the bed. Wait for me while I decide on your punishment. "When she entered the bedroom it was bright withcandlelight. The air was filled with the flavor of their scents. Combined with the alcohol it made her head swim for a moment,a sensation she thoroughly enjoyed. This was certainly mostunusual for him. When she saw the ropes tied to the head andfootboard of the bed she finally realized how serious he must be. She really began to become anxious at this point. But somethingstirred deep inside her at the thought of giving complete controlover her mind and body to him. She became aware of a tension shedidn't even know existed release inside her. Suddenly herknees became weak and she collapsed onto the bed. She couldn'thelp but stretch her smooth limbs out to the corners. Neithercould she help notice the vibrations spreading from the pitof her stomach outward until her whole body was quiveringinternally. She realized that she ached with the desire tobe completely dominated.

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  When he walked into the bedroom he saw her lyingspread-eagled on the bed. Her eyes were closed tightlyand her mouth was hanging open slightly. Her body reflectedthe candlelight, making her seem almost blurry and unfocusedto his eyes. His instincts, finely tuned after fucking heron so many occassions and in so many ways, had told him shehad a need to abandon her self-control and be submitted tothe will of another. She became aware of his presence. "I apologize for my earlier shameless disregard foryour orders. I beg your forgiveness and ask your permissionto touch myself. ""I accept your apology but will not forgive yourimpudence. You may *not* touch yourself until I say you can. "She squirmed in frustration and brought her arms andlegs back together. "I have decided on your punishment but first I willtie your arms and legs. This is not part of your punishmentas you will so obviously enjoy it. "He first tied her hands to the bedposts. Then he tookhold of her ankles and holding them tightly together, bent themat the knees. With her feet in the air her bush was exposed tohis staring eyes.

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   He loved the way her round ass framed herpussy and the crack leading away from it beneath. He thenslowly moved one leg toward her chest and straightened theother one. She sighed softly as her inner thighs and pussylips rubbed across her clitoris. He kept moving her legs backand forth, and around and around until her breathing becamefaster and he could see her cunt become shiny with moisture. When he tied her legs down she writhed slightly and tried toreach her clit with her hands. He watched her ineffectualattempts as he undressed. "Now we will begin your punishment. " He straddled herstomach, tickling her belly button with his balls and rubbed hertits through the silk of her bra. He lightly ran his fingersover her exposed nipples before squeezing them. Gently atfirst then with more pressure he twisted them until they werehard. "You've always said your nipples aren't all thatsensitive. . . tell me when. "He squeezed them harder and harder while she wiggledbeneath him.

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  Finally she gasped. "When. " He exerted a final bitof force then let go entirely. He took from the nightstanda pair of jeweled nipple clamps. She inhaled sharply whenshe saw them and didn't move. When he put on the first oneshe held her breath until the pain was too much. She exhaled harshly. "When. " The second one startedher moaning softly. He rubbed the blood-filled ends of herbeautiful nipples lightly. Then he bent down and licked thetops of them as she moaned in encouragement. He moved forwardonto her chest and slid his thighs back and forth over herupthrust breasts. She lifted her head at one point and hetook advantage of the position to shove his cock into heropen mouth. The force of the movement pushed her head backwardsbut she immediately started sucking and pulled her head forwardagain to take as much of his seven inches as possible. He rockedhis hips while she sucked his cock and moved her chest back and forth,rubbing her overly sensitive nipples on his hard ass.

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  He toyed with the idea of coming in her mouth (he knew she hatedthat) then leaving her there without making her cum as a form ofpunishment. He decided against it and climbed off of her before hecame. She lay with her eyes closed, straining against her restraints. He stood looking at her, stroking his cock. Then he flicked both hernipples to keep the pain sharp. He gazed at her wondrous body spread-eagled beforehim. He was filled with a feeling of power he had neverexperienced before. He had before him his own personal sexslave with which he could do absolutely anything. The realityof it made his head swim with possibilities. "Your punishment is far from over. You must betaught respect. "With that he lay on his side beside her with hishard-on pressed against her hip. He kissed her roughlyon the lips. His tongue delved into her mouth and they wildlytoyed with each others tongues. He kissed her in the way heknew turned her on the most, with complete abandon.

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   As theykissed his right hand was buried in her long black hair,holding her head steady as his tongue raped her mouth. Hisleft hand ran up and down her body, from below her breaststo her knees. It danced on her inner thighs and ran throughthe pubic hair at the top of her snatch without ever actuallytouching her engorged pussy lips. His lips broke from hermouth, forcing her head to the side he sucked and nibbled onthe sensitive flesh of her neck at the base of her jaw. Heslowly moved his mouth down her body ignoring her tits, nibbling,sucking, and licking his way to the place he knew she longedhis tongue to be. He brushed his lips through her bush exertingonly a light pressure on her cunt lips. He licked the insideof her knees with his long hair draped over her thighs andcrotch. After orally ministrating to her inner thighs heran his head up and down over her mid-section, teasing heraching pussy with his hair. He knew this would drive herabsolutely crazy. He listened to her begging. "Please, please lick my clit. I've got to feel yourtongue on my pussy. Suck on my clitoris. I wanna cum onyour tongue. Don't make me wait any longer.

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   Please makeme cum. "He waited until her words became almost incoherentwhile teasing her unmercifully. When she stopped talkingand was breathing in ragged gasps he suddenly smeared hisentire tongue onto her pussy. She writhed in ecstasy. Hesmashed his tongue up and down on her clitoris, alternatelyshoving it into her eagerly awaiting hole. He suddenly hada fit of mercy and, knowing how easily she could cum on histongue, he flitted his tongue as quickly as he could on herclit. She bucked violently as she came in a rush with himlapping at her cunt, eating all her honeyed juices. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance ofher hole. She was still jerking slightly from her previousorgasm. His head pushed against her cunt, spreading her lipsand beckoning for entrance. He moved his hips side to sidewithout increasing his forward pressure any, letting herwetness soak the head of his dick. Then he slipped it upsome and ran the bottom of his shaft along her clitoris. She jerked irregularly as the friction of his cock evokedintense pleasure from her orgasm sensitive clit. "Oh god, I've never cum like that before. Would youplease fuck me as hard as you can? Please?"He bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips.


  Then he kissed her shoulder and made her giggle by nuzzlingher underarm. In breathless tones he said, "I *will* fuck you hardtonight. I'm going to bury myself inside of you farther thanever before. "He pulled his cock away from her snatch as he gave hera peck on the lips. "But not right now. "He untied her arms and legs and had her sit on theedge of the bed. "Suck your juice off my cock. "She gladly obliged. Sucking his head into her mouthshe could taste her cum on it. She had tasted her cum beforebut never enjoyed it until tonight. It had a sort of sharptaste, slightly salty, and utterly enjoyable. Just as shewas really getting into sucking his cock, one hand tickling andrubbing his balls, the other stroking his shaft, he stopped her. "We'll have a drink now. Go sit on the couch again. Take off your bra.

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  "He knew that she shouldn't be tied for too long at atime. This would allow her circulation to return to normal. He also didn't want this night to end ever. He was almostashamed to admit how much he enjoyed exerting his will over thisbeautiful, normally headstrong woman. He knew that she hadquite a few lovers. When they first started getting seriousher lusty, casual nature had upset him. He didn't want to becompared to other men she had slept with, out of fear of notmeasuring up, in more ways than the obvious. The more timehe spent with her the more her casual attitude towards sexrubbed off on him. Now he could listen to her stories aboutother men (other men's cocks, he reminded himself) withoutbeing bothered in the least. Even though at times it feltlike she was 'sharing' these stories just to piss him off,still he knew that, no matter what she had with anyone else, what shegot from him was unique and special.
    He knew beyond a shadow of a doubtthat she had never experienced anything even remotely similar to thiswith any other man. He lit a cigarette, first for her then for himself. As hesmoked and mixed more drinks he pondered what direction the eveningshould take. His desire for an orgasm was ebbing but was still nearlyoverwhelming. The biggest question on his mind was how.

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       It seemedthat her will, easily enough broken, was subdued enough to go withoutthe bonds. He could probably do absolutely anything to her with nocomplaints or objections on her part. But the bonds made even themost kinky acts possible. Things that any rational person wouldcertainly resist. He wasn't a cruel person and he would never doanything damaging to her, but the possibilities presented when she wasbound created a sense of power he couldn't resist. "Have a drink, you'll need all the strength you can muster forthe rest of the evening. How are you feeling?""Wonderful, absolutely marvelous. The pain in my nipples hassubsided but I respectfully request to take these things off. "She was definitely very good at the game. "No, I like how they look. They give your breasts a perkylook. Besides, you're punishment is still ongoing. After *I* determineyou have gained the proper respect *I* will take them off. "She sipped her drink. "Aahh, nice and stiff just the way Ilike them.

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      ""In reference to what, my dear?""Take it any way you want it. " Again with the mischevioustwinkle. "Finish you're drink and I will take it exactly the way I wantit. ""First may I please have another cigarette?" Eyes downcast,she was the very picture of obsequiousness. After they finished their smokes he said, "I love the gartersand hose but take them off. Leave the nipple clamps on. "As she complied he began filling his oversized tub. She waitedin the living room after making herself completely nude. "Come in here and test the water for me. ""May I please feel you in my arms and kiss you?"He wrapped her in his arms. "You are learning but don't think Iwill lighten the punishment any. " They kissed more passionately thaneither had in their lives. He couldn't resist running his hands down tograsp her perfect ass. She moaned, "I feel more on fire right now than ever before. ""Get in the tub.

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      "She was surprised by the temperature of the water but wasn'tgoing to give him the satisfaction of betraying her surprise. He saw hergrit her teeth and step into the tub, then she sat down without anyvisiblereaction at all. "Come on in, the water's fine. "Never one to shrink from a challenge he climbed in, enjoying thepain/pleasure of the water he had purposefully made too hot. She reallywas very good at the game. They both luxuriated in the steaming tub. His balls swelled with pleasure and the need for release. "Sit on the edge of the tub. I want to play with your pussy. "She felt the thrill she always experienced when a man used'forbidden' words in her company. She lifted her glistening body onto thewide edge and leaned her back against the wall. She considered askinghis permission to lean back but decided she could get away with it. Asshe raised from the water he caught sight of the shining nipple charmsand ran his fingertips, then the palm of his hands over her still erectnipples. He lowered his hands between her legs and with no regard forher pleasure he played with her cunt. He ran his fingertips through herhair and spread her lips as far as he was able.

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       Her love nubbin seemedto wink at him enticingly. He tasted it with his tongue, then with hslips as he sucked it into his mouth. She didn't know if his actions orthe shock of leaving the hot water caused her nipples to become evenharderbut the pain from the nipple clamps was strangley delightful. "All this hair gets in the way. I'm going to shave you. If Ineedto I'll take you in on the bed and tie you down first. Will you submit orwill I have to drag you into the bedroom?""I decided earlier that I am yours to command. But if it wouldplease you I will gladly be tied onto your bed again. ""Go get the baby oil, shaving cream, and my razor. You may dryoffif you are cold. "When she returned she again sat on the edge of the tub with herlegs spread. He rubbed oil into her pubic area, lathered it up withshaving cream, and shaved her quite expertly. It made her wonder how manytimes he had done this before. The sight of her clean shaven crotch excited him enormously. Thebald lips were especially inviting.

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       They turned on the shower and washedeach other from head to toe. She paid no special attention to his cockand balls even though she definitely wanted to make him harder than he hadever been. She wanted to excite him as much as he had excited her. Shecould still feel a dull ache inside her just below her belly button. Hedidn't seem to notice her lack of attention, or her state of desire. Theywent back to the bedroom. "Do you want to be tied back down?""With your permission, I don't think it's necessary. "They embraced and she kissed him with passion. "I want you more than I've ever wanted anyone. The orgasm yougave me was wonderful and I can't thank you enough. I respectfully askyour permission to be fucked, and fucked, and fucked. He said nothing. He kissed her roughly. They fell onto the bedin a frenzy of passion and pure animal desire. His cock throbbed withthe desire to sink itself into her aching pussy.

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       Her pussy seemed toseek his dick out of its own accord. His cock paused at her gateway tooblivion before plunging gloriously inside. It felt as if he was home,as if in all his travels he had finally found the place he belonged. He stroked her steadily for a time then, when buried to the hilt in her,he stopped. She writhed beneath him, panting and breathing into his ear. Beyond her wildest hopes he managed to embed himself even deeper. Thebase of his cock met no obstacle against her bald lips. He started toswing his hips side to side, manipulating her clit with his pubic area. Her hair was spread across the pillow underneath her, his formed a tentover her face. His arms were extended along her sides with his handsgrasping, kneading her fleshy cheeks. Her fingertips and nails weredigging into his back. He was barely conscious of, yet invited, the painthey were inflicting. He began to rotate his hips with hers meeting themin perfect synchronization. As he felt her nearing climax he moved hiships in and out very quickly, creating a vibrating effect, while shecontinued circling her hips. They were both gasping and grunting loudlynow.

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       When she started groaning with abandon he vibrated his hips evenfaster. As she started climaxing he let himself pour his jism into her,the twitching of his spurting cock eliciting screams of pleasure from deepin her soul. This was the release they both could find nowhere else. When he had recovered enough he fetched cigarettes for them both. Lighting hers he said, "Now we continue with the rest of yourpunishment. ".



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