meet me in the supply room


She whined “I gave you a blow job before your calc exam and a hand job before your physics class, geez man what else do you want?”
 He raised his an eyebrow and whispered “A quickie before gym class, come on please, it will give me courage. ”
“Again…more, geez man if I didn’t love you so much I would never do this, where and when?”
“supply room 4 in like 25 mins” he fingered her tank top “and ware something sexy”
“you nerdic bastard I’ll ware what I want” she smiled cheekily “ I’ll be in nothing. ”
This is the strange, bizarre and sex-soaked relationship of Benjamin Carl Harris and Carly Alice Adams, he a champion nerd and she a champion tennis. Two very different people thrown together in the by fate and lust in the barbarous times of our lives known as high school.
Ben “Benji” Harris, 17, 6’1”, short dark brown hair, grey eyes, black plastic frame glasses
Carly Adams, 17, 5’5”, natural blonde hair, green eyes, very fit with beautiful legs
12:45pm. Ben opens the door to the tech supply room and looks up and down the hall. No one he entered the room and closed the door behind him.
“Carly?” he whispered
“yes?” she said
Then he saw her perched on a desk, completely naked one leg propped up on the wooden desk the other hanging lazily down. His eyes traveled up Her toned tummy and her perky breasts. The necklace of a sword hung nestled between her breasts. He walked towards her and slid his hands across her shoulders down her breasts and fingered her necklace
“the sword of the sun does suit my princess very well” Ben said
“you are such a fucking geek” Carly sighed and started to undo his belt buckle
“umm no, don’t do that” Ben said as he ran his hands down her thighs “ I’m really hungry from some dessert.

“what about gym class? You aren’t going?” Carly was slightly surprised
“nah” Ben said as he pushed Carly onto her back and put his glasses on top of his head “ I think I will get enough exercise on my own time. ” Carly laid back and Ben wrapped is arms around her thighs and kissed her inner thighs, Making a trail towards her pussy. A little blonde landing strip made him smile as his tongue  danced along her outer pussy lips. Softly and deftly he slid his tongue and separated to find her pink treasure, wet and waiting. He teased her clit, light touches that made her slightly moan.

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   Then softly he started making circles with his tongue. Carly tensed and giggled she ran her hands over Ben’s head and pulled softly at his hair, she pulled his glasses off his head and sucked on the arm of his glasses. Her teeth marks from previous adventures were badges of what was to come. Ben started a little faster and Carly gasped for breath, she bit on glasses a little bit harder. He moved one hand and slid 2 fingers into her very wet pussy instantly her hips started moving. He pushed his head in closer to her pussy and licked with such vigor. His hand moving slowly at first gained speed, he knew she was going to cum soon. Her shuttering sighs and stifled moans were the best indicators ever.
“benji, oh benji…. ohhh, ohhhh, benji”
she moaned his name though clenched teeth he kept going just hearing his name made him want to make her cum ever more. With a gasped “benji” and scream she tried to stifle she cummed. This did not stop him one was never enough for his girl. His tongue and hand moved faster her pussy so wet it dripped down his hand
“oh gawd benji, benji ohhhhhh.
    2, 3,4,5
     “stop benji, oh benji” she was gasping for breath.
    Ben slowed and removed his fingers and placed the hand on her shuttering belly.

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       He lapped her pussy clean and then his fingers and hand.
    “now I have had my dessert. ” Ben said as he licked his lips, Carly was still shuttering sat up and slid over to him. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him very hard. Her tongue slid easily into his waiting mouth. Carly started to unbutton his shirt and kissed his neck and chest.
    “so do you want some after dinner fun, do you wana fuck me?” Carly said as she played with Ben’s belt buckle
    Ben undid his buckle and un buttoned his pants, as they hit the floor Carly smiled at the 7. 5 inches point towards her.
    “couch, Now” Ben ordered
    “ok, sir, what ever you say” Carly giggled
    She lay down on the red couch and rested one leg up on the top of the couch. Be lifted her other leg up, the still damp and happy pussy greeted him. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, a lovely teaser. Then he slid into her, Carly smiled at the familiar but oh so wonderful feeling. Ben smiled to it was tight now matter how much they fucked she was always tight hugging his cock. At first he was slow but steady, sliding in and out with patience. But then he got ravenous, he stated going faster and harder.

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       Carly’s whole body was bouncing. Ben gripped her legs tighter and rammed her even harder. Carly was screaming again by now she loved when he got angry and just so hungry for her pussy. Each thrust sent shots of pleasure up her spine. She didn’t care that she was screaming now, fuck school she hated it. She just wanted ben’s cock fucking her. Ben’s closed his eyes and let out a low moan he rammed hard one more time and he cummed deep insider her.  he felt her pussy milking him she wanted his cum so bad. A few more weak thrusts and he pulled out. Both were panting and sweat glistened on their naked bodies. Ben kissed Carly and helped her up. They both dressed and stole long kisses.
    Ben looked at his cell phone “wow it’s 2pm, we get out of school in 18 mins. ”
    “nice day I think” Carly said “I have practice till 5, though I don’t know how I’m going to do much moving”
    “sorry” Ben said in a low, guilty voice
    They left the supply room and started down the hallway, Carly pushed Ben against a locker and kissed him “nothing to be sorry about, nothing at all” she whispered in his ear. And kissed him again
    “no no no none of that that in school, separate” a teacher said as she walked by.

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    Ben and Carly just laughed.