Medieval Rampage and Cumquest


I wash thoroughly those hidden treasures I so often conceal. I run to meet him masked in the darkness. I’ve laced my corset well and my stockings are neatly clinging to my warm thighs. I meet him at the tavern and we run to the attic of the abandon stables. There is hay and a quilt of his mother’s strewn across the torch lit attic. As I climb the latter to the top I feel his hand slid up the linings of my stockings. I turn to look down at him, and at first I act surprised. I grab his hand and pull him upward towards me. I place his hands on my breasts then I raise my dress enough to show the lace of a woman of my time. He cups my breast with one hand and touches my warm pussy with the other. He whispers his name in my ear. It’s Victor, and tonight I will show him the true meaning of his name with an ultimate conquest. I turn away from him and he unhooks my simple but modest dress. It traces my shoulders as it falls to the ground. He gentle unlaces my corsets, and at this point I am feeling hot. I can feel him throbbing against my bare back.

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   The corset slides from my body and the torch light beams off my skin and illuminates my breasts. He falls to his knees, and I remove his shirt. He is well built, sturdy.
I can see him looking at me as I was his treasure. I let him unhook the tight stockings, as I stand in front of him, and roll them to my feet. I feel his warm breath as he exhales near my throbbing pussy. My clitoris is burning for him to take me; this pace is killing me. He removes my underwear, and I am standing there in front of him completely vulnerable. I throw my aching body onto his, and rip his pants from him. I can no longer take this waiting. The thoughts of my virginity are long forgotten. I pull his cock from the warmth within his trousers.
I slide my virgin lips over it. I feel his body writhe as I lick the head and then slide my tongue a long the underside of the shaft. I can no longer hold it in I scream his name.

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   I feel the cum warm in my mouth salty to my taste and I swallow all of it. I am eager for his fingers to wander my body. He grasps my breasts in his large hands and says these do look good for eating or just handling. He sucks on my hard nipples, and tugs with his teeth till he hears me moaning loudly.
He spreads my lips covering my vagina with one hand and thrusts into my virgin cunt with his large cock. I try to muffle my screams of delight as he hits me hard from behind. I am on all fours and he is behind me thrusting his massive dick inside and out of my tight virginal slit. He rolls me over till I am facing him on top but we never disconnect. I feel him pushing my thighs apart it almost burns they are so spread out. He whispers,” spread your legs more. Now spread them more; I am going deeper. ” He fills me completely. I hold his hands while I am on top.
Then he frees himself from my grasp and begins fingering me with one hand and grabbing and massaging my nipples with other. Back and forth.

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   The thrusting. The heat. I cannot breathe. I am so tight at one point I feel I will explode. I do and a sweet strange liquid comes from within my hidden treasure. He pulls out only to cover my opening with his warm lips. He places his firm cock between my breasts and I finish his eruption into my face.
I hold the quilt tightly with my hands as he traces my body with his tongue. He sends chills throughout my head to my clit to the bottom of my feet. He holds me as we both quiver, and he tells me I must meet his friends at the tavern and I feel him gently slide inside me with his firm erect cock and we just lie spooning beside each out in the torch light of that attic until we both fall asleep with him still inside me.