Me and Allison part 2


Me and Allison part 2
  Just as I was stepping out of the shower, the phone rang.   Grabbing the towel off the rack, I headed into my bedroom and answered it.   “Hi, how’s my ringmaster?” was the first thing I heard.
  “Allison, I’m fine. How have you been?” was my reply.
  “Doing okay I guess.   But, I have been bored since we last got together.   Want to meet me for lunch today,” came her query.
  “I have a couple of things to do in town first, but sure.   What time and where?”
  “Would 12:30 be okay and at the coffee shop where we met before?  You know the one, when you took me home in the rain. ”
  “Sure, 12:30 is okay. But, that coffee shop doesn’t have a very good lunch menu. ”
  “Oh, I am sure we can find something to eat.   Maybe not food though, if you get my drift,” she hinted.
My cock began to rise at the suggestion she was making.   “Yeah, I think I know what you are talking about, but I can’t wait to find out for sure.

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  “Well, it’s a date then.   I’ll see you at 12:30.   Oh, and don’t forget to bring you tent pole.   You never know when we might want to make use of it,” was her comment last as she hung up.
  I replaced the receiver and got busy drying myself off and getting dressed to take care of the things I needed done before meeting Allison.
  It was actually 12:45 when I entered the coffee shop and spotted Allison in the same booth we had been in the last time we were here.   My mind quickly ran through the events that followed that evening.   She had called and asked me to meet her so she could tell me her decision about joining the Navy.   It was raining when we got ready to leave and she needed a ride home.   We both got soaked as we hurried to her door.   Allison’s Mother was out visiting her sister and Allison proceeded to seduce me there in front of the fireplace.   It was a wonderful evening that makes me hard every time I think of it.   In fact, I was getting quite hard now and it was becoming uncomfortable trying to stretch down the leg of my pants.
  As I walked over to the booth Allison sat in, she glanced from my face to my growing discomfort.   “Well, I can see you did remember to bring your tent pole,” she giggled.

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  “Please excuse me a moment while I make myself a bit more comfortable,” I said.   As I sat down I repositioned my hard on to point up instead of down.   “That was caused by remembering what happened after the last time we were here. ”
  “Oh, I know what you mean.   I get wet thinking about that night as well,” she answered.
  “So, what do you have in mind?  I don’t think you asked me to meet you just for coffee and lunch. ” I asked.
  “First a cup of coffee and then we’ll see what we can come up with, she glanced down at my lap, to help kill the afternoon. ”
  We sat and just chatted over coffee.   She reminded me that she had only about 2 weeks before taking her induction physical and leaving for Navy Boot Camp.   After that, it would be 9 weeks before she would be able to get home again.
  Our coffee finished, we left the shop after I paid the tab.   “So, what do you want to do now?” I asked.  
  “Well, how about going to your place?  You’ve seen where I live and I’d like to see where you live. ”
  “Just remember, I’m a bachelor and my apartment may not be up to the cleanliness you’d like.

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  “I’m not interested in the entire apartment or how neat and clean it is.   I’m mainly interested in seeing your bedroom. ”
  “Okay, just close your eyes between the front door and the bedroom.   I’ll take your hand and guide you to the bedroom. ”
  “The only way I will keep from seeing the rest of your apartment would be for you to blindfold me,” she laughed.   She has a very happy and sweet laugh, not loud and harsh like some people have.
“I might be able to handle that.   If that is what you want?”
 “Would you?  I’ve never done anything like that before and it sounds intriguing.   Would you leave the blindfold on the entire time I’m there?”
“I’ll think about that, but I don’t know.   I love to watch your face when you cum and the blindfold would just be in the way. ”
“Then I’ll leave that up to you to decide, but don’t take it off right away. ”
  “So, to change the subject, are you looking forward to boot camp?”
  “In some ways yes and in others not.   I’ll miss being home with my Mom and friends. But I’ll especially miss you. ”
  “I’m flattered,” I answered as we finally got to my car.

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    I had had a hard time finding a parking spot and as it turned out, I was about 3 blocks from the coffee shop and on the 3rd floor of a parking garage.   I opened the passenger side door for her and she sat down to get in.   I had noticed that she was wearing a very becoming light blue blouse and dark blue skirt that came to just above the knee.   When she sat in the car seat, the skirt hiked up her leg giving me a look of her upper thighs.   As she swung her left leg around into the car, the skirt stretched tight between her thighs and I got a good look between her legs.   She wasn’t wearing panties.   That caused me to start getting hard again.   She swung her right leg into the car and I closed the door.   Walking around to the driver’s side, I quickly had to adjust my growing hard on for the second time since seeing her today.
As I put the key in the ignition, Allison slid over to get as close to me as she could.   I didn’t think too much about it as I backed out of the parking spot and started down the first ramp and then on down to the booth to pay for my time in the garage.   As soon as we pulled out onto the street, Allison reached over and placed her hand on my still somewhat hard cock.   I jerked a bit, as I had not been expecting it and nearly swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic.   I said, “Lucky for us there was nobody in that lane at the moment or we may have ended up at the hospital instead of my place. ”
“Relax, I’m just raising the tent pole so it will be ready for use in a while.

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  ”  Again she let out a soft laugh at my predicament.   “I have a lot of confidence in your driving and know you’ll get us there safe and sound. ”
  It was a hard drive, but we finally pulled into my parking space at the apartment complex.   “I’m on the 8th floor and have a pretty good view from there. ”  We held hands as we walked into the lobby and towards the elevators.   A couple of older ladies stared at us with disapproving glares as we approached them in front of the elevators.   We let them enter first when the doors opened and then followed them in and turned to face the doors.   One of the women gasped as she noticed that Allison had grabbed my ass right in front of her.   I had recognized the two ladies as living in the building, but didn’t know their names or what floor they lived on.   As it turned out, we got off at my floor and they stayed on the elevator.   “Well of all the…” we heard from one of them as the doors slid shut between us.   Again Allison laughed and this time I joined her.
  Once we reached my door and unlocked it, I said, “Okay wait here a moment while I find something to use as a blindfold. ”  With that said, I entered and looked around trying to find something to use to tie over her eyes.   I decided on the dishtowel lying on the kitchen table.

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    It had not gotten put away after being washed with the rest of my laundry the night before.
  I went back out into the hallway and held out the towel to show her what I was going to use.   She seemed to think it would do just fine.   So, I rolled it up until it was just the right size to cover her eyes and not leave room to peak out under it.   I placed it over her eyes and reached behind her head to gently tie it in place.   Just then one of my neighbors down the hall stepped out of his apartment and headed toward the elevators.   He was fumbling with his keys and never saw us as he faced the doors and waited for the elevator car.   I quickly led Allison into my apartment and closed the door behind us.
  I stopped us about 4 feet inside and asked her how she wanted me to proceed.   “Why not undress me here and then lead me naked into your bedroom,” was her suggestion.
  At that point I reached over to the front of her blouse and unbuttoned the top couple of buttons.   Then I reached inside and ran my hands over her full breasts, she had worn a bra.   A slight moan escaped her lips and I gently pinched her nipples thru the material.   I removed my hands from inside her blouse and finished unbuttoning it.   I reached up to push it off her shoulders and caught it before it fell to the floor.

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    I draped it over the back of the couch and again played with her breasts through the bra.   After a couple of moans she said, “Take it off.   I want you hands on my skin. ”  So, I reached over and undid the front clasp between her tits and pushed it off, just to catch it and put on top her blouse on the back of the couch.   I just stared at her for a while before leaning forward to kiss the stiff nipple of the right breast.   Being blindfolded, she didn’t know what I was going to do until she felt me kiss her.   She gasped and pushed forward to make harder contact between her nipple and my lips.   After swiping my tongue around the nipple, I moved on to her left nibble and repeated the process.
  Knowing she wasn’t wearing panties, I reached down and stroked my hand up the inside of her right thigh until I felt the wet moisture of her pussy lips.   She moaned even louder as I ran a finger up and down the slick opening of her body, all the time alternating between breasts kissing and licking them.   A minute of that and she was really moaning.   “I want you inside me, NOW,” she demanded.   Instead of giving her what I knew she wanted (namely my now rampantly hard cock), I slowly slid my middle finger into her and stroked in and out, making sure to make contact with her clit on each stroke.   I kept that up until I felt her begin to shake and she came on my finger.   As her legs gave way beneath her, I caught her, swept her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

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    “WOW, that was something.   I have never cum so hard.   Could the fact that I was blindfolded have something to do with it?”
  “I don’t know, maybe it did.   The thought of the unknown sometimes heightens the senses.   Just lay there a moment and calm down some,” I told her.
  While she relaxed, I began removing my clothes as quietly as I could.   I wanted the sense of skin-to-skin contact to surprise her when the time came.   At that moment a thought ran through my mind.   If she likes being blindfolded, maybe she would like being tied down and totally helpless even more.   With that thought, I went over to the closet and got 4 of my old ties off the tie rack.   I draped 3 over my shoulder as I went over to the foot of the bed.   I tied one end of the tie to the short bedpost as the left corner and took her right ankle in my hands and began to tie it down.   She never made a sound, let alone ask what I was doing.   I think she knew and didn’t care.   I then did the same with another tie to her left ankle.

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    I moved up beside the bed and took her left wrist and tied it to the bedpost, walked around the bed and tied her right wrist.   I leaned over her to double check her left wrist and while doing so, my stiff cock brushed across her lips.   She didn’t move.   The skin-to-skin surprise was out of the bag now.
  I moved down to the foot of the bead and looked at my helpless (yet apparently willing) captive.   My what a beautiful sight that was.   I couldn’t just stand there and stare, I had to do something.   So, I moved up between her legs and placed a kiss on her lower lips.   A sharp intake of air let me know she like it.   I then began to lick up and down her slit and pushing my tongue deeper inside with each stroke.   I could feel her tremble every time I made contact with her clit.   I now placed a finger at the opening of her pussy and slowly eased it in.   She thrust up to try to get my finger deeper into her.   But it was sooner than I wanted, so pulled it out, leaving her thrusting up onto my tongue.
  I let her use my tongue for a couple minutes before once more pushing my finger into her.

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    Again she thrust upward to gain a deeper penetration.   Again I pulled out.   “PLEASE,” she begged.   “Make me cum again.   I want to cum. put you finger back inside me. ”
  “Where do you want it inside?  Tell me,” I commanded.
  “My pussy.   I want it in my pussy,” she answered.
  I placed my finger back at the entrance to her pussy and asked here.   “YES,” she almost cried, “there in my pussy.   Put it in deep. ”
  At that I stuffed it as far as I could into her pussy and just held it there.   She began to wiggle trying to get me to fuck her with my finger.   I just held it there and let her do all of the work.


    At the first sign she was nearing her climax, I pulled my finger out and said she would have to wait for her second orgasm.
  “NO,” she cried, “you can’t be that cruel. ”
  “Ah, but just think how much better it will be after having to wait for it.   Just the anticipation will be enjoyable. ”
  “No it won’t.   It will be torture for me.   PLEASE make me cum NOW.   I can’t stand the wait.
  “Since you insist on talking and begging, I guess I’ll have to find some way of shutting you up,” I said moving up the bed to straddle her chest.   I then placed the head of my cock at her lips and leaned forward.   That forced her lips to open, but not her mouth.   “If you open your mouth, I’ll make sure that when you cum, it will leave you breathless. ”
  She slowly opened her mouth and my cock entered.   Once I had the head inside, I stopped to savor the feeling.   Ah, the sweet feeling of having my cock in her mouth.

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    I loved every bit of the sensation.   I soon wanted (needed) to get deeper into her mouth.   I moved forward shoving more of me into her mouth.   I didn’t go any deeper that half way, as I didn’t want to choke her.   So, I pulled out and thrust in.   I kept it up until I felt the tingling that told me I was on the verge of cumming.   I pulled out and asked her where she wanted me to cum.   “My mouth, I want to taste you,” she let me know.   Not one to disappoint anyone, I pushed forward into her mouth again.   This time I thrust a little further than before.   She sucked and ran her tongue around me and it wouldn’t be long before she got hr request answered.   I felt it build and soon I shot the first load into her mouth.   I could feel her swallow it and every shot after that until I was done.   I pulled out of her mouth and no sooner did than she begged me to finish her off.
      I moved down to between her legs again and picked up where I left off earlier, licking her clit and thrusting a finger in and out of her pussy.

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        I could feel her juices run down her crack and onto her asshole.   As I thrust my finger in and out of her, my knuckles would pound her asshole.   It seemed that she thrust up harder every time they did.   So, using her juices as a lubricant, I eased my left index finger into the opening of her ass.   She thrust further onto it, forcing more into her ass.   She moaned louder than she had before and thrust up hard and far enough to take my entire finger into her ass.   I pushed one finger into her pussy while pulling the other one out of her ass, then into her ass and out of her pussy.   In and out, in and out they went until she started to really shake and tremble.   All at once she let out a scream I thought would bring everyone in the building running to see who I’d killed.   She thrashed around and I lost the penetration of both fingers.   Allison soon calmed down and gasped several times.   Between gasps she said,” You weren’t kidding when you said my orgasm would leave me breathless.   I thought I was going to pass out it was so intense.   I have never had anything in my ass and that was really something.   I had no idea that it could be so pleasurable.

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      “If you think that just having a finger in your ass was something, just wait until you get a cock in there,” I returned.
    “On no, I don’t think I could take something that big in my ass,” she came back.
      “You’d be surprise about that.   I read something in a book once where a guy was going to fuck a girl in the ass and she said the same thing.   He said that things just a big sometimes came out as what he was going to put in.   But, that can be left for another day.   Right now I need some relief again,” I said while pointing down at my upstanding prick.
      “If you untie me, I think I can take care of whatever you mean.   Since I am still blindfolded, I can’t see what you are talking about. ”
    I laughed at that, forgetting I hadn’t taken it off and having my head and hands buried between her thighs.   I untied her ankles and then her right wrist.   As I reached over to untie her left wrist, she opened her mouth and sucked me in again.   Gosh, did this girl love to suck cock or what?  I reached behind her head and untied and removed the dishtowel blindfold.   She never let my cock out of her mouth.   After sucking me for a few minutes she told me to lie down.

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        I did and she climbed over me and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.   “Yes, we’ll leave my ass for another time.   Right now I need your cum in my pussy, not my mouth this time. ”  As she was saying this, she slowly eased down onto my standing tent pole.   “Goodness, I don’t remember you being this big,” she said as she hit bottom.
      “Maybe it is because you are so sensitive after such an intense orgasm,” I muttered as she began moving up and down on me.   Every once in a while when she hit bottom, she would pause and just sit on me at full depth.
      “I will really miss this while at boot camp,” she said at one point when I was at my deepest.
      “Just think of me when you masturbate at night under the covers,” I replied.  
      “How could I do something like that with the others around,” she questioned.
      “Oh, I’m sure you’ll find a way when you need to.   You won’t be able to go the whole 9 weeks without doing something to relieve yourself. ”
      “You think so, do you?  Well, I just could do that with the possibility of getting caught,” was her come back.
      “Well, just wait and see.   There is still about a week before you leave and maybe I can give you enough of me to keep you from it and maybe not.

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      ”   As we talked, she kept sliding up and down my cock.   It wasn’t long (surprisingly since I had cum once already in the last hour) I felt the urge to cum again.   I told her so and she said that was good because she was feeling a bit sore.   Another couple of up and down thrusts and I shot my load just as she hit bottom again.   Feeling me shoot off she stayed at full depth until I shrank down and slipped out of her.   I felt my cum drip over my well used cock after oozing from her cunt.   Having felt the spill, Allison moved down and proceeded to lick me clean.
      After cleaning me off she said, “Speaking of about a week I leave, Mom is throwing a going away party for me at the lake next Saturday and I want to make sure you’ll be there.   After all, you are one of the big reasons I’ll be leaving for the Navy. ”
      “Sure, I wouldn’t miss it for all the gold in fort Knox,” I answered.
      “Good, I’ll pick you up about 5 next Saturday afternoon then. ”
      “Why can’t I drive?” I asked.
      “Well first of all, you don’t know the way out there and second, it will give me a little time alone with you.   After we get there, there will be other people there and no chance to be alone. ”
      “I guess you’ve got me on both accounts.

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        So, I’ll see you at 5 next Saturday.   Now, I guess I had better get you back to your car so you can get home.   You did drive this time right?”
      “Yes, my car is just a floor up from you had parked yours.   I kind thought it was funny that we had parked in the same garage.   At first I had thought you were escorting me to my car to drive and that would have spoiled my fun on the way here. ”
      “I’m glad that didn’t happen, though it certainly would have prevented an accident if there had been a car in that other lane. ”
      I found a spot to park without having to use the garage and we took the elevator up to floor her car was on.   As we rode up she pulled me to her and kissed me good and hard.   “You have a very nice apartment and it isn’t as disorganized as you think. ”
      “Oh and when did you see the rest of my place?’
      “You’re forgetting, I was not blindfolded when we left.
      “Yeah, your right, I wasn’t thinking. ”
      As we exited the elevator, she took my hand and led me over to where her car was.   It was off in a corner and no other cars around at this time.   When we got around to the driver’s side, she again pulled to her for a kiss.   This time she also placed her hand on the bulge in my pants, which began to lengthen as she fondled it.

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      “MMM, what is going on down here?  Feels like quite a large lump has formed. ”  With that she tugged down the zipper of my pants and reached inside to pull out my cock.   In our haste to get her back here, I had not put on any underwear myself.   Dropping to her knees and out of sight of anyone possibly walking thru the area, she took me into her moth for the 3rd time today.   As I said, does this girl love to suck cock or not.   This time she didn’t stop at just taking half my length.   With each downward movement she took a bit more.   Finally she had me down to the hairs and down her throat.   It wasn’t much longer before I gave her a large enough load that some spilled out of the corners of her mouth.   Luckily it didn’t run down and drip off her chin and onto her blouse.   When she had swallowed everything in her mouth, she swiped up what had leaked out the corners with her fingers and then licked them off.
      Standing up, she tucked my deflated organ back into my pants and zipped them up.   She got her car keys out of her purse, unlocked the door pulled me into her for a kiss and got in, again giving me a look at her non-pantied pussy.   She said she’d see me next Saturday at 5 and drove off leaving me there staring after her with a slight taste of my own cum on my tongue from the kiss she gave me.   I asked myself that she had to get her self off at boot camp, what will I have to do while she was gone.

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        Shaking my head I thought I had better not get too much more involved with Allison, as she is so much younger than I am.   She is bound to find someone her own age eventually and then where would I be.
    Little did I know that she had been thinking of that also and had made plans about it.   But that will be left for another time.   Please leave feedback for me if you have any comments they are welcomed.



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