Manchild Chapter 8


Chapter 8
“Oi – get up Jack, it’s time to get ready for camp” my dad shouted as he clumped around my room and swept open the curtains.   “OK, OK I’m up” I moaned and rolled over and looked at the clock  “bloody hell it’s eleven O,clock and I told J I would see at the farm at twelve” I blurted.    “Yes I know, we’ve been calling you for an hour but you must have been really tired and not heard us” Dad stated as he left me to get on with getting up and ready.    Luckily I had packed my bags already hidden deep within was a large packet of johnnies which Rita had given a few days previously together with a warning to be careful because a lot of the girls at camp will be underage.
Twenty minutes later I had dragged my bags down and was sitting wolfing down some porridge followed by four rounds of toast with butter and golden syrup – yum yum, power food.    I finished and met dad at the car and said goodbyes to mum and we headed off.    The plan was that dad would take me and J to camp and stay until late evening on this sunny Sunday, meet and greet all the other early arrivals and then come back home leaving us all in place ready for Monday start.    The parents would take it turns to police the camp each night and to run the food tents etc. during the day with a couple of the parents staying the whole week.
The camp was being held at a racecourse and we were staying, or should I say the girls were staying in dorms which had been set up in the stables and outbuildings.    I on the other hand was apparently sleeping in one of the big horse boxes as I was the only boy – tough life eh!
J was tramping up and down outside when we arrived at the farm and as dad backed  in to hitch up the trailer not much was said.    We loaded the two ponies and set off in silence with me in the front with dad and J in the back seat.   The camp was about 12 miles away so it didn’t take long to get there and soon we had unloaded the ponies and established them in their stables with hay and water.    J went off with her kit to find her bunk and I was taken to this big motorised horse box where I was told to set up my camp bed and put my stuff.    I threw up my stuff and ten minutes later jumped down to scout the camp safe in the knowledge that my bed was ready for the night.
It was strange because I was a kid really, excited by the camp for all the unblemished reasons i.

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  e. seeing friends who I’ve known for years, learning new skills, trying out for the pony club team and just the whole adventure thing  and at the same time this other part of me was emerging as a dominant side, thinking forward to who would be there and what might happen.    In a way I was sad at my childhood ending, confused about emotions / hormones and angry at having to deal with this all so soon but underneath ran a growing hunger to experience more and a need to get a fix
I wandered round a bit exploring the buildings and all the nooks and crannies – the buildings were basically a big H of stables and outbuildings with another range of buildings about 20 yards off to the left but theses were not being used for the camp.    I walked across just to see what was there and coming round the corner to the area facing away from the main block I heard something which made me stop and stay quiet.    I listened and heard a moan followed by “you are a naughty man – hmmm yes just there   oooh – that’s incredible,  your’e making me wet and we won’t have a chance until later so you’d better stop” a familiar womans voice said.    “We could have a quickie now if your up for it, nobody is going to come over here they are all getting sorted” a voice that stunned me replied.    “That’s my dad” I thought  “my god that’s my dad, the dirty bugger”  things went quiet for a minute and then I heard rustling and a sharp intake of breath and I peeked around the corner scared shitless about getting caught.
Mrs Wilson was bent over leaning forward facing away from me and my dad was fucking her.   I stood mesmerised as I watched my dad slide his cock up into her fanny and I had a full view of her big cunt when he pulled it right out and then rammed it back in.     I must have watched for a few minutes and then shook myself and slipped back around the corner out of sight.    I realised I had a stiffy and thought “horny old bugger – I must get it from him”  but at the same time I was disappointed that my dad had cheated on my mum but then chewing it over in my mind it had been a long time since noises from mum and dads room had wakened me so maybe that’s the way it is I thought.
I walked back to the main buildings and went to find J and see who else had arrived and as I entered into the front quadrangle I could see a tall blonde girl leading her pony toward the stables and there was only one girl with hair that naturally blonde – yes Ellen had arrived and as she walked away I found myself wistfully staring at her very nice ass and my mind began to wander. .   “ouch” I cried out as I was hit on the side of the head  “that will teach to keep your mind on things then won’t it” offered J as she danced away from me  “I can see what you were looking at Jack, you are so obvious”   “I was just looking at her pony J” I tried  “Yeah right – more like her pussy” said J before she realised what she had said and then went red.    “J I don’t believe you just said that” I teased.

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    “Lets go and have a look around” J prompted and we went off through the buildings.   The old stand was at the edge of the course and we ran across the field toward it and came to a low brick wall with closed turnstiles set into it.   “Give me a leg up Jack then you can jump up” J asked and so I cupped my hands and she put a foot into it and I gave her a lift to the top of the wall.    I jumped up and joined and slid off the far side  “Come on J” I cried as I started off toward the stand   “No give me a hand down” J pleaded so I turned back and reached up to steady her as she jumped down and as she jumped my hand slid up her body and accidentally went inside the loose shirt she was wearing as slid down my arms.    It felt nice, warm, soft, reassuring and we stood there for a few minutes both of us speechless but enjoying the moment of mutual closeness.    J leaned forward and just kissed me on the lips, full on and when I responded she slipped her tongue gently darting inside my mouth running it along my teeth and said “You smell incredible Jack” and I realised that I was about to say the same thing as her body responded to the closeness by releasing waves of musky odour.
My cock immediately sprang to attention and was poking into her thigh as I held her  “Jack you are bad” she purred and dropped a hand and lightly brushed my erection through my jeans.    “Don’t J . . ” I started  “No Jack I want to see what has the girls at the farm huddling in groups giggling over” J said firmly  “But J we are friends and I don’t want to lose that” I replied.   “OK, OK . . but we must kiss and touch each other as you are the only one I’d trust” pleaded J.
I looked deep into her eyes and all I could see was warmth, love and a big blue lake I’d love to swim in but I knew that if we shagged it would change things forever and for some reason I wanted to keep that relationship as special.    “only cause it’s you” I joked and held her close as we slowly kissed, the taste was fantastic and I wanted it to last.

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    “Come on then” she said “lets go see the stand” and with that turned and ran off heading toward the main stairway with me in pursuit.   We reached the top level of the stand and sat down looking out unto the racecourse finishing posts and turned and looked into each others eyes and I reached out and held her head gently in my hands and slowly kissed her.   As I did her body relaxed and she lay into me and stroked the back of my neck with her fingers and the thrill which came from that simple loving touch connected all the way through my body and as usual awoke the beast.    “Hmm Jack that’s definitely a big one” J purred as her free hand worked it’s way down my leg over my jeans until she grasped my cock in her hand  “My god Jack it’s so hot and hard – is it always like this”   “yeah pretty much” I mumbled “look J, I don’t know why but I have this huge urge for sex and girls seem to sense it and I’m not sure where it’s going but hopefully soon it will settle down and I’ll be more normal”  “But Jack, you are normal, well maybe a bit advanced for your age but you are normal and it’s a thing all boys go through so don’t worry” J soothed  “But I am scared that I will hurt friends by, you know, having sex with them and yet it’s like I have a hunger that has to be fed and I cannot stop and. . ”  “Shhhh” J said as she held me tight and gently kissed my ear “It will pass Jack but in the meantime you have to go with it and enjoy but be careful and always be honest with me”  She nuzzled into my neck and we sat there just warm, safe and loving the closeness.    “J will you wait for me until this madness subsides and always be my friend” I asked  “Yes Jack we are meant to be and it may not be now but at the right time we shall be as one so until then lets be best buddies”  No answer was necessary as we sat entwined for ages until we realised that nearly an hour had gone by  “Christ we’d better get back” I exclaimed and with that we raced down the stairs to the wall at which I gave J a lift up and again marvelled at the bond we had when our skin met.
We mad it back to the yards in time to see a whole host of early arrivals milling in the centre and off to the side a tall blond boy about my age or a bit older standing awkwardly.    When he saw J and I arrive his face beamed a huge smile and I realised that he thought he was the only boy and now he had a fellow boy to talk to instead of girls.   I walked over to him and extended my hand “Hi, I’m Jack” I introduced myself “I’m David, but everybody calls me Doit and am I glad to see you” he spat out with relief “are there anymore boys apart from you and me” he enquired.   “Nope just you and me” I said as I turned around to view the milling crowd “and all these girls – and of course Ellen” as my attention was caught by the willowy blonde walking across the yard”  Next minute an elbow dug into my ribs and J said “aren’t you going to introduce me then Jack”   “Sorry J, this is Doit and Doit this is J” I coughed out  “Well I’d better go and join the girlies I suppose” J said and leant into me and whispered  “remember enjoy but be careful” and she slapped me on the head and turned and walked away.
Doit and I went off became friends and then we drifted back to the canteen where everyone was gathering.   As we stumbled in messing about I was greeted with “Hey Jack come and join us” and as I traced the source of the invitation I saw it was Mandy “Come on Doit lets go over and see Mandy” I quipped and Doit held back “Come on they’re OK you’ll like them” I comforted and he straggled along behind.   “Hi Mandy what time did you get here then” I asked “Oh about an hour ago, I came with Ellen who you may remember from last year” Mandy responded and at that Ellen stood up and offered her hand “Hi Jack, I’ve been hearing all about you” she cooed as she looked into my eyes “All of it bad I hope” I fended not taking my eyes from hers “No all good so far, and who is your friend” Ellen asked   Doit went red with embarrassment  “ladies and Mandy this is Doit” I introduced and they all nodded acknowledgement “Oi you, I am a lady” Mandy retorted “Yes of course you are, I forgot that’s all” I agreed and got a thump on my shoulder for that.    We all chatted and more of the older girls came over and joined our group and then it was announced that dinner would be served in half an hour so we had better get ready.

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“Better get ready kids” I quipped “Doit have you found your bunk yet” I asked  “No Jack, not sure where I am sleeping” “Well we had better find out then” I prompted and we trudged off to check the camp plan.    The plan showed Doit sleeping in another horsebox next to mine and we were about 50 yards from the girl’s quarters.   As I helped him carry his gear over Doit asked “Why were those girls so interested in you Jack, they all wanted to chat to you and what did Mandy mean about looking forward to some more fun”   I put his bags down and turned to him “have you ever dated girls Doit” I asked surprised at this question  “No, not really we live out in the sticks so apart from school never really see anyone why” he replied   “Well lets just say this camp could introduce to girls and open up a new sport for you” I answered “and before you ask anymore questions just wait and see what happens and tag along OK” “Sure” he complied and we split to get ready.
Dinner was Ok and Mrs McClintock was there selling her yummy homemade fudge afterwards which we bought a couple of bags of.   After dinner we, that is the older group which comprised Mandy, Ellen – the blonde gorgeous on from last year, Steph – really really black hair with swarthy looks and a skinny figure, Ginny – 18 but not worldwise but very pretty and prim, Alison and Yvonne – two sisters who were both long blonde hair with good figures and very chatty, Helen – a brunette with big tits and tight arse and of course Doit and I.    “Isn’t J joining us” I asked “No she is with her friends from school so leave her there” Mandy said in a bitchy tone.    We wandered over to where the girls were bunking to find this lot had a top hay loft where they had set out their camp beds and we sat and chatted and joked until the night bell was sounded which meant we had to go to our own bunks.    As I walked away Mandy came over and whispered “see you later big boy” and smiled as we disappeared down the stairs.    “What did she mean” Doit asked   “Well she meant that she might sneak over later after lights out” I answered “Why” he asked again puzzled  “To have a snog, what do you think” I barked back.    “But. . But. . you’ll get caught” Doit stammered.    I turned and smiled at him and said “No we won’t because all the parents will be too busy gabbing to come and do their checks and if we are so what”
Having said our good nights I was lying on top of my camp bed about an hour later when the side door opened and a figure jumped in “Its OK Jack it’s me” whispered Mandy “Andy Ellen”  I sat bolt upright and adjusted my eyes and yes there were two of them and yes it was Ellen and before I could even say hello my cock had sprung to attention “Fuck sake” I thought.

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    “Come on in girls” I urged and moved over on my thick roll out which formed a mattress for my sleeping bag.   “I’ve brought some cider with me Jack if that’s Ok” Ellen murmured as she sat down beside me and then Mandy sat down on the other side.    We drank some cider and joked around for a while and then Mandy reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down to kiss her which I did and as we were kissing I began to stroke her tits through her jumper and her nipples responded and protruded through the thin material.   We had not said a word just kissed and fumbled and then with me rolling her nipples in between my fingers she started to moan.
It was then I felt Ellen lie into me and run her hand along my knee down to my zipper where a very erect cock was sticking up through my jeans like a tent pole but I kept kissing Mandy.   I slipped a hand down the front of Mandy’s loose jeans and under her panties heading south until I came across her slippery lips which I parted as I ran my fingers up and down her slit.    “Let me take these off” Mandy insisted and stood up. I turned to Ellen and she was busy stroking my cock through the jeans and had one hand pinching her own nipples. I leant over and kissed her on the lips slipping my tongue inside and tasting her. She moaned “suck my tits Jack” and I flipped up her short top to reveal her bare milky white pointy tits with small red nipples and took them one at a time into my mouth.   I sucked them in deeply and this brought a deep moan from her.   By this time Mandy had lost her jeans and had kneeled alongside me and I broke off to kiss her and noticed she had no knickers on.   “Fuck me Mandy you really are horny” I ventured  “No fuck me Jack – now” and she pushed me back and unzipped my jeans and reached in and released my straining cock and before I could do anything she had straddled me and had slipped my cock into her slippery cunt.   “Oh Mandy you bitch what about me” Ellen complained  “Don’t worry Ellen as I told you Jack can go all night, can’t you Jack” she replied  I lay back as Mandy sat with my cock inside her and I could feel her tighten and contract her cunt muscles rhythmically “just like the milking machine on my uncles farm” I thought.
Ellen shucked off her jeans and leant forward over me allowing me to continue to suck her tits and as I did I reached back and slipped my fingers under her panties and played with her slit.

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     I paused at her clit and toyed with it until it came out to play and then gently pinched it between my fingers which made Ellen gasp out loud “Yes there, oooh that’s it” she whimpered   By now she was flooding her panties with juice and I pulled her forward and got her to sit over my face and began to tongue her cunt and clit increasing the intensity by sucking her rather large clit into my mouth and nibbling on it.    Ellen had leant forward and was sucking Mandy’s tits which was starting to send Mandy wild and she began to pound up and down on my throbbing cock with more abandon and I knew that Mandy and I were both getting close.   I slipped two fingers into Ellens tight but soaking wet cave and then dragged them back out covered in juice and as she rubbed her cunt up and down on my face I gently moved the two slippery fingers to her bum hole and began to tease the outside by stroking it.   This brought a shudder from Ellen and she nearly stopped but mandy pulled her forward and sucked her white breasts with the red points and she relaxed and I began to push a finger into her bum hole.   “No, No” she begged “I’ve never done that”  “Relax” moaned Mandy “you’ll love it once its in” and with that I slipped it in and just let the muscle relax and get used to being invaded.    I the began to wiggle my finger inside slowly and then faster and suddenly Ellen began to pant “fuck that’s good, yes harder” she moaned and pushed her bottom downwards unto my finger so that it disappeared fully inside her tight hole. She raised her bum off it and slowly began pumping up and down unto it at the same time I wiggled my finger around which loosened up her hole and when she raise her bum up this time I slipped a second slippery finger into her tight bum and then she began to scream or it sounded like screaming then she shuddered and flooded my face and tongue with gallons of her sex juice.   This set both Mandy and I off and as Mandy raised herself so that the tip of my cock was just the entrance to her cunt she thrust down all the way making us both shoot our loads.   Mandy sat there her cunt spasming and in doing so it milked by cock of its cream.
After what seemed like ages Ellen slowly dismounted my face and as Mandy began to lift herself of my still stiff cock our mingled juices began to flow out of her cunt.    “No no wait Mandy, don’t waste any of that” Ellen pleaded and she pushed Mandy back unto my legs and began to lick and suck up the escaping juices.   Mandy lay back as Ellen continued to clean her up and then began to stick her tongue right up inside her soppy hole and then nibble, no chew on her extended clit.   “That’s divine” Mandy moaned and watching them my cock began to twitch again despite still feeling tender after that pummelling it had just had.   The sight of Ellen’s arse in the air as she bent down to lick Mandy was just too much and I positioned myself behind her grabbed her hips and thrust forward hard.    My cock caught at the entrance but the force drove it past the lips deep into a very tight cunt.

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    Ellen gasped out  and then begged “yeah fuck me Jack, make my pussy sore” and I duly obliged by just fucking her as hard as I could whilst watching her suck Mandy and Mandy pinch her own nipples between her fingers and then I came again.    I lay over her back for a moment and then began to withdraw when I heard something and looked over at the side door just to see it move slightly.   I rolled off and jerked open the door only to find Doit standing there with his dick in his hand wanking.   “What are you doing out there” I questioned then reached out and pulled him inside where he landed in a heap with his cock still in his hand.    “I’m sorry” he stammered but before anymore could be said Ellen exclaimed “I need to cum so if you want to something useful with that stick it in here”   “But I’ve never. . ” he began  “You’ve never fucked a girl right” said Ellen with a wicked smile on her face “then lie back and enjoy” and with that pulled his jeans down to reveal about a 8 inch very long slim cock “Wow, that’ll do” she said and just jumped on top and speared herself with Doit’s hard cock.   I sat transfixed watching her impale herself again and again on his cock and I compared mine against his and whilst his was undoubtedly longer by at least an inch mine was thicker by at least two inches.  It did not take long and they both came with us having to put a hand over Doit’s mouth as he exclaimed his entry into manhood.    As she pulled out of him I was overcome with a desire to thrust my cock into her fanny that was running with Doit’s cum, I don’t know why but I suppressed it and instead watched Mandy return the honours and clean out Ellen’s dripping hole.    But it was getting late and my dick was sore so ignored the growing hunger that was rising again.
After we all got dressed and sat and chatted although Doit was a bit withdrawn and we then split up and the girls went back to their dorm and Doit and I sat and finished the cider.    “It was really your first time” I queried.   He reddened and then replied “Yes, had the odd wank but never been close before and I heard you guys and couldn’t sop myself.   I hope you are not upset”    “No Doit  I’m OK with it but remember this all stays between us , no one else at all” I stated “and if that’s the way it stays then we shall have more fun this camp and you young man shall go home a stud”  He laughed and then we both laughed breaking any tension that was there and he said goodnight and went back to his bunk.

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Little did I know then that that would be the start of a long friendship and that Doit and I would share many ladies and adventures over the next 30 years let alone what would transpire during the next ten days at.



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